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D.N.A. Overdose

Album: ''D.N.A. Overdose'' (2007 Demo)
1. D.N.A. Overdose
2. Inflammatory Fistfight Of The Hiddeous
3. So Help You God



Drummer Martin Kilic met Kim Mathiesen on a local nightclub in Herning in 2004. Martin asked Kim to be a part of a new band, mainly focusing on melodic death metal. Kim was thrilled with the proposal and joined in, Rageborne was a reality. Soon thereafter they began planning the next steps. A bass player and a guitarist were needed. Kim had some contacts to a couple of guys who he believed would fit in. Guitarist, Thomas Sorensen was asked to join the band, which he did, and soon thereafter bass player Casper Poulsen joined in too for a couple of sessions.

Everything went okay with the first rehearsing hours, but Thomas soon got an offer from Mevãdio and joined them. Now he was playing in Mevãdio at full time and was not able to take part in Rageborne. Shortly after Casper Poulsen announced that he was on his way to Aarhus to study, and couldn`t find the time to continue either.

This obviously wasn`t good news for a brand new band, but Martin and Kim stuck together, and decided to continue the band on their own again - now searching for new people as well as creating completely new material. Writing the new material was a slow process with only two members in the band and lots of people came along during the half-year between the absence of Thomas and the coming of our current guitarist, Per. We owe a big thanks to Ole "Dïe" (guitar) and Mikkel (bass) for spending time with us while looking for the right replacements for Thomas and Casper.

Per Jensen came along, only bringing his guitar and great expectations. He was overwhelmed at first; listening to the material Kim and Martin had created during the half year on their own. He had the enthusiasm and chemistry, which was necessary to be a part of Rageborne, and he was therefore asked to join the band.

Per is a sound engineer (live and studio), and is part owner of Imperiet and Empire Recording Studios in Herning together with A. Guldborg. Per offered a small corner in his studio where we could rehearse and having our gear for our self. They shortly hereafter started a great team working effort, making the material for the first 4 numbers complete.

After some time, looking for a gifted vocalist and a talented bass player, we finally stumbled upon vocalist and current front figure, Jesper and the bass player in Kim`s former band and the current bass player in 32nd Chamber, Michael.

This is the line-up as it exists today. Since the start in 2004, Ragborne has been playing a lot of concerts, and supported cool bands like iNSANE, Illdisposed and Mnemic amongst others...

In October 2006 Rageborne released there first demo-cd, called "D.N.A. Overdose" on MySpace exclusively. The CD itself will hit the streets later this fall...

The demo was recorded by Ziggy at ZigZound Studios (Mercenary, Hatesphere, Illdisposed), and the cover-art was done by Mircea G. Eftemie from Cadaverman Media (Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Soilwork, Malevolent Creation), though Mircea is commonly known as a guitarplayer in Mnemic.

Progressive Melodic Death Metal

Denmark (Herning), formed in 2006



Jazpr: Vocals
Fredlund: Lead Guitar
Por: Rhythm Guitar
Lax: Bass
Kilic: Drums


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