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Album: ''Redemption'' (2003)
1. Desperation Part I
2. Desperation Part II
3. Desperation Part III
4. Desperation Part IV
5. Nocturnal
6. Window to Space
7. As I Lay Dying
8. Something Wicked this Way Comes

The Fullness of Time

Album: ''The Fullness of Time'' (2005)
1. Threads
2. Parker's Eyes
3. Scarred
4. Sapphire
5. The Fullness of Time I: Rage
6. The Fullness of Time II: Despair
7. The Fullness of Time III: Release
8. The Fullness of Time IV: Transcendence

The Origins Of Ruin

Album: ''The Origins Of Ruin'' (2007)
1. The Suffocating Silence
2. Bleed Me Dry
3. The Death Of Faith & Reason
4. Memory
5. The Origins Of Ruin
6. Man Of Glass
7. Blind My Eyes
8. Used To Be
9. Fall On You
10. Precious Things (TORI AMOS cover)
11. Love To Love (UFO cover)



There are two artists with the name Redemption:

1) Redemption is at the forefront of the US progressive metal scene. Founded by guitarist / songwriter Nick Van Dyk, Redemption features legendary vocalist Ray Alder of Fates Warning, guitarist Bernie Versailles of Agent Steel, bassist Sean Andrews and drummer Chris Quirarte.

After releasing their eponymously titled debut release in 2003 on Sensory Records (a release which featured guest appearances from Mark Zonder of Fates Warning and Jason Rullo and Michael Romeo from Symphony X), van Dyk made a significang statement with 2005's follow-up, The Fullness of Time, the first CD featuring Alder as a full-time band member and featuring the production of Tommy Newton (UFO, Conception, Helloween). Garnering acclaim from the press and the public, The Fullness of Time cemented Redemption position as an up-and-coming force in progressive metal.

In 2006 the band signed a multi-album worldwide deal with Inside Out Music, and in 2007 released its third CD, The Origins Of Ruin, again produced by Newton. After headlining the Headway Festival in Amsterdam, the band embarked on a five-week North American tour as direct support for Dream Theater. Playing for thousands of fans a night and establishing a reputation as a compelling live act in addition to a top studio group, Redemption's momentum is building.

Up next is a performance at the 2007 ProgPower Festival, from which a live DVD will be made, and then a return to the studio for the follow-up to The Origins Of Ruin.


Ray Alder (vocals)
Nicolas van Dyk (guitars, keyboards)
Bernie Versailles (guitars)
Sean Andrews (bass)
Chris Quirarte (drums)

Former members:

Rick Mythiasin - Vocals on self-titled album
Corey Brown - Vocals, performed live only
Jason Rullo - Drums on self-titled album
Mark Zonder - Drums on one track on self-titled album
James Sherwood - Bass on The Fullness of Time


Redemption (2003, Sensory Records)
The Fullness of Time (2005, Sensory Records)
The Origins of Ruin (2007, Inside Out Music)

2) Redemption redeems the Goth Rock tradition started by The Sisters of Mercy and The Mission. Formed in 1996 and surviving many lineup changes, Redemption is driven by the vision of front man and guitarist Miah. Joined by Ashe on guitar and Jesse on bass, the trio is poised to lead the Goth Rock revival.

The first full-length album Home, released May of 2005, is Redemption's follow up to the successful 2003 EP, the further we fall. Reviews have been published in Salt Lake Underground, Gothic Beauty, Mick Mercer's The Mick, Starvox, Sick Among the Pure, Shadowplay (Russian), and Gothic Paradise, to name a few. Compilation appearances include: Dark Arts Festival 2002 Compilation CD, 2004 Dark Arts Festival Compilation, SLUG Magazine's Death by Salt II, and Strobelight Records' New Dark Age 4.

The band's charisma and enthusiasm on stage, mixed with mysterious smoke and dramatic lighting effects, make Redemption's live shows a unique experience. Notable performances include Long Beach, Hollywood, Boise, Seattle, Spokane, and in Salt Lake City at the Dark Arts Festivals 2001-2006. Redemption has played with such bands as: Apocalypse Theatre, Voltaire, David J, Bella Morte, Claire Voyant, Human Drama, The Azoic, The Crüxshadows, The Deep Eynde, Mors Syphilitica, Machinegun Symphony, Carphax Files, Tragic Black and many more.

Progressive/Power Metal

Inner Struggles, Societal Conflicts, Love, Loss

United States of America (Los Angeles, California), formed in 2001

Inside Out Records


Ray Alder - vocals (Fates Warning, Engine, ex-Syrus (US))
Nick van Dyk - lead and rhythm guitars, keyboards
Bernie Versailles - lead guitars (Agent Steel, Engine, Fates Warning)
Sean Andrews - bass
Greg Hosharian - keyboards
Chris Quirarte - drums (Prymary)

Corey Brown - vocals (Magnitude 9 (US), ex-Psyco Drama, Section 16, Balance of Power (UK), Metro Society)
Rick Mythiasin - vocals (ex-Steel Prophet, New Eden, Taraxacum, ex-Pantera)
Jason Rullo - drums (Symphony X)
James Sherwood - bass (Prymary)


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