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You Pieces of Fucking Flesh

Album: ''You Pieces of Fucking Flesh'' ( 1995 Demo )
1. Vy kusy mrdaciho masa
2. Coz
3. Pro poteseni
4. Je silna
5. Uz
6. Reze hul reze
7. Vetrik
8. 10 kg k.v.v.d.
9. Zavali
10. Kamenobiti
11. Pruvodci
12. Chcipi
13. To nenasytné kliste
14. Tela
15. Me sny
16. Ty jsi vykal


Album: ''It's Not, Can't Be A Dream'' ( 1997 Demo )
1. I Don't People
2. Falling, Whistling
3. What A Ride, My Lord
4. It's Not, Can't Be A Dream
5. Transfer From A To B
6. Social Intercourse

From Higher Will

Album: ''From Higher Will'' ( 1999 )
1. The Postman [or Slaughter of Mr. Radek]
2. Accident
3. Final Decision
4. Elimination of Bay Windows [of Pregnant Vessels]
5. From Higher Will
6. That's the Way It Is
7. Suffer & Peg Out
8. The Necessity of Executions
9. The Hit of Conicoid Figurines and Ensuing the Dispersal on the Zebral Place
10. Out of Fetters Psyche Tear Off

Z vy vle

Album: ''Z vyí vùle'' ( 2000 )
1. Poák (Aneb Jatka Pana Radka)
2. Netìstí
3. Koneèné Rozhodnutí
4. Eliminace Bubnù Namrdaných Nádob
5. Z vyí Vùle
6. Tak A Ne Jinak
7. Pykat & Chcípat
8. Nutnost Popravy
9. Sestøel Kueloidních Figurek A Následné
10. Z okovù Rvaná Psýcha

Pod vladou bice

Album: ''Pod vladou bice'' ( 2003 )
1. Cistka
2. Slapeto
3. My Zreli v Cire Kontemplaci
4. Bezcenne Se Rodi a Cenne Mizi
5. Aura & Ziata
6. Homokaz Aneb Blativa je Massa
7. Pod Vladou Bice
8. Svatorecim
9. Vocut - Pocut
10. Ja Je Proto Proti

Rad a Trest

Album: ''Rad a Trest'' ( 2005 )
1. Al-Amin (Aneb Jak Vycakat Jelito)
2. Analyza Zahnedy
3. Konec Kontinentalniho Kontejneru
4. Hanicka - Pribeh Nebozacky (Aneb Co Se Stalo U Slepeho Koryta)
5. Abu-Hassan
6. R�d A Trest
7. Ja Samaritan
8. Padaji, Piskaji
9. To Je Jizda Bozinku
10. Kali



Formed in 1990 in Libice nad Cidlinou (Czech Republic) under the name Devastator, they eventually changed their name to !T.O.O.H.!, an acronym for 'The Obliteration of Humanity'. !T.O.O.H.! is hard to classify into one genre, showing elements of death metal, grind, folk-influence, and even progressive metal. They have released four albums: From Higher Will (1999), Z Vyšší Vůle (2000) (This was the Czech release of From Higher Will, which has Czech lyrics instead of English ones), Pod Vladou Bice (recorded as a duo, 2003), and Rád a Trest (2006).

!T.O.O.H.! disbanded shortly after putting the finishing touches on the "Rád a Trest" (Order & Punishment) album due to financial issue [caused in no small part by their having been promptly dropped by Earache, who took the album out of print only two months after its release].

Bizarre Progressive Death/Grind

Politics, Misanthropy, Gore...

Czech Republic (Libice nad Cidlinou), formed in 1990



Jan Veselý (Schizoid) - Vocals and Drums (1990 - 2005) (Gemini Gem)
Josef Veselý (Humanoid) - Vocals and Guitar (1990 - 2005) (Gemini Gem)
Wokis - Guitar (2004 - 2005 ) (Duobetic Homunkulus, ex-Calmative Fallacy)
Petr Svoboda (Freedom) - Bass (2004 - 2005 ) (ex-Duobetic Homunkulus)

Petr Slavícek (Android) - Bass (1997-1998) (on "Sen to není, nesmí" album)


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