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The Daily Horror News

Album: ''The Daily Horror News'' (1988)
1. Living in Chaos
2. Roadwar
3. DNS Madness
4. Revolution now
5. Alien Terror
6. Speed Kills
7. Rommes Fritz
8. Strike


Album: ''Hell's Animals'' (1989)
1. Monkey Business
2. Perfect Kill
3. Dead or Alive
4. The Secret of Our Destiny
5. Sicilian Showdown
6. Torture and Pain
7. Mindshock
8. Megalomania
9. Russian Nights
10. Epilogue


Album: ''Ratman'' (1989 EP)
1. Ratman
2. Germans
3. Violent Science
4. Skid-Row Kid

Dirty Surfaces

Album: ''Dirty Surfaces'' (1990)
1. Beach Panic
2. Pyromanic Man
3. Legend of the Kings
4. Warchild
5. Paralysed
6. Like a Roller-Coaster
7. Blood is Red
8. Letter From Beyond
9. Bury My Heart

The Reborn

Album: ''The Reborn'' (1992)
1. Arise
2. Last Warning
3. Be No More
4. Lullaby
5. Awakening
6. Turn Back to Ecstasy
7. Eclipse
8. The Night Will Fall
9. Phantasmagoria
10. Armageddon (Fight Back)
11. No One Will Remember



1. Risk is a thrash metal / speed metal band from Witten, Germany. Known since 1967 as Faithful Breath, they decided to rename after changing their style from plain heavy metal to thrashy speed metal in 1986. They are well known by the singular artwork in the first four albums, which contain cartoons of savage animals, similar to computer games or comics. Their first release was The Daily Horror News in 1988, then the band released LP per year in a prolific carrier up to five albums and one EP. Although they started out quite successfully, sold 25,000 units of their 1990 album Dirty Surfaces and went on tour with Manowar, Rage and Sabbat, the two followed albums were not good received by the critics and the band called quits in 1994. The sound of Risk is particularly hard, with a many-sided vocal work, slicy guitars and a careful work of musical production, that making this band one of the classics of the German metal.
The albums:
1988 - The Daily Horror News
1989 - Ratman EP
1989 - Hell's Animals
1990 - Dirty Surfaces
1992 - The Reborn
1993 - Turpitude

2. Risk is a hip hop legend / freestyle extroirdenaire. Known since his debut with Flatlined Society, he started his solo debut with walking on thin ice, a hip hop masterpiece for the ages. The hit song, dedication to dreamers propelled him to fame in 1999. Risk has featured with such artists as balistic, Hawkeye Phanatic and Wesske, the current album, Mr Underrated Skills showcases some of Risks Finer talents.

Thrash/Speed Metal

Germany (Witten), formed in 1986



Vocals : Heinz Mikus
Guitars : Roman Keymer (ex-Angel Dust (Ger), ex-Crows, Centaur (Ger))
Guitars : Christian Sumser (ex-Rage (Ger))
Bass : Peter Dell
Drums : Jürgen Düsterloh

Thilo Hermann - Guitars (ex-Faithful Breath, Grave Digger, ex-Glenmore, ex-Holy Moses, ex-Running Wild)


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