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In Odium Veritas 1996-2002

"In Odium Veritas 1996-2002" (2003 Best of/Compilation)

1. The Disciple Of David
2. Intro
3. In Odium Veritas
4. The Superior Creed
5. Dreams For Ingrates
6. Human Delirium
7. Thorn
8. Bluescreen/The Enemy

1. The Disciple Of David

Music: Nil
Backing Vocals: I. Hate
Lyrics: Totalscorn

"How many heroes died today?
One religious insanity after the other..."

And the elite beholds, keeping its cool (keep your cool)
Waiting for Goliath to stumble more, exposing further fatal wounds
Subversion by diversion, beneath many different masks
Read into these dark storms, understand Our unholy task
Commit yourself to mayhem, fight for our dawn
Sign the covenant of discipline, these repined pigs must not be warned

Let thorns of void guide you, let your immortal blood freeze
Let yourself become as an emperor, never accept this peace
Pay respect to creatures like you, rape and loath the rest
For even radio-played neurotics are building our armies in the west

"The greatest tide since long before the invention of the wheel
Shall arise in secret from these crumbling towers of steel
And at the turn of the next century you will thank these students of lies
For showing us all the essence of what every bible-idiot denies..."

The time is now, the knell is in the air, a David of the future on the rise
Protected by discipline severe, vermin of gods seeking him with bloodshot eyes
We will show you the way, don't be afraid and don't fall prey
We will show you the way, don't be afraid and don't fall prey

The ship is sinking, it's dying time
All warriors of the discipline - my sword and blood is thine!

2. Intro

3. In Odium Veritas

Music: I. Hate
Lyrics: Totalscorn

We ride the cyclone of ages, me and my ravenous breed
Forlorn shalt be our fathers when we have reaped our seed
Captured the truth in nothing, denied the moral of man
Turned to the meaningless purity, where hatred is void we stand

Denied, put down by billions, still it is fulfilled
These visions rule humanity, denial giving nil
The final solutions' virtue, the final gift to all
Behold the complete genocide, undiscriminating and cold
Scorn, revered nihilistic covenant, guide us to our reign
Malice, fulfilled fascism, kill in every god’s name
Hidden among thee, we hunt the debris of man
And we behold with pleasure, thy sacred pillars turn to sand

Our dominions infested, with light and its pestilent breed
Though cleansed shalt be this empire, freedom of loneliness achieved
Cardinal hatred, I am thine, cradle of atrocities, thou art mine
Blessed with eternal nothingness, the void is my guide and sign

In odium veritas, the circle of wisdom complete
Veritas odium parit, and it grows still
Beyond even those of darkness, where nothing rules or thrill

4. The Superior Creed

Music: Nil
Backing Vocals: Hordemaster Christ, Gashpau
Lyrics: Totalscorn

Long I searched what they claim to see, and the beauty derived thereof
Asking why I felt like a menace, to them - who everything solved
My differences seemed racial, though ancestors I then lacked
Until the orchard of mind opened, and I stood completely aback

Empty and enlightened, I drank of the miracles
Torn in the metaphysical, the void became a creed
As I lost all the addictions, and triumphed in deterministic rule
Propounding world perversion, in the eyes of the herd

No purity, except a tidal hatred
No sorrow, though an ego degraded
And love... I miss this false heaven

Let it embrace, no meaning of life
Never repent, no meaning in lies
Faith signed with crossbones
Ecstasy... all meaning dies!

Insanity, if I by thee could be characterised
But my laugh is not that of a madman
It is the fall of one too wise
Darkness, if thee were to be my palfrey
But with fiction even evil died
Hence I quashed my last hospice

This is the creed transcending all minds, the end of malformed tales
Reaching for every thought misbegotten, feel the void of reality's nails

5. Dreams For Ingrates

Music: Zagrash
Backing Vocals: I. Hate
Lyrics: Totalscorn

All the limpid lies are tattered, let this betoken a passed ordeal
In bereavement of immemorial falsehood, our heinous breed is revealed

Every feasibility of hiding vanquished, wheedling and detraction exposed
As I heaved these shackles of mine, then cured the ailment of all times
In chimerical fraternisation, in lewd horrendous crimes
They ordain the chronic miserliness, shibboleths of pure rhymes
Seen as an impious urchin, I shalt never be lionised
Displaying the cleavage of benignity, premier in the ordinal of lies

Lingering immolation
Elucidation of complete void
Arterial dissimulation
All in modesty foiled

Clandestine yet flagrant, man locked in gullibility
Earthbound. Universal, the thought killed in conformity
The premonitions are grizzled, in luscious hope forlorn
In vagrancy voluminous, all truth becomes torn

Defending the presbytery of devolution, militating for a cause
Icebound in shining fiction, a path of endless loss
A malinger they made me, opprobrious they remain
Yet I have their jewel shattered, hence it is all the same

Though still I dream...

