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Macabros Pensamientos en la Oscuridad

Album: ''Macabros Pensamientos en la Oscuridad'' (1996 Demo)
1. Tortura
2. Mente Enferma
3. Ritual
4. Mutilador


There are quite a few bands known as Ritual:

1. Ritual is a swedish progressive rock band.
Ritual was founded after Bröd failed. The folky progrockers from Sweden started their carreer with Ritual. Whereafter a few more albums were released. In 2007 they will release their album called: The Hermulic Voluntary Band.

Lead Vocals & Guitars - Patrik Lundström
Bass - Fredrik Lindqvist
Drums - Johan Nordgren
Keyboards - Jon Gamble


2. Goth punk band Ritual started in 1979 and were one of the first goth punk bands but never got the same recognition as Sex Gang Children or Southern Death Cult. Many compare them to Theatre of Hate as the band also had a sax player. Prior to the 7", Ritual released a six track demotape. They also recorded tracks for an LP called "Songs For A Dead King" but was never released.

The band fell apart as drummer Ray Mondo and guitarplayer Jamie Stewart were asked to join Death Cult. Ray Mondo later switched the drummer seat with Nigel Preston (ex-Theatre of Hate) to play in the last line up of the (early) Sex Gang Children. Vocalist Errol Blythe and bassplayer Mark Bond joined Spon (ex-UK Decay) to form In Excelsis.


3. Ritual is a hardcore punk band from Recklinghausen, Germany. Ritual started out in early summer 2005 by four young kids being into hardcore and punk rock and feeling the need to express certain ideas and ideals.

The first songs were recorded in July and got released as the "One Foot In The Grave" 7" on Drastic Actions Records in December 2005 after having played a couple of shows in the whole of Germany including a first tour. A lot of shows followed in early 2006 as supportband for bands such as Most Precious Blood, Modern Life is War, Have Heart, Turmoil, This Is Hell and Doomriders.

In June 2006 the debut full length record entitled "Precious Times" saw the light of day. It was released as LP and CD on Blacktop Records and Fields Of Hope Records. Thereafter, Ritual went on tour again to promote the album, including a show on the famous Fluff Fest in the Czech Republic.

Although continuing playing as many shows as possible in late 2006, Ritual decided to record a new 7", that would be able to represent the band better. That 7" turned out to be the "Wolves" 7" and was released on the labels Blacktop Records and Drastic Actions Records in December 2006.

In spite of the efforts the members have put in the band in this last year, they’ll go on making plans. In January 2007 Ritual will join Have Heart on their second European tour.

In February/March 2007 they’ll release an MCD on Still Life Records from Italy combining the two seven inches. In order to promote the MCD Ritual will hit the roads of Europe and Scandinavia in April 2007 with Sweden’s brand new straight edge hope XAnchorX (aka Anchor).

Ritual’s sound can be described as a mixture of modern hardcore and some rock elements. Reviews often compared the band to late Unbroken, The Hope Conspiracy, The Suicide File or some modern hardcore bands.
But more important than this, Ritual's place emphasis on the ethics in hardcore and do not keep quiet about the fact that all members strongly encourage a vegan/vegetarian and drugfree life.

Band Members:
* Julian Laur De Manos – vocals
* Danny Pavicic – guitar
* Kevin Scharf – bass
* Philipp Wulf – drums

* One Foot In The Grave 7" (2005)
* Precious Times CD/LP (2006)
* Wolves 7"/MCD (2006/07)


4. Ritual is a black metal band from Glendale, California.


5. Ritual is a groove rock band from Cornwall, Ontario, Cananda.


6. Ritual is a Power/Thrash Metal band from Cleveland, Ohio, United States


7. Ritual is a NWOBHM band from London.

Brutal Death Metal

Peru (Lima), formed in 1992

No Label


Juan Carlos Ávila - guitar / vocals
Israel Sandoval - guitar (Postmorte, Sermonize)
Richard García - drums

Hugo Castillo - guitars
Leonardo - drums
Wilder Acosta - vocals
Christian Vidal - drums
Hector T34 - Growls & Bass
Danilo Kadesh - guitar


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