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Album: ''1981 demo'' (1981 Demo)
1. Hallow the Hell
2. Warchild
3. King of the Midnight Fire

Album: ''1983 live demo'' (1983 Demo)
1. Genghis Khan
2. Soldiers of Hell

Album: ''First 1983 demo'' (1983 Demo)
1. Adrian S.O.S.
2. Chains and Leather

Gates to Purgatory

Album: ''Gates to Purgatory'' (1984)
1. Victim of States Power
2. Black Demon
3. Preacher
4. Soldiers of Hell
5. Diabolic Force
6. Adrian S.O.S.
7. Genghis Kahn
8. Prisoner of Our Time

Heavy Metal Like a Hammerblow

Album: ''Heavy Metal Like a Hammerblow'' (1984 Best of/Compilation)
1. Intro
2. Hallow the Hell
3. Warchild
4. Adrian S.O.S.
5. Chains and Leather
6. Genghis Khan (live)
7. Soldiers of Hell (live)

Album: ''"Death Metal" demo'' (1984 Demo)
1. Iron Heads
2. Bones to Ashes

Victim of States Power

Album: ''Victim of States Power'' (1984 EP)
1. Victim of States Power
2. Walpurgis Night
3. Satan

Branded and Exiled

Album: ''Branded and Exiled'' (1985)
1. Branded and Exiled
2. Gods of Iron
3. Realm of Shades
4. Mordor
5. Fight the Oppression
6. Evil Spirit
7. Marching to Die
8. Chains and Leather

Under Jolly Roger

Album: ''Under Jolly Roger'' (1987)
1. Under Jolly Roger
2. Beggar's Night
3. Diamonds of the Black Chest
4. War in the Gutter
5. Raise Your Fist
6. Land of Ice
7. Raw Ride
8. Merciless Game

Port Royal

Album: ''Port Royal'' (1988)
1. Intro
2. Port Royal
3. Raging Fire
4. Into the Arena
5. Uaschitschun
6. Final Gates
7. Conquistadores
8. Blown to Kingdom Come
9. Warchild
10. Mutiny
11. Calico Jack

Ready For Boarding

Album: ''Ready For Boarding'' (1988 Live album)
1. Hymn of Long John Silver
2. Under Jolly Roger
3. Genghis Khan
4. Raise Your Fist
5. Purgatory
6. Mordor
7. Diabolic Force
8. Raw Ride
9. Adrian (S.O.S.)
10. Prisoner of Our Time

Death or Glory

Album: ''Death or Glory'' (1989)
1. Riding the Storm
2. Renegade
3. Evilution
4. Running Blood
5. Highland Glory (The Eternal Fight)
6. Marooned
7. Bad to the Bone
8. Tortuga Bay
9. Death or Glory
10. The Battle of Waterloo
11. March On

Bad To The Bone

Album: ''Bad To The Bone'' (1989 Single)
1. Bad to the Bone
2. The Battle of Waterloo
3. March On

Wild Animal

Album: ''Wild Animal'' (1990 EP)
1. Wild Animal
2. Chains and Leather '90
3. Tear Down the Walls
4. Störtebeker

Death or Glory Tour - Live

Album: ''Death or Glory Tour - Live'' (1990 Video/VHS)
1. Intro
2. Riding the Storm
3. Bad to the Bone
4. Raw Ride
5. Raging Fire
6. Tortuga Bay
7. Uaschitschun
8. [bass solo]
9. Conquistadores
10. Prisoners of Our Time
11. Final Gates

Blazon Stone

Album: ''Blazon Stone'' (1991)
1. Blazon Stone
2. Lonewolf
3. Slavery
4. Fire & Ice
5. Little Big Horn
6. Over the Rainbow
7. White Masque
8. Rolling Wheels
9. Bloody Red Rose
10. Straight to Hell
11. Heads or Tails

The First Years Of Piracy

Album: ''The First Years Of Piracy'' (1991 Best of/Compilation)
1. Under Jolly Roger
2. Branded and Exiled
3. Soldiers of Hell
4. Raise Your Fist
5. Walpurgis Night
6. Fight the Oppression
7. Marching to Die
8. Raw Ride
9. Diamonds of the Black Chest
10. Prisoner of Our Time

Little Big Horn

Album: ''Little Big Horn'' (1991 EP)
1. Little Big Horn
2. Billy the Kid
3. Genocide

Pile of Skulls

Album: ''Pile of Skulls'' (1992)
1. Chamber of Lies
2. Whirlwind
3. Sinister Eyes
4. Black Wings of Death
5. Fistful of Dynamite
6. Roaring Thunder
7. Pile of Skulls
8. Lead or Gold
9. White Buffalo
10. Jennings' Revenge
11. Treasure Island

