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Endless Pain

"Endless Pain" (1985)

1. Endless Pain
2. Total Death
3. Storm of the Beast
4. Tormentor
5. Son of Evil
6. Flag of Hate
7. Cry War
8. Bone Breaker
9. Living in Fear
10. Dying Victims

1. Endless Pain

you cry out the

aggression that is in you everyday
you want to kill the enemies if they cross your way
in your heart is hate, terror is freezing your bones
the night is dark and you're all alone

the voices of hell sound so nice
final death is the price
can't wait much longer give them what they need
burst down their heads spread hellish heat

feel the endless pain
locked in metal chains

green and red monsters torment your mind
the power of death will destroy mankind
you die fast you won't feel much pain
but why you'll never know
it's a hellish game

2. Total Death

time has come the

peace can't stand
masters of the switch now rule the land
push the switch and send out death
politicians warpigs shit in head

try to run or hide
from your death
you will burn and bleed
from you head

total death

no one escapes the burning flames
flesh and skin decays from your face
five megatons lie on every soul
destroy the human race is their goal

3. Storm of the Beast

fog is coming

down darkness all around
the beast is leaving its bloody home
the smell of death is in the air
people die if he wants the throne

and they fall down, down down to their knees
mercy is a word he doesn't know

storm of the beast yeah

lock your doors don't get out
the beast brings death
like a game he bursts heads
thrashes all down
he destroys and feels ever the same

4. Tormentor

riding in darkness

through the hell of the night
give all your torment to the heaven's might
in the name of satan spread all your fear
you feel his anger you know he's near

casting a spell
lord of all hells
ripping all agels
god has fell


baphomet's calling death is now real
helldogs and demons waiting to kill
pentagrams shining lucifer smiles
fucking the virgin rip our her eyes
drinking the blood
fear no god
now you are dead
your flesh is dot rot


5. Son of Evil

masquarade as he

rides through the night
blitzkrieg torture blade shining bright
in his eyes dreams of pain
as he kills the lovely shame
messengers from fiery will
speaking out what no one will
violence for the virgin
death falls from his bloody skin

deny the father deny the mother
burning the sister poison the brother
sworn to take lives with weapons of death in his hands

born in the demonic rooms of hate
torture is in his eyes like a glowing blade
inhuman soul like an animal beast
the blood of jesus one thousand people fall the priest

son of evil

awake to bring the neverending end
kreator of demons and monsters command
ruler of the darkness that is his kingdom
equal as the blood death will make all his own

6. Flag of Hate

dark shadows lie

over the city
tonight someone will die
you can hear painful screams
the air is full of flies
mayhemic legions are ready
to steal the human souls
come into my vault and do like you get told

i'll eat your intestines
no matter if you pray of please
i'll bring you down to your knees
tonight you're gonna meet your fate
you try to run but it's too late
i am here to liquidate

time to raise the flag of hate
destroy the earth is our only aim
to strike all down is the only way
to give 'em death and let them pay

the galleys of the underground
sail on the sea of blood
all that we want crucify your god
the posers on this earth have no right to live
torture is what we give

7. Cry War

all night you can feel

all the blood it runs
dying from the death of the machine gun
crying on a field without mercy
death in your eyes you have never seen

tormentor all the priests on earth
quartet all the enemies tonight
nail all their corpses to the cross
choose your dirty laughing from your fate

cry war

flashlight is taking all the flash from your face
torture feels like the fastest black race
dying everyday it is the same
laughing about the corpses in this game

8. Bone Breaker

he bursts their

heads till they die
you feel so mad you're feeling so high
he arrives he's sent from hell
running wild by the sound of the bell

bone breaker he takes your life
bone breaker he eats out your heart
bone breaker he is your death
bone breaker

tonight you'll beat 'em down
tear to shreds and shoot 'em down
when he's down you've got to right to feel
he bursts your head with his blade of steel

9. Living in Fear


blood falls like rain
the war of the demons
will give you pain
inverted crosses
the reaper will rise
the war of the demons
will make you die

i'll take you down into my grave
i'll rip your flesh and torment your face
your cry in the night none will hear
it's time to die you're living in fear

fight with the mortals
death is their only goal
eating the corpses
and sell all their souls
obey the commands
of the black majesty
you know your soul
will never be free

10. Dying Victims

creeping through

the shadows as the war of death begins
no one ever saw before the destruction that he brings
he is the destroyer all he gives is fear and pain
when your body is dead he's gonna make you scream again

scream for your life no one can hear you
scream for your god he is dead
creep across the fields all you can see
are dying victims

now he is over you, you feel his cold breath in your back
the axe is shining in his hand he's ready to attack
now you feel the hand of death is coming over you
the invader has split your head in two

sounds of battle sounds of death sounds of hellish pain
sounds of metal heat in head the fall of your domain


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