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Harvesting the Cunt Nectar

Album: ''Harvesting the Cunt Nectar'' (2004 EP)
1. Lost Inside Yourself
2. Death Porn
3. Sprayed by Cans of Shit
4. Gorebortion
5. Tuan Tran: Murderer/Rapist?
6. Uncompromising Sexual Harassment At Work, Home, And In Public
7. Harvesting the Cunt Nectar
8. Skeleton Toucher
9. Desperately Craving Anal Attention
10. Fist-Fuck Death Grip
11. Buying A DVD Player (Then Raping You With My Old VHS Tapes)
12. Albukkake, NM
13. A Knife Called Pussylicker
14. Prowler In the Shower
15. The City and the World
16. Catholic Slut
17. 2nd Ranked Phallic Offense Vs. 26th Ranked Vaginal Defense
18. Eat Your Entrails and My Kult Ejaculant
19. The Moment You Start to Enjoy It, It'll Get Worse
20. Priest In the Preschool
21. Semen For the Basement Slaves
22. Slut Killer
23. Baptized In Semen and Steel
24. Sunrise Is A Lie
25. Failing to Contain the Gore Fountain
26. Fucked by Lightning
27. If I Dismember Your Cunt, Are You Still A Virgin?
28. Only Those Who Eat the Feces Will Be Spared
29. Tangible Expression of Hate
30. Diagnosis - Zombie Slut Rape

XXX Maniak / Lymphatic Phlegm

Album: ''XXX Maniak / Lymphatic Phlegm'' (2005 Split)
1. Try Our Atkins Friendly Jizz Load
2. Mannequin At the Campsite
3. 58 Cumstains
4. Enslaved In the Rape Chamber
5. Adoration of the Feces
6. Dead In A Drainage Ditch
7. Cemetery Bukkake
8. Fuck Snake Warriors
9. Ghost Torturing Dance Party
10. Too Young, Too Hot
11. Boys Forced Into Prostitution
12. Negrosexual
13. The Father Was A Fondler
14. Dope Slut
15. Slaughterhouse Pornography
16. Young, Stupid, and Ready
17. Illegal Teens Do Anything For Money
18. Smut Castle
19. Not A Matter of If, But When
20. Automatic Cocksucker
21. Gorestar
22. Object
23. Chicks Fucking Landlords For Rent
24. Once You Touch My Doorknob, You Are Mine
25. Ass Gin and Cunt Juice
26. There Is No Way to Protect Your Family
27. The Medical Examiner's Autopsy Report (Forensics Entertainment)
28. Chronic Epidermic Necrolysis (Multiform Erythema)
29. Methane - filled: Bloated Cadaveric Cavities - Putrefaction Progression
30. Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue (General Surgery)
31. Paroxysmal Syphilitic Hemoglobinuria (Autohemolysis Serosa)
32. Anatomie
33. Swarming Streptococcal Affection On Penfigus Vulgaris
34. The Medical Examiner's Autopsy Report (Forensics Entertainment) II
35. Ultimate Consequence of the Different Actions That Constitute the Set of Changes Sustained by Digested Stuff In the Whole Digestive Complex
36. Grim Occurrences of Great Interest to the Forensic Medico-legal Experts
37. "What Lives That Doesn't Live From the Death of Someone Else?"

xxx maniak


In 2004, two men who have stints as being label bosses, pro gamblers, strip club owners, and pornography producers decided to peruse the next logical step in their life experiences. Jason Sidote aka Anthony West and Matt Moore aka Michael Yale formed XXX Maniak to find absolution and penance through true musical social commentary, which led to their acclaimed underground debut demo release "Harvesting The Cunt Nectar".

XXX Maniak left little to the psychotically perverse and strange imagination. The synthesis of elements wrought with sex, murder, crime, drug deals and dark humor bring a unique tangible maliciousness to the grind game.

The core of 3XM will always be comprised of two individuals. The slime of life that formed the black heart of XXX Maniak though grew tendrils that extended out to include many contributors for the overall mass consumption to the Slimers...


Porn Related Subjects, Gore, Hate

United States of America (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), formed in 2003

Red Candle Records


Jason Sidote aka Lord Sedit : vocals (Vukodlak, ex-Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Evil Divine)
Matt Moore : guitar, bass, programming (Rumpelstiltskin Grinder)

Guest musicians:

Jonathan Canady : vocals
Richard Hoak aka: Rich : vocals (Brutal Truth, Exit-13, Total Fucking Destruction)
Michael Hrubovcak : vocals (Vile (US), Monstrosity (US), Divine Rapture, ex-Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Azure Emote)
Shawn Riley : vocals (Rumpelstiltskin Grinder)
Carl Schultz : vocals (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Prosthetic Cunt)
John Sheldon : vocals (Solace In The Shadows)


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