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Gore Mortuary Tales

"Gore Mortuary Tales" (2000 Demo)

1. Born in a Coffin
2. Drowned Into Deathwaters Lake
3. Splatter Cross
4. Bloodbuster
5. Splatter House
6. The Butcher
7. Inside the Cemetery
8. Jesus Worm
9. Zombification
10. Victor
11. Love in Hell

1. Born in a Coffin


In the old graveyard a child is born

Without liht and air six feet deep

He lives next to her mother's corpse,

Covered with blood,

Plasma and pieces of flesh he's looking for food.

Nothing in the dark,

No sounds, no images,

Just a smell of putrefaction

Of his mother rotting carrion

With his small hands

he takes a pieces of flesh

and eats with no teeth,

to satisfy his need.

A life, no life, maybe days, weeks, month,

The tragedy to be born i a coffin underground

He will have no future,

Growing up in the darkness,

With his mother's corpse

that smells like rotting

2. Drowned Into Deathwaters Lake


The putrid waters of the lake

are full of dead fishes and mud,

So your death was

So sweet into the lake,

Because your lung soon

Filled up with dirt.

I was there at the moment

And I saw you screaming for help.

A piece of dead thing

Entered your mouth

And you were grief strieken

Gasping for a bubble of air.

Your stomach was full of fishes,

Your lung was full of water,

Your mouth was full of mud,

Your windpipe was full of dust,

Your eyes was full of stones,

Your nose was full of blood,

Drowned into "Deadwaters Lake"

3. Splatter Cross


At night I wander the streets,

I savour the taste of blood,

I have a knife in the hands...

I'll kill a dirty whore

It's very late,

I must go...

I'm dirty of blood,

I'm dirty of flesh.

I don't remember my name,

I don't remember the name of my father,

I'm born under the sign of a splatter cross,

I was baptized in children's plasma

It's very late,

I must go...

I'm dirty of blood,

I'm dirty of flesh.

The night is empty,

The flesh is dead,

Prayer of blood,

Splatter cross.

4. Bloodbuster


A boy has come to see

The shop of horror things

And then he spoke to him

About the plot of a splatter film...

The traders don't have it

And they phone to their friends,

They remain very astonished.

They want to make that film!

They bought a chainsaw

And saw a man in 2 parts;

They take a long knife

And cut the penis of another one.

Red blood and guts.

A film of pure gore,

They get a snuff movie,

They drink from a brain

The room is full of corpses

Of Bloodbuster friends,

The editing has started,

There won't be censorship.

Bloodbuster, Bloodbuster

The boy has come to buy,

In the shop of the horror things,

And then he has seen

The snuff

Of Bloodbuster's film.

5. Splatter House


Entering from the cellar

You discover rotten corpses

And slimy creatures

Which are eating flesh.

Splatter house

Your death.

When you take the stairways

You find a clever

And after few steps

You see a chainsaw.

If you enter the kitchen

You'll see fried heads

And hands on the barbecue...

You have retch.

In the bathroom

The basin is full of blood,

If yoo open the dive

It's full of pieces of brain.

Lighted chainsaw,

Splash of blood

On the hockey's mask.

6. The Butcher


A drill in the nose,

A nail under the nail,

A knife between the teeth,

An axe in the brain.

A soup of human brain,

Rotting brain,

Plasma and corpses in the freezer,

Rotting plasma.

Autopsy alive.

A sickle in the mouth,

A syringe in the penis,

A razor in the eyes,

A chainsaw in the belly.

A collection of human heads,

Rotting heads,

Blood and corpses

On the wall,

Rotting blood

Autopsy alive.

7. Inside the Cemetery


Inside the cemetery

the ghouls are eating corpses,

The wind blows softly,

enter my mind, steal away my soul.

The smell of the crypts,

The sound of the crows,

A psychotic mental state,

I need a woman's corpse.

Open a grave: white flesh

-White flesh-

Open my mouth: red blood

-Red blood-

The caress of the dead,

Green pang fog,


For a serial raper insane,

The emptiness in her eyes,

The coldness of her flesh.


The effigy of my mental state.

8. Jesus Worm

9. Zombification


Progeny of rotting corpses,

Resurrection from the crypts

In the light of the twilight

They're hungry of flesh

Feast of blood in the


They have open the gate

And will come to the city,

They tear apart your limbs

And vomit in your mouth.

Zombis dominate the metropolis

Lunch of human's organs.

Human spawn the zombis,

Zombis spawn the zombis.


Light the chainsaw


Wash your face


The son of the underworld

Only a bite:


10. Victor

11. Love in Hell


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