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"Xiuhtecuhtli" (2002)

1. Six Sun Armed Wings
2. Bioexplosive Race
3. Yaoyotl
4. Napalm Force Sabbath
5. Flame Trower Tide
6. They do Uproar

1. Six Sun Armed Wings

I watch my axe making bleed the sky

You see, Iím your son, I put the notes to the dark wind
With thousand laments to the forest
Frozen forest, we are born of ardent land

Leave your branches of hatred

I have seen everything and no peace
Fixed in stakes, Gabriel, Sachiel, Anael
In this vomit times, me lacking voice to say my hatred
Cyclone of war, yaotl! Belzebuth

The eagle warrior for you call
Warlike demon in my heart

You keep your sword, Centeotl Izkaltia
Has come for me, is your horse
Amount and lead me to the weapons

I come before your throne with my ancient lords

I fighter through the six sun of decadence

Me lacking voice to say my hatred
Six serpent strings donít express it

Even no symphony to adore you serpent
Feebles and betrayers rotten in black Xiuh
The fire of my notes and my shield
Intlayak ik mo katzawani in tletlakoll,
Aya makizkiaÖ

2. Bioexplosive Race

3. Yaoyotl

My way is full of visions
Master of the future winds
The sky is your banner
I continue to our meetingÖ
I see my hands and theyíre those of the canine one
And between the winds I can listen everything
With the long of my fangs, I am a pulled wolf
My claws cross the skies
Towards him north east , and towards you.
Shakes the sky with your gallop
His doors will fall down with my voice
I direct my legion to yours
To the battle and the victory
I smell your distant horde so nearby
Also our will fight for you kingdom
Among lightnings tell me your secrets
Do that your eyes are mine
Help me, rides on my way and
On that of my ears, strong
Master of the war, clutches your lance
Crosses my chest to join ourselves
In the fire show me the future
I can see the rivers of his blood

4. Napalm Force Sabbath

My hatred is the top of lance that I hold

I cannot hide of myself and,

From my altar I direct my weapons

I do of my hands my secret magic
Liberate your nuclear power under my feet,
And the pyramids will not fall down
That the fire wrap us for that,
We, your soldiers, will not die.
Oh Emperor, my arms are two venom guns
Bring at one the fury of the land to the men
No more bastard Christians will be born
And the pyramids will stand tall
Oni Sabast Adonay,
I invoke you master of the hells
My tongue has sampled the flavor of the bullets
Great general, who will bring massacre
To our hearts
I donít have relatives
I do that the land and the sky they are
Lucifer, you, who poison the saints
Rise from their tombs my ancestors
Eagle, Serpent, Jaguar, Wolf,
in an explosion
Exorgunt Mortui et and Veniunt

5. Flame Trower Tide

I summon you, oh king of the land

Gunpowder is born of my throat, ignite it
Take now my weapons

Carry us both to the place

Where we will never leave
You unfurl October to my legion

Where the angels forever be a dead birds
Your eternal furious tide embrace us
It drain his hearts and die
Father, we are ready to your armed order
Black tree in autumn winds

And liberate Xaphan on the land
The artillery that they guard my veins.
Your horses be trodden on the ocean

And all forces in my storm of war,

Horses armoured to your military sing
While his weak person wings tremble
My thorns point at the wind
We will tread on mined fields, oh Satan
The west looks like no winter

JesuXpo burn under the sea

They are the ashes beyond venus

6. They do Uproar


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