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Purity of Essence

Album: ''Purity of Essence'' (1997)
1. Rock 'n Roll (Instrumental)
2. I've Had It Coming My Way
3. When Our Day Is Through
4. One Of Those Days (Max Jupiter Cover)
5. Cherrybutt & Firefly
6. Television
7. Hit My Head
8. Hump For Fun
9. Outta Space
10. Fade Away
11. I Want Out
12. Daddy's Girl
13. Coming Down In Pieces

When Our Day is Through

Album: ''When Our Day is Through'' (1997 EP)
1. When Our Day Is Through
2. Cherrybutt & Firefly
3. An Inch Above The Ground
4. I've Had It Coming My Way



Ace Tomas "Quorthon" Forsberg (1966 – 2004) was the founder and song writer of the pioneering Swedish black metal band Bathory. His fans considered him the "father" of both the black metal and viking metal genres, the latter having a more evolved and operatic style.

Quorthon formed Bathory in 1984 when he was 18 years old. Always underfunded, the quality of the albums was rough and eventually created a style that many bands would later emulate. In fact, he personally paid for the production of Bathory's music video for "One Road to Asa Bay" in 1990. The video was shown on MTV's Headbanger's Ball, though he had not yet seen it at the time he was interviewed for the program.

Beginning in the 1990s, he took full control of Bathory, choosing to forego performing live in order to spend time recording music with hired musicians. He was found dead in his apartment on June 7, 2004, apparently from heart failure. He was 39 years old and was known to suffer from heart problems.

His father, Börje "Boss" Forsberg, is the owner of Black Mark Productions, an independent record label that Quorthon founded.

Alternative/Grunge Rock/Metal

Everyday Life

Sweden (Stockholm), formed in 1993

Black Mark Production


Quorthon (Tomas Forsberg) - Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards (Bathory, Jennie Tebler, Agnosticum, Stridskuk) (R.I.P. 7th June 2004, heart failure)


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