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Cadaveric Invasion

"Cadaveric Invasion" (2002 Demo)

1. Millenium Gore
2. Zombie Pestilence
3. Forced to Bleed

1. Millenium Gore


Ancient prophecies of blood

reveal a thousand years old sufferings.

Total annihilation

Eternal pain

In the dark desert cities

dominate the un-dead,

It's the end of the human race,

The future is a millennium gore.

Flesh lives again in dreams,

Death erasers life,

Ancient prayers of salvations,

Ancient cannibalistic rituals.

Survival is not an option.

The past is forgotten,

The world is a bloodbath,

Filthy creatures dominate the planet Earth.

Endless night,

Pray to survive,

Purify the flesh,

Millennium of gore...

2. Zombie Pestilence


The chemical / nuclear infection

extends itself to the population,

Groups of zombie families

attack humanity.

Living gall bladders,

Carnivore livers,

Flying scrotus,

Suffocating intestines.

Only chainsaws

Can stop the pestilence.

The world of the dead

won't suck our marrow.

Back bones

adorn the streets,

Traces of flesh on the doors,

Swallen gangrene on the walls.

The zombie squad

attacks the dead,

The dead attack

the zombie squad.

Experiments of blood

in the secret laboratories:

The human race can't

win the death.

The antropophagus race

is in the metropolis...

Zombie pestilence,

Only chainsaws

can stop the pestilence,

Zombie pestilence...

3. Forced to Bleed


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