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Prophecies of a Dying World

Album: ''Prophecies of a Dying World'' (1991)
1. Prophecy of a Dying World
2. Spawn
3. Ancestral Shadows
4. The Unearthly (A Quest)
5. In the Dark of a Psychic Unknown
6. Asphyxiated Time
7. Distant Eyes
8. Valedictions
9. Degeneration

Exalted Being

Album: ''Exalted Being'' (1992 Single)
1. Exalted Being
2. The Burning Ground



There are more than 1 Artist with this name:

1. Revenant is a Thrash Metal band from Hessen, Germany. Some of them are also members of Abandoned.

2. Revenant is a U.S. Deathcore band

3. Death/thrash U.S. band from late 80's/early 90's that at times featured members from Immolation and Incantation. Recorded a few demos, but only one full length called Prophecies of a Dying World, as well a couple of ep's. Split up during the mid 90's, yet made an attempt at reforming 2002 to release an ep only to split up again.

4.Irish metal band. In Early 2005, the founding member, Colin and Dave sat down with nothing but their guitars, a computer and beer to write some songs they, as metal fans would like to listen too. After the songs came so easily they decided to recruit the full band and start playing some live shows. After some line-up changes it settled with Colin and Dave on guitars, Martin on Bass, former within drummer Niall and Brendan, former vocalist of Celtic Punch. A 6 track EP “Convictions” was recorded and an extensive touring schedule was undertaken that resulted in shows all over the country with such big Irish names as MikeGotSpiked, Clergy, Itchy Trigger Finger, Silent Conflict, ColdWar and 23 This was followed by great reviews of both the CD and the live shows as Revenant honed there show in the live atmosphere. Their hard work and commitment resulted in support slots with French heavyweights Dagoba on there Irish Tour and German veterans Necrophagist With influences ranging from cryptopsy to Korn the soundscape is dynamic to say the least. With songs written for the next CD already written with plans to record next year, Revenant do not wait for things to happen,2007 looks to be a huge year for Revenant as they set off on more a lot more Irish dates as well as stints overseas in the UK and France. See you at the next gig.
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Death/Thrash Metal


United States of America (Bergenfield, New Jersey), formed in 1987

Rage Records / Nuclear Blast


Will Corcoran - Drums
Dave Jengo - Guitar
Tim Scott - Bass (ex-HatePlow)
Henry Veggian - Vocals, Guitar (Regurgitation, Whiplash (US))

John McEntee - Guitar (Funerus, Incantation, ex-Mortician (US), ex-Immolation)
John Pratscher - Bass
Joe Fregenti - Drums
John Regan - Drums
Paul Ledney - Drums (Profanatica, Havohej, ex-Toten, ex-Incantation, Abomination, Crowned in Semen)


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