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Impious Domination

Album: ''Impious Domination'' (2002)
1. Back to Revenge
2. Impious Domination
3. Eternal Suffocation
4. Immortal Blood of Victory
5. Veni Et Vici
6. You'd Better Light a Candle
7. Blind Devounts
8. Heritage of War



Queiron was formed in 1995 by Marcelo Grous (G/V), Marcelo Moretti(B) and Oscar M. Vision completing the line-up in 1996. During the same year Queiron releases its first Demo Tape titled "CROSSES THAT MIGRATE TO HELL". Afterwards, Queiron performed numerous gigs in order to promote the brand new stuff. In 1998 Queiron releases its second demo tape titled "BLESSED BY THE BRUTALITY OF EVIL". This one was better accepted, being recognized by the technic, speed and originality. Queiron was invited to take part of the compilation "WINDS OF A NEW MILLENIUM III" with the track "BLIND DEVOUTS". Queiron obtained a very positive repercussion and good reviews from the Main Metal Magazines and was invited by MUTILATION RECORDS in order to release a Split Album "IMMORTAL BLOOD OF VICTORY" together MENTAL HORROR a great name from the brazilian huge Brutal Death Metal scece. Once the split was release Oscar and Marcelo Moretti decide to leave the band for musical/personal differences being quickly replaced by Daniel Toledo (D) e Tiago Furlan (B).
After 1 year promoting the Split album Queiron takes place in the compilation BRAZILIAN MAYHEMIC LEGIONS released via Mutilation records in Brazil and later signs with Mutilation for releasing its first album "IMPIOUS DOMINATION". After the album was released André Neil joined the band to perform the second guitar. André played some gigs including "SETEMBRO NEGRO FESTIVAL" in 2002. André left the band for personal problems. 2003 was the year thar Queiron released its second full-lenght album titled "TEMPLARS BEHOLDING FAILURES" recorded at H.P Records Studio and released in 2004. The albun's official releasing was opening the gig for the great CANNIBAL CORPSE. On October 2004 André Neil returns to Queiron bringing more Brutality.
For many personal problems problems Daniel Toledo left the band and Tiago Furlan too. After many tests of musicians, all unsuccessful. Marcelo Grous and André Neil did not give up and managed to bring Oscar M. Vision (D) and Tiago Furlan (B) back to the band. Now the Line-Up is complete and utterly united in the name of the True Brutal Death Metal legions. Now Queiron composes new stuff (once it has a lot stuff written and composed by Marcelo Grous and André Neil). The third Full-lenght album should come on 2007 once Queiron is not being supported by any label.

Brutal Death Metal

Antichristian, blasphemy

Brazil (Capivari), formed in 1995

Butchered Records


Marcelo Grous - Guitar, Vocals
André Neil - Guitar
Tiago Furlan - Bass, Vocals
Oscar M. Vision - Drums (Zoltar)

Marcelo Moretti - Bass
Daniel Toledo - drums


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