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Imperium Tenebrarum

Album: ''Imperium Tenebrarum'' (1999)
1. Into The Domain Beyond All Horizons
2. Mists Of Eternity
3. The Spectral Prophecy
4. The Forlorn Existence Of Soul Divine
5. ...Of Shadowy Exaltation (When Night Blackens With Storm)
6. Imperium Tenebrarum
7. Portals Of Chaos (The Final Transmigration)

Quaerite Lux In Tenebris...

Album: ''Quaerite Lux In Tenebris...'' (2002)
1. Me, The Misanthrope
2. The Moon, The Sun, The Stars
3. Quaerite Lux In Tenebris (Exploring The External Worlds)
4. Praising The Departure of Spiritual Strength
5. Beneath The Fading Eclipse
6. Sacred War
7. Crescent Moon (The Final Celebration)
8. Those Spectres Within (Eternal Is The Nothingness I've Emerged From)
9. Transenflamed Visions of Your Mortal End

Regnum Somni

Album: ''Regnum Somni'' (2003)
1. What's Your Universe Built Upon
2. 216
3. Obscurity In Progress
4. The Fragile Shades Of Grey
5. Elemental Architect
6. Mijn Leven Voor U (Spiritual Resonance)
7. Blind Eye And Muted Mind
8. Bloodred Utopia
9. ...Unto The Dimensional Complexity

A Divinity For The Worthless

Album: ''A Divinity For The Worthless'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Multilayered Chaos (A Divinity for the Worthless)
2. Crescent Moon (The Final Celebration)
3. Praising the Departure of Spiritual Strength
4. The Spectral Prophecy
5. The Moon, The Sun, The Stars
6. Imperium Tenebrarum
7. ...Of Shadowy Exaltation (When Night Blackens With Storm)
8. 216 (bonus track feat DJAvad)

Moscow (The Sanguine Reign of Terror)

Album: ''Moscow (The Sanguine Reign of Terror)'' (2006 EP)
1. Êðàñîòà äîëæíà óìåðåòü (The Beauty Must Die)
2. Moscow - The Sanguine Reign of Terror
3. God#6



Russian black metal band with some traditional heavy metal and jazz elements.


If one states Rossomahaar’s history is History in full measure, he’s wrong. Nevertheless, the band’s foundation dates back to the beginning of 1995, when Lazar (guitars) and Vlad (drums, vocals) started off working on few compositions which, this way or another, could be reckoned to the genre of black metal stylistically. Speaking about Rossomahaar as it’s been in the year 1995, one would easily say there wasn’t much place for originality… Those songs were issued in the shape of “Grotesque” demo later on, though. A fact worth mentioning: both musicians simultaneously played in Moscow’s dark metal act Stonehenge, which was considered top-priority then, and therefore Rossomahaar’s rehearsals took place quite rarely, to say the least. However; both came up with an idea of putting the songs they composed on tape Summer 1997, although personal and musical disagreements ruined the whole affair. Three tracks were recorded, but never issued anywhere. In spite of this, Lazar decided to push the band forward on his own, and recorded “Grotesque” in August 1997 alone. The recording turned out to be rather unconditional in terms of sound execution (all songs were recorded using IBM486 hard disk and regular soundcard at Lazar’s home kitchen) as well as of originality, but the path was trodden. Despite that “Grotesque” and all the other works by Rossomahaar almost don’t have anything in common sound-wise, this demo turned out as something which the actual band was born from. After the recording was over, Lazar no longer wanted to work on this project. Consequently; no activities for almost a year.And now we’ve come to a turning point… The year of 1998 witnessed Lazar making the acquaintance of Kai Mathias Stalhammar, with the latter being editor-in-chief of cult web-magazine, Vae Solis. Kai owned literally thousands of CDs and could define Rossomahaar’s potential much better than anyone else, and particularly Lazar. It was him who convinced Lazar of the importance of resurrecting Rossomahaar, and the latter began seeking those to complete the lineup. By the end of the year, it was comprised of Lazar - guitars, vocals, Ixxaander (TALES OF DARKNORD, Der Gerwelt) - guitars, Kniaz’ (Stonehenge) - bass, Sigizmund (Mental Home) - drums, as well as Herr Stalhammar as the one responsible for poetry, management and overall concept. The band began to work on new songs, which were later executed at CDM Records Studio, entitled “Imperium Tenebrarum” and put out by More Hate Productions, young Russian label. Music changed drastically! Based upon raw and brutal riffs and ultramelodiousness, it simultaneously absorbed a lot of styles of contemporary metal subculture. The CD got rave reviews, and has sold in 5000 copies, which is absolutely incredible taking into the account it was a debut - both the band’s and the label’s.The year of 2000 Rossomahaar exhaustingly toured all over Russia, after which Sigizmund left the band. And if it wasn’t enough, Ixxaander had to leave Moscow. Lacking members to continue touring, the band had no other way but start composing new piece. Rossomahaar was joined by a new drummer, Yanarrdakh, Summer 2002, and shortly thereafter this trio entered CDM Records Studio once again, in order to execute new CD, entitled “Quaerite Lux In Tenebris (Exploring The External Worlds)”. Both musically and lyrically (Herr Stalhammar still was [and is] a part of the band) the album picked up where “Imperium Tenebrarum” left off
2002 group spends time in active concert activity that finds reflection in a concert album " Live and die in Moscow ". The beginning of 2003 has been marked by record of an album " Regnum Somni " in which collective completely refuses from keyboard and goes on courageous experiment with wind instruments. Upon termination of record of an album the group has been compelled to leave drummer Yanarrdakh ' an ohm and drummer Vlad there and then comes to group, with which summer of 2004 the group has written down last album " A Divinity For The Worthless ".
In summer 2006 ROSSOMAHAAR has recorded their new single entitled "Moscow - The Sanguine Reign of Terror". The single includes three tracks with a total length of 20 minutes. This release establishes the general sound and content of the upcoming album.

Symphonic Black Metal

Russia (Moscow), formed in 1995

MetalAgen Records


Kniaz - Bass (Nargathrond, Stonehenge (Rus), Arkona (Rus))
Lazar - Guitar/Vocals (also keyboards on Imperium Tenebrarum) (Nargathrond, Stonehenge (Rus), Arkona (Rus))
Vlad - Drums

Ixxaander (Alex Kantemirov) - Guitar, Screams (Der Gerwelt, Tales of Darknord)
Sigizmund - Drums (Mental Home)
Maiden - Keyboards (Mental Home)
Yanarrdakh - Drums (Blackcrowned (Rus))


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