Lingering desecration
Upon all I wish in the end
Genocidal annihilation
May all gods descend

6. Human Delirium

Music: Zagrash
Lyrics: Totalscorn

During times too elderly to be thought of, thirsting I was so I drank the aeons’ wine
Instantly was I forlorn in divine wisdom, my grave was now made centuries ago
Forgotten was I now long before my birth, without regret I opened the gates to Earth
Amongst the stones and dust of battles lost, I hunted and laughed for god I now was

Though lost was I once before reality was brought asunder
Dead was I once during times when lost was the poison wine
But in strength I arose and devoured the universe
And became my own precious lord and slave

So rightly I call myself the powered very essence
"By which their pestilent prayers are formed
Life did once teach me the most horrid of lessons
Though still, they fail to grasp, I am not horned

But as all gods should I be adorned!"

I represent the denied and dead universal error
In close parallels I mock the worshipped truth
My shining aura is that of a great emperor
And in my chronicles there is no sign of truce
My names are many, forever I am known
An angel, saviour, whore or ruler
As I dance through the crippled walls of moral
And Damn Only Those Who Speak The Truth

I am rationalisms' very foundation, still insanity is my God-given name
Truth is for me monumental, still through illusions I reign
The paradox of my hubris is striking, as I demand to be king of existence
As I rape and torture in blackest hate, "Mankind, how I love thy contradictive faith"

Yet, but a humble slave to the present word I am
Yet, I kneel on the cold deaf stone
Though we all have errors, only others we scorn
For I am I creature of honor
And I have my precious soul
The future shalt reap my crimes
"Made real by a horde of ruling sheep

I shalt no death of theirs weep..."

7. Thorn

Music: Nil
Backing Vocals: I. Hate
Lyrics: Totalscorn

The path of final war embarked upon, brother versus brother, love is forlorn,
Life laid waste, all crawling for the swords, commeth storms, times of no remorse,
I am the bearer of true darkness, behold what this sign enshrines,
Prophet of pure genocide, embattled, this age is mine.

Ye have spoken in my ears in fearsome words, oh, ye have threatened and cried in vain,
Thy fate my servant, death my fame, the one voice known to graves,
All calls forlorn and rotten, shredd by my immortal grinn,
Enemies, debris, all to be laid down, foundation’s prison shaking, crumbling.

Rules so adored will not keep me still, emperor, within thy madness,
Behold the Everything, dust as I have passed, embrace me, thy brother, as hatred reach for thy heart,
As the world weeps I grow stronger, all this death is my gain,
Every life that goes under, goes under my name.

Falsehood of hope proven, the dark one, the fiction fears thee need,
Hope has failed, these is only me, so eat my wisdom apple, then drink my poison wine,
Get drunk from scornful laughter, still, death comes to all in time,
Saw beyond the void of everything, my reflection greets me there.

Only there none fear me, none, only those I fear,
The thorns in my heart familiar, I drove them in there,
Behold me, for I am thy prophet, fate of life, man’s nature,
My gardens dark and dead, I shall the truth spread...

8. Bluescreen/The Enemy

Music: Dj Brynolf/Totalscorn
Lyrics: Totalscorn/Cegma

Life is beautiful, life is fine,
Your goals are worthwhile, so are mine…
Don’t worry, there is a God,
Just follow, and always nod.

Good people always come through in the end,
And morality, is our best friend…
Follow your leaders, watch TV,
We’ll all one day be free…
And don’t listen to angry intellectuals,
They’re all latent homosexuals…
And don’t be tempted by the beast inside,
This son of the devil you must always hide…
And don’t do drugs, they’ll make you die,
Only through prayer can you to heaven fly…
Love thy neighbour, turn thy cheek,
For remember that the lonely are weak…
And know that sarcasm comes from fear,
Hiding nothing but frightened tears…
And that everyone who attacks the system are liars,
They’re all primitive savages with morbid desires…
If you see someone wearing black with long hair and studs,
You know he’s up to no good - ashamed of our divine blood…
And if you see someone defiling our holy word,
You should crusade against him for the sake (of the herd…)

(The only happiness lies in fraternity…
And by true faith (only) you’ll live for eternity.


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