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Album: ''Under Attack'' (2005 EP)
1. Set Me Free
2. The Man Dominus Factor
3. Weapon Of Mass Destruction



Ratzinger is a Trash-Metal Band from Chile.
They were formed in 2005 as a project of the vocalist and guitarist of the band Ivan Vega, after he lived in Stockholm and played music around Europe. Due to work reasons he came back to Chile.

Already living and back in Chile, he contacted David Sierra, bass player of a Sepultura tribute band. After listening to the material Ivan had brought with him ( all material he had composed with some European friends: Jimmy Lundberg, from the Swedish band “Abused” and Coke de Huinca, while he was living in Stockholm), David decides to join the band, collaborating with his insane ideas.

Later, and after auditioning some guitarists and drummers, Ivan meets Osvaldo “Lagarto” and Matías Geralde, with whom he names the project as: Rotten Kat, this is the name it would have during three months, time in which these members also decide to leave the band, leaving Ivan and David in search of new members.

Months later, and after composing just string material, a young drummer from an unknown band joined them. Wanting to start playing live, is that they accepted this new member. Ivan, due to a news sent from his girlfriend, in which a German newspaper said the new postulates of the chosen Pope were: “I will fight against the bad influence of rock music”, that was the exact moment in which they decided to change the bands name and call it Ratzinger ( an ironic act against the new Catholic Pope.)

On the summer of 2006, Ratzinger started recording three tracks at “Insomnio Rec” studios, the three songs were: “Set Me Free”, “Weapon of Mass Destruction” and “Man Dominus Factor”. By this time they fired the drummer because of some internal issues with members of the band and because he was also delaying the recording of the record.

Due to this issue, a known local producer, made the contacts between the band and Patricio Quiroga, who demonstrated interest in Ratzinger’s music and compositions, telling them about his unlucky results in the search for serious musicians. After some rehearsals in which an awesome chemistry is shown, he is hired as the new engine of the band. Two more tracks are born with these members “Evolution Disaster” and “Boycott”.

Later, Ratzinger would suffer a serious fall. Ivan’s “right hand fellow”, and bass player of the band, would leave the band, saying he had some personal issues that would make it impossible for him to continue in the band. This left a big empty in the band, and makes it impossible to keep on recording their first album. (David only recorded six tracks.)

After this, Ivan and Patricio began searching for a new bass player. The responsibility fell in a close friend of the band and owner of “Insomnio Rec” studios, Sebastian Chupe Camposano. The band’s first EP had been recorded at “Insomnio Rec” studios and he already knew the bands work.

Reborn as a three piece band, Ratzinger ends the recording of their debut album “State Enemy”, which was produced by Ivan Vega at 15HZSONIDO studios with the help of ingeneer Cristian Rodríguez. Preparing the launch of this first album, also as videos, photo sessions, and others, Patricio Quiroga is fired and Andres Serey becomes his substitute. The latter demonstrated, after some auditioning that he was the one for the position.

Even though the changing Lineup, Ratzinger has played in different cities and places like for example: Concepción, Rancagua and Temuco. They have even crossed The Andes to play in places like Mendoza, in Argentina, receiving great comments.

They have also shared stage with bands like: Criminal, Necrosis, Nuclear, Psicosis, Vigilante, Sinergia, Inquisición, Cirogenia, Savannah, Dawnfall, Escualo, Slavery, Lapsus Dei, Los Mox!, Kalafate, Mortero, Damajuana, Alto Voltaje, Silencio, Cinical, OCONNOR, Arcangel, among others.

By the time the band is in search of a national/internacional label and preparing the launch of their album.

Authorized Biography 2007

Thrash/Groove Metal

Terrorism, War, Social Problems

Chile (Santiago), formed in 2005



Andres "Machacon" Serey - Drums
Ivan "Luther Vega - Vocals, Guitar
Sebastian "Chupe De Loco" Camposano - Bass Guitar

David Sierra - Bass Guitar
Osvaldo "Lagarto" - Drums
Matias Geralde - Guitar
"Personaje" - Drums
Patricio Quiroga - Drums


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