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A Tragedy In Steel

Album: ''A Tragedy In Steel'' (2002)
1. Introduction
2. Disdaining Fortune
3. The Prophecy
4. Husbandry In Heaven
5. The Dead Arise
6. Evil Speaks
7. Letters Of Blood
8. Revenge
9. Claws Of Madness
10. Demons Rising
11. Die With Harness On Your Back

Born A Rebel

Album: ''Born A Rebel'' (2003)
1. Born A Rebel
2. Adrenaline
3. One For All
4. Word Is War
5. Dragons Fly
6. Queen Of Spades
7. Iron Flames
8. Through The Fire
9. Devil's Child
10. Meet Your Demon
11. Power Of Evil

Sagas of Iceland - The History Of The Vikings Volume 1

Album: ''Sagas of Iceland - The History Of The Vikings Volume 1'' (2005)
1. In Memorandum Lindisfarnae
2. Ynglinga Saga (to Odin We Call)
3. The Sons of the Dragon Slayer (Blood Eagle)
4. Ragnhild's Dream
5. Harald Harfager
6. Eric the Red
7. Freedom (the Saga of Gang Hrolf)
8. Treason
9. Sword in the Storm (the Saga of Earl Hakon)
10. Blood Rains (the Saga of King Olaf Trygvason)
11. Ruling the Waves
12. Canute the Great (the King of Danish Pride)
13. Harald Hadrade

Miklagard - The History of the Vikings - Volume II

Album: ''Miklagard - The History of the Vikings - Volume II'' (2007)
1. Vi seglar mot Miklagard
2. Sweden
3. Free
4. On the Edge of Life
5. Ulfberth
6. The Rus
7. Kiew
8. Aifur
9. Taste of Steel
10. God of Thunder
11. Our Backs to the Wind
12. Miklagard
13. The Uprising



Rebellion is a power metal band from Germany. It was formed in 2001 by ex-Grave Digger members Uwe Lulis and Tomi Göttlich. Their first album was a concept album about William Shakespeare's work Macbeth, and included spoken passages with members of the band and other people as the story's characters.

The second album involved more standard heavy-metal lyrics – about motorcycles, metal, war, etc. – and the music was somewhat rougher.

In 2005 they released the first part of what is intended to be a trilogy about the Vikings and Norse mythology.
The second part 'Miklagard' is out in 2007, speed, powerful and heavy guitar riffs chenged the middle temp of the previous album.

Power Metal

Shakespeare´s Macbeth (first album), metal, wars

Germany (Frankfurt am Main/Osnabrück), formed in 2001

Massacre Records


Michael Seifert - Vocals (ex-Xiron, Black Destiny)
Uwe Lulis - Guitars (Grave Digger)
Tomi Göttlich - Bass (Exray, Asgard (Ger),Grave Digger)
Gerd Lücking - Drums (Rawboned, Courageous, Couragous, Lightmare, ex-Melancholic Seasons)
Simone Wenzel - Guitars (ex-Misfit)

Randy Black - Drums (Primal Fear, Duskmachine, ex-Annihilator)
Björn Eilen - Guitars and vocals (ex-Warhead (Ger))


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