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You Have the Right to Remain Silent...

Album: ''You Have the Right to Remain Silent...'' (1995)
1. Interloper
2. Barbells
3. Cavity Search
4. Zipper Pig
5. Welcome to New Jersey
6. Your Mother
7. The Party's Over
8. 5-0
9. Tune up Time
10. Third Leg
11. Paddy Wagon Rape
12. Highway Star
13. You Fucked Up


X-Cops was a side project comprised of members from the band GWAR and their extended "family" of musicians. Each member of X-Cops performed in police uniforms and had various fictional personas. They released the album You Have The Right To Remain Silent... on Metal Blade Records in 1995. The album included a cover of Deep Purple's "Highway Star". In addition, they released a 7" single of the songs "Junkie" (featuring the first released vocal performance of GWAR/X-Cops guitarist Michael Derks) and "Beat You Down" on Man's Ruin Records in 1996.

Peter Lee started this band as a joke; while filming a commercial segment for GWAR's "Skulhedface," Lee asked Dave Brockie (the two were dressed as police officers), "What would be cooler than a bunch of cops playing kick-ass rock and roll?" Then, Lee, Brockie and GWAR's drum technician, Mike Dunn, started X-Cops as a three-piece band. By the time they played their first show, their ranks had grown considerably.

The X-Cops opened for GWAR on stints of their 1995 tour, essentially opening for themselves as every member of GWAR either played an instrument or at the very least sang in the X-Cops.

X-Cops played their last show in 1996. With Dunn, Lee, Musel and Orr no longer in GWAR, it is unlikely X-Cops will reunite.

Dave Brockie has been known to cover X-Cops songs during live shows with his band, Dave Brockie Experience.

Band members


* Lt. Louie Scrapinetti - Guitar + Beretta 9 mm (Michael Derks)
* Cadet Billy Club - Drums + Uzi 9 mm (Mike Dunn)
* Patrolman Cobb Knobbler - Bass + .357 Magnum (Dave Brockie)
* Sgt. Al Depantsia - Guitar + Colt .22 (Pete Lee)
* Sheriff Tubb Tucker - Vocals + Shotgun (Casey Orr)


* Mountain Bike Officer Biff Buff - Vocals + Police Issue .45 (Brad Roberts)
* Sgt. Zypygski - Vocals + Taser (Bob Gorman)
* Detective Phillip McRevis - Samples + Snub Nose .38 (Dave Musel)


Police Brutality, Law Enforcement, Humour

United States of America, formed in 1993

Metal Blade Records


Sheriff ``Tubb`` tucker-vocals
Sgt. AlDepantsia-guitar
Lt. Louis Scrapinetti-guitar
Patrolman Cobb Knobbler-bass
Cadet Billy Club-drums
Mountain Bike Officer Biff Buff-vocals
Sgt. Zypygski-vocals
Detective Philip McRevis-samples


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