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Album: ''Loosin' Face'' (1996 EP)
1. Social Rinse
2. Loosin` Face
3. Black Rain Of Bureaucrazy
4. Subordinated
5. Saviour - Pressurewave
6. Nerves
7. I, A Product
8. The Guard of the Paradise
9. Renewer
10. Corporate Fuck
11. Your Fault
12. Acoustics Of The Silence
13. Behind our Backs
14. Veenom
15. Burtsum
16. A Religion?

Under Pressure

Album: ''Under Pressure'' (1997)
1. Dominion
2. Controlled Mind
3. Stages
4. Under Pressure
5. I, A Product
6. Insomnia
7. Natural
8. Skinsaw
9. Corporate Fuck
10. Vicious Circle
11. Social Rinse
12. Debility
13. Principles of Abuse
14. Saviour-Pressurewave
15. Jesus Christ Fanclub
16. Loosin' Face
17. Renewer
18. Subordinated
19. Shut Down
20. Affected
21. Nerves
22. Guard of the Paradise


Album: ''Drain'' (1999)
1. Calm
2. Dirty Currency
3. Bastard Behaviour
4. Alone at Last
5. Drain
6. Braindead
7. Narrow Mind
8. Dark Highway
9. Inversion
10. Vanity
11. Super Satan
12. Cartender
13. Coldvenience
14. Abusement Park
15. Loser

Still Psycho

Album: ''Still Psycho'' (2000 EP)
1. Perfection
2. Ignorance
3. Strongman
4. Disinterest
5. Lack of Awareness
6. Reek of Putrefaction [Carcass cover]


Album: ''Murderworks'' (2002)
1. Targets
2. Void
3. Revenge
4. Lies
5. Doom
6. Iq
7. Insects
8. Seeds
9. Suffer
10. Obey
11. Edge
12. Lobotomy
13. Insane
14. Agony


Album: ''Exit'' (2005)
1. Exit
2. Burden
3. Sell Your Soul
4. V.S.A.
5. Follow
6. Maggots
7. Slave
8. Mass Suicide
9. Soil
10. Fail and Fall
11. Greed
12. Slay
13. Western Cancer
14. Nation
15. Havoc
16. Traitor
17. XXI
18. The Weak
19. Homicide
20. Oppression

Consume to Contaminate

Album: ''Consume to Contaminate'' (2006 EP)
1. Decay
2. Loss
3. Crime
4. GDP
5. CTC
6. Flesh
7. Fear
8. Time

rotten sound


Rotten Sound was formed already in 1993. After a slew of underground releases, singles and EPs, the band unleashed their debut album "Under Pressure" in 1997 on Repulse Records and "Drain" followed in 1998. On year 2002 Rotten Sound released the genre-defining Murderworks (Necropolis/Century Media), one of the corner-stones of the modern grind-core and after the release, Rotten Sound found themselves headlining an European tour.

On January 2005 Spinefarm released "Exit"-album, which went immediately to the Finnish charts for three weeks. "Exit" got also praising reviews from different medias around the world and it was claimed as one of the most important extreme releases of the year 2005. After the release of "Exit" Rotten Sound toured in Scandinavia, U.S. and did a 2nd headlining tour in Europe during January 2006.

Sami Latva joined Rotten Sound in February 2006 to replace the long-time drummer, Kai Hahto. The band was expecting to have a long break in 2006 from almost all activites, but when Sami joined, Rotten Sound could start to prepare for the next studio session immediately. They recorded eight new songs for "Consume to Contaminate"-MCD during April 2006. Lyrical content of "Consume to Contaminate" is handling again difficult issues on this globe with loads of cynisism and a touch of death.

Rotten Sound has made four full length albums, ten shorter releases, five European tours, two U.S.-tours, three scandinavian tours and is one of the leading bands in grind-core. Now "Consume to Contaminate" introduces the new heavy, aggressive and insane Rotten Sound: a band which is prepared to take destructive powers of grind-core a few big leaps ahead.


Politics, violence, gore

Finland (Vaasa), formed in 1993

Spinefarm / Willowtip


Q (Mika Aalto) - Guitar (ex-...And Oceans, ex-Black Dawn (Fin), ex-Deathbound, ex-Epäjärjestys, Havoc Unit, Malev6, ex-The True Black Dawn, ex-Vomiturition)
Sami Latva - Drums (Deathbound, ex-...And Oceans, ex-All in Me, Ghost Guard, Havoc Unit, O)
G (Keijo Niinimaa) - Vocals (ex-Burlesque, Uttervoid, ex-Vomiturition)
T (Toni Pihlaja) - Bass (Deathbound, ex-...And Oceans, Havoc Unit)

K (Kai Hahto) - Drums (ex-Arthemesia, ex-Cartilage (Fin), ex-Enochian Crescent, ex-Vomiturition, ex-Wings (Fin), Wintersun)
J (Juha Ylikoski) - Guitar (1998-2001) (Malev6, Throes of Dawn)
H (Mika Häkki) - Bass (2000-03)
Pekka Ranta - Bass (1998-2000)
Masa Kovero - Bass (in Sick Bastard EP)
Ville Väisänen - Drums (in Sick Bastard EP)


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