Lead Or Gold

Album: ''Lead Or Gold'' (1992 Single)
1. Lead or Gold
2. Hanged, Drawn and Quartered
3. Win or Be Drowned

Sinister Eyes

Album: ''Sinister Eyes'' (1992 Single)
1. Sinister Eyes
2. Skulldozer
3. Uaschitschun

Black Hand Inn

Album: ''Black Hand Inn'' (1994)
1. The Curse
2. Black Hand Inn
3. Mr. Deadhead
4. Soulless
5. The Privateer
6. Fight the Fire of Hate
7. The Phantom of Black Hand Hill
8. Freewind Rider
9. Powder & Iron
10. Dragonmen
11. Genesis (The Making and the Fall of Man)

The Privateer

Album: ''The Privateer'' (1994 Single)
1. The Privateer
2. Dancing on a Minefield
3. Poisoned Blood


Album: ''Masquerade'' (1995)
1. The Contract / The Crypts of Hades
2. Masquerade
3. Demonized
4. Black Soul
5. Lions of the Sea
6. Rebel at Heart
7. Wheel of Doom
8. Metalhead
9. Soleil Royal
10. Men in Black
11. Underworld

The Rivalry

Album: ''The Rivalry'' (1998)
1. March of the Final Battle (The End of All Evil)
2. The Rivalry
3. Kiss of Death
4. Firebreather
5. Return of the Dragon
6. Resurrection
7. Ballad of William Kidd
8. Agents of Black
9. Fire & Thunder
10. The Poison
11. Adventure Galley
12. Man on the Moon
13. War & Peace

The Story of Jolly Roger

Album: ''The Story of Jolly Roger'' (1998 Best of/Compilation)
1. Riding the Storm
2. Under Jolly Roger
3. Blazon Stone
4. Sinister Eyes
5. Purgatory
6. Bones to Ashes
7. Branded and Exiled
8. Uaschitschun
9. Genghis Khan
10. Soulless
11. Lions of the Seas
12. Bad to the Bone
13. Conquistadores
14. Chains and Leather
15. Prisoner of Our Time


Album: ''Victory'' (2000)
1. Fall of Dorkas
2. When Time Runs Out
3. Timeriders
4. Into the Fire
5. Revolution (The Beatles cover)
6. The Final Waltz
7. Tsar
8. The Hussar
9. The Guardian
10. Return of the Gods
11. Silent Killer
12. Victory

Singles Collection 2000

Album: ''Singles Collection 2000'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. Walpurgis Night
2. Satan
3. March On
4. Hanged, Drawn and Quartered
5. Win or Be Drowned
6. Wild Animal
7. Tear Down the Walls
8. Storebeker
9. Billy the Kid
10. Genocide (Thin Lizzy cover)
11. Chamber of Lies / White Buffalo
12. Poisoned Blood
13. Dancing on the Minefield
14. Genesis (The Making and the Fall of Man)


Album: ''Revolution'' (2000 Single)
1. Revolution

The Brotherhood

Album: ''The Brotherhood'' (2002)
1. Welcome to Hell
2. Soulstrippers
3. The Brotherhood
4. Crossfire
5. Siberian Winter
6. Detonator
7. Pirate Song
8. Unation
9. Dr. Horror
10. The Ghost

Live 2002

Album: ''Live 2002'' (2002 Live album)
1. March of the Final Battle
2. Welcome to Hell
3. Bad to the Bone
4. Lead or Gold
5. Riding the Storm
6. When Time Runs Out
7. The Brotherhood
8. Soulless
9. Blazon Stone
10. Under Jolly Roger

20 Years In History

Album: ''20 Years In History'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. Prowling Werewolf
2. Genghis Khan
3. Prisoners of Our Time
4. Branded & Exiled '03
5. Mordor
6. Under Jolly Roger
7. Apocalyptic Horsemen
8. Raise Your Fist
9. Port Royal
10. Conquistadores
11. Riding the Storm
12. Bad to the Bone
13. Blazon Stone
14. Little Big Horn

Rogues En Vogue

Album: ''Rogues En Vogue'' (2005)
1. Draw the Line
2. Angel of Mercy
3. Skeleton Dance
4. Skulls & Bones
5. Born Bad, Dying Worse
6. Black Gold
7. Soul Vampires
8. Rogues en Vogue
9. Winged & Feathered
10. Dead Man's Road
11. The War

Best of Adrian

Album: ''Best of Adrian'' (2006 Best of/Compilation)
1. The Rivalry
2. Draw the Line
3. Detonator
4. Firebreather
5. Kiss of Death
6. Ballad of William Kidd
7. Victory
8. Tsar
9. Welcome to Hell
10. The Brotherhood
11. Pirate Song
12. Rogues en Vogue
13. Bad to the Bone (live)
14. Welcome to Hell (live)
15. Under Jolly Roger (live)

running wild


Running Wild is one of a few German bands to emerge in the early/mid 1980s (along with Helloween, Rage, Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, etc). The music they play is compilation of heavy, power and speed metal. The band has carved its niche in the metal world as the first "pirate metal" band, a theme which took off with the release of Under Jolly Roger in 1987 (thus abandoning the paganic imagery of their earlier work). The band is still active today.

