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Macadam 3...2...1...0

Album: ''Macadam 3...2...1...0'' (1981)
1. Macadam 3...2...1...0...
2. Días buenos y malos
3. Qué es un tulipán?
4. Debo seguir buscando
5. La dama del lago
6. Ultra-velocidad
7. Profanador de tumbas
8. No pasa nada en esta ciudad

Ruedas de metal

Album: ''Ruedas de metal'' (1981)
1. Ruedas de metal
2. Sordidez
3. El marqués bajo la luz
4. Mucho por hacer
5. No detenga su motor
6. Rayo luminoso
7. Necesitamos más acción
8. Alas del mal
9. Boff no puedo soportarlo más


Album: ''Contenidos'' (1982)
1. Susy Cadillac
2. Mal romance
3. Hoy no hago nada
4. Lo que quieras hacer
5. Pantalla del mundo nuevo
6. Me tienen cansado
7. Héroes del asfalto
8. Duro invierno
9. Maquinación
10. Tiempo distante

En acción

Album: ''En acción'' (1983 Live album)
1. Introducción
2. Maquinación
3. Mucho por hacer
4. Mal romance
5. La dama del lago
6. Ruedas de metal
7. Pantalla del mundo nuevo
8. Héroes de asfalto
9. No pasa nada en esta ciudad
10. Macadam 3...2...1...0...
11. Susy Cadillac


Album: ''Epico'' (1984 Best of/Compilation)
1. No detenga su motor
2. Lo que quieras hacer
3. Debo seguir buscando
4. Necesitamos más acción
5. Me tienen cansado
6. Mucho por hacer
7. Ultra-velocidad
8. Hoy no hago nada


Album: ''VII'' (1985)
1. La espada sagrada
2. Ex-terminador
3. Elena X
4. Arañas y ratas
5. Parece que viene bien
6. Dios devorador
7. Ojo animal
8. Apiádate de él, Señor
9. Duro invierno
10. A varios km. de aquí


Album: ''Riff 'n' Roll'' (1986 Live album)
1. Dios devorador
2. Apiádate de él, Señor
3. La espada sagrada
4. Ojo animal
5. Elena X se hacía llamar
6. Nacido para ser así
7. No me fue muy bien en el extranjero
8. Ex-terminador
9. Parece que viene bien

Zona de nadie

Album: ''Zona de nadie'' (1992)
1. Lo tuyo es vicio
2. Aquella estrella
3. Geisha
4. La frontera inesperada
5. Sube a mi voiture
6. Betty Silicona
7. Vértigo romántico
8. Juegos nocturnos
9. Zona de nadie
10. El malo de la película
11. Pantalla del mundo nuevo
12. Lo que quieras hacer
13. Susy Cadillac

Que sea rock

Album: ''Que sea rock'' (1997)
1. Que sea rock
2. No obstante lo cual
3. Bienvenida a mi lado oscuro
4. Lily Malone
5. Mala noche
6. En la ciudad del gran río
7. Es tarde
8. Sátiros sueltos
9. Vergüenza ajena
10. Larga distancia
11. En un harem de Agadir
12. Reza duro
13. Tigre Hotel
14. Estamos hartos



By the end of the 70s Pappo was in Europe, and there he learned about Heavy Metal, a musical genre still in formation.

When he returned to Argentina he decided to play that type of music, but since it wouldn't fit in his solo career (Pappo's Blues), he formed a new band. Cohen, Pappo's Blues' drummer didn't fit with this new style, so he was replaced by Michel Peyronel. Boff Serafine was added as a second guitarrist, and Juan Carlos García Haymes as the lead singer. Vitico continued playing bass from Pappo's Blues to Riff.

On November 14, 1980, Pappo's Blues separation was announced at Sala Uno, together with the lineup of Riff, so the last performance of one band marked the first one of the latter. It was a total success, but to the audience, a singer like Haymes didn't fit with the band; Pappo was the carismatic figure of the band, wether it's Pappo's Blus or a new band. The audience preferred his voice since they were more familiar with it.

With Pappo as the lead singer, the band's first LP, Ruedas De Metal was released in 1981. This record featured some of the first videoclips in Argentina.

On July 9 of the same year they performed at Obras together with Plus. In that same performance there were chairs installed at the center field, which were mostly destroyed by the audience. The band was so successful that in that same year their next album was released, Macadam 3... 2... 1... 0, also premiered at Obras (this time without the chairs). The band gave spectacular live performances, with the paraphernalia of any international band, way above the local band average.

Their next performance at Obras, previous to the release of Contenidos, had violent incidents. By the end of 1982 they participated in B.A.Rock, a festival that included other national rock bands, which was famous for a violent fight between the band V8 (which was present due to Pappo's mediation) and the public attending to the festival.

In the beginning of 1983 Danny Peyronel (Michel's brother) joined the band as a keyboard player and occasional singer, and they recorded at Obras their live album Riff En Acción; this performance was also interrupted because of incidents. Violence was a recurrent problem in Heavy Metal performances back then, due to the country's situation, but Riff got the worst part for being the most notorious band.

Trying to reverse that situarion they performed at Ferrocarril Oeste stadium under the slogan "Riff termina el año sin cadenas" (Riff closes the year without chains). But instead of calming the audience, it became even more violent, and the incidents were so serious that the band had no other choice but to break up.

Pappo started other projects, with "Pappo en concierto" (1984), next to Boff, Enrique Avellaneda and Juan "Locomotora" Espósito. Vitico and Michel became solo artists, and Danny Peyronell joined the spanish band Banzai, but when they separated he joined his brother Michel in the band Tarzen.

Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Rock and roll, fun, love, cars, social, sex

Argentina (Buenos Aires), formed in 1980

Riff Records


Norberto "Pappo" Napolitano - lead guitar and lead vocals (ex-Los Gatos, ex-Abuelos de la Nada, ex-Boxer, ex-Widowmaker, ex-Hoy no es Hoy, also in Pappo's Blues) [R.I.P., 25/02/2005]
Miguel Michel Peyronel - drums and vocals (ex-Tarzen)
Héctor "Boff`" Serafine - guitar (ex-Boxer, ex-Hoy no es Hoy, ex-Malditos Bastardos)
Víctor "`Vitico" Bereciartúa - bass and vocals (Vitico (solo), ex-Vitiken, now on Viticus)
Juan García Haymmes - backing vocals

Juan Antonio Ferreira (also known as JAF) - guitar and vocals
Oscar Moro - drums (Serú Giran) R.I.P.
Dani Peyronel - keyboards and backing vocals (ex-Banzai, ex-Tarzen, ex-Michel Peyronel)


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