In 1976 a new school band called Granite Heart is established in Hamburg, Germany under the command of Rolf Kasparek alias Rock'n'Rolf. Granite Heart consists of: Rock'n'Rolf (leadvocals, guitar), Uwe Bendig (guitar), Michael Hoffmann (drums) and Jörg Schwarz (bass), who was replaced by Carsten David (bass) shortly after.

Around 1979 the band is renamed into Running Wild and in 1983 they releases their first demo-tape with the following line-up: Rock'n'Rolf (leadvocals, guitar), Uwe Bendig (guitar), Matthias Kaufmann (bass) and Hasche (drums).

Running Wild astonishes their hometown Hamburg, Germany with heavy speed Metal and a flashy leather image, so that finally the songs »Iron Heads« and »Bones to Ashes« are published on the »Death Metal« compilation by NOISE in 1984. Under the same label their debut album »Gates to Purgatory« is published the same year, which is sold not less than 20.000 units in the first three months. The record climbs the german metal-charts and with the 12" maxi »Victim of States Power« there is a nice little metal goodie thrown onto the market. The legendary - although it is the second line-up - is read as the following: Rock'n'Rolf (leadvocals, guitar), Preacher (guitar, vocals), Stephan (bass) and Hasche (drums).

Since their second release »Branded and Exiled« in 1985 Running Wild is one of the most popular metal acts in Germany. In this year the band is named in one breath with Scorpions and Accept. After their second release the band is giving gigs with Sinner in german halls. Guitarman Preacher is replaced by Majk Moti. Meanwhile the typical Running Wild style is found. One year later the sensational news are spread fast: for at least the first time as an independent band Running Wild is up to tour with the american "superstars" Mötley Crüe on their »Theatre of Pain« - tour.

In 1987 »Under Jolly Roger« is published when Running Wild launches their individual bizarre pirate image and hoist the Jolly Roger for the first time. In this year another change in the line-up is made. Drummer Hasche and bassman Stephan are leaving the ship. They are replaced by Stefan Schwarzmann and Jens Becker. In the wake of their first european-tour they sail up to Budapest (H) where they are playing a famous gig in front of 5.000 fans. The material taken from that tour is released as the live album »Ready for Boarding« a year after. International critics are throughout the line positive. Furthermore this record is used to draw the final line under their management so far.

At the end of 1988 their fourth studio album is released. »Port Royal« is sold over 50.000 times. In the meantime the band can look upon a wide basis of fans and they represent a steady mark in Heavy Metal. Nevertheless Stefan Schwarzmann leaves the band in direction of U.D.O. and gives the sticks into the hands of Iain Finlay.

In 1989 the new studio album »Death or Glory« is published which holds itself several weeks in the european selling charts. A short time after the maxi-single »Bad to the Bone« is placed into the shops.

The »Death or Glory« - tour 1990 is an outstanding success nearby all concerts are sold out. Parallel to the tour the mini-LP »Wild Animal« shows up. The steady carussell in Running Wild's line-up turns again. Iain Finlay leaves the pirates and Jörg Michael appears as a temporary drummer. As new members of the band drum-roadie AC and axeman Axel Morgan, replacing Majk Moti, are confirmed.

In 1991 Rock'n'Rolf and his crewmen strike once again and releases first the maxi-single »Little Big Horn« (No. 34 in the single charts) then the album »Blazon Stone« and shortly after the "Best Of"-compilation »The first Years of Piracy«. A successful tour with Raven and Crossroads underlines the momentary status of Running Wild.

The next studio album »Pile of Skulls« is released 1992 and deals lyrically with corruption and disguise and spots the new bassman Thomas Smuszynski for the first time. Also on board is the returner Stefan Schwarzmann. As a single from that album »Lead or Gold« is released. The next year the »Pile of Skulls« - tour is rolling in which the band shines with a monumental stage and devastating pyro-technics.

1994 first the single »The Privateer« and then the album »Black Hand Inn« are released. On that record the new wizard on the guitar Thilo Herrmann (Ex-Risk) is presented. Jörg Michael instead is now a steady member in that crew.

The »Summer Metal Meetings« 1995 are becoming a brilliant success under the flag of Running Wild and bands like Rage, Grave Digger and Iced Earth. In the end of October another cannon-blow is fired with the new album »Masquerade«. That new album once again shows the german Metal where the gold is lying. On the relating tour 1996 the band celebrates sailing the wild seas of Metal again and takes a deserving rest after.

After a creative rest with the same line-up and with a fresh blow in the sails »The Rivalry«, for the first time released under the custody of GUN, is released in early 1998. This record is more compact and more melodic than ever. It lives by the rough voice of Rolf Kasparek and the nearly unbelievable guitar power being played by Kasparek and Herrmann. With »The Rivalry« Running Wild once again rises the flag of true Heavy Metal and stands for that untouched Heavy Rock. Unfortunately Jörg Michael leaves the band in spring even before the »The Rivalry« - tour to concentrate on his work with Stratovarius. As a replacement Christos Efthimiadis (Ex-Rage, Sub7even) has to fill up that hole for the tour, on which he really shows his knowledge throughout that pirate material.

In 1999 NOISE releases remastered versions of »Death or Glory«, »Blazon Stone«, »Pile of Skulls«, »Black Hand Inn« and »Masquerade«. Each album contains bonustracks.

At the beginning of 2000 »Victory«, the eleventh studio album of the institution from Hamburg, Germany, is published. Running Wild head Rolf Kasparek aka Rock'n'Rolf would like to see the last two albums »Masquerade«, »The Rivalry« and the new longplayer »Victory« as a trilogy made out of three loose concept albums. The reason why they are loose concept albums is that there is a leitmotif running through each of them, but the songs of all three longplayers can definitely stand on their own feet. It is about the battle between light and darkness. »Masquerade« marked the beginning of this trilogy, the subject matter of »The Rivalry« was the argument, and »Victory« marks the end: the decisive battle. With the title song, the trilogy finds its climax and its end.

At the end of February 2002 Running Wild returns with their twelfth studio-album »The Brotherhood« and a new line-up: Rock'n'Rolf (vocals, guitar), Peter Pichl (bass), Bernd Aufermann (guitar) and Matthias Liebetruth (drums). The material taken from that tour is finally released as a live album on 2-CD and DVD.

In 2003 the band celebrates its legendary 20th anniversary with a spectacular gig at WACKEN OPEN AIR and NOISE releases a 2-CD »20 Years in History« containing two yet unreleased tracks.

At the beginning of 2005 »Rogues En Vogue«, the thirteenth and last studio album for GUN, is released. As a crowning ending of the same year REMEDY RECORDS publishes the first tribute album »The Revivalry - A Tribute To Running Wild«.

2006 GUN releases »Best Of Adrian«, a compilation with 15 remastered songs of the last 9 years. Meanwhile Rolf Kasparek is working on new material...

Heavy, speed, power metal

Satan, Metal (early), Pirates, History, Literature

Germany (Hamburg), formed in 1976



Rock´n´Rolf Kasparek - vocals, lead & rhythm guitar

Touring band:
Peter Pichl - bass (Yargos)
Peter Jordan - guitars
Matthias Liebetruth - drums (ex-Victory (Ger))

Uwe Bendig (1976-1982)
Gerald "Preacher" Warnecke (1982-1985)
Majk Moti (1985-1990) (ex-Random)
Axel Morgan (X-Wild) (1990-1993)
Thilo Hermann (ex-Faithful Breath, Grave Digger, ex-Glenmore, ex-Holy Moses, ex-Risk) (1994-2001)
Bernd Aufermann (Angel Dust (Ger)) (2002-2005)

Jörg Schwarz (1976)
Carsten David (1977)
Matthias Kaufmann (1978-1982)
Stephan Boriss (1982-1987)
Jens Becker (Grave Digger, ex-Roland Grapow (Guest), ex-Crossroads (Guest), X-Wild, Zillion) (1987-1992)
Thomas Smuszynski (ex-U.D.O., ex-Darxon, ex-Axel Rudi Pell) (1992-2001)

Michael Hoffmann (1976-1978)
Wolfgang "Hasche" Hagemann (1978-1987)
Stefan Schwarzmann (Krokus, ex-Helloween, ex-Paradox (Ger), Accept, ex-U.D.O., ex-Voice, ex-Cronos Titan, ex-X-Wild) (1987-1988, 1991-1992)
Iain Finlay (1988-1989) (ex-Justice (Ger), ex-Demon Pact)
Jörg Michael (Avenger (Ger), ex-Axel Rudi Pell, Beto Vázquez Infinity (Guest), Der Riß, ex-Grave Digger, Headhunter (Ger), House Of Spirits, ex-Mekong Delta, ex-Rage (Ger), ex-Saxon, Stratovarius, ex-Tom Angelripper, ex-Unleashed Power, Laos, Schwarz Arbeit) (1990, 1993-1998)
Rudiger "Mr. A.C." Dreffein (1990-1992) (Lacrimosa)
Chris Efthimiadis - Drums 1998 (Rage (Ger), Atlain) live on "The Rivalry" tour
Angelo Sasso - aka Drumcomputer *g* (1999-2001)


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