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Officium Tenebrarum

"Officium Tenebrarum" (1999 Demo)

1. Introduction
2. Denied By The Womb
3. Cadaverous Soliloguy
4. Cursed You Are
5. Chasm
6. De Imperatore I
7. De Imperatore II

1. Introduction

2. Denied By The Womb

For claws and teeth shall rip my tortured heart out

I will bear revelation so stout

And behold denied foetusses pass away

As yearning for revenge my soul silently raises

Some wounds time cannot efface

But blasting betrayal will soon surface

Will the blind womb ever comprehend?

Will my raging ordeal ever end?

And this enthralling mirror

Concealed all but decline and horror

Lurking through night's childish terror

Soon enshrouded in dust

Powerless I gaze at the overcoming rust

Bound in betrayal I nothing trust

I swear revenge…

Release the wolf and scream

For the nocturnal hordes will rush into my dreams

And fast dying embers will elude my grasps

Desperate weeping revealed at last

Thus acting in life like in a vain grandiloquent theatre

The womb bred my hatred even intenser

Denied by the womb

And brought forth into a tomb

Sent to coldness was I

Doomed to stare at nothingness's single eye

Love is a lie

A lie to hide and deny

Face the ruins and die

Through endless sighs we were all born to cry

Marching in winter's night

And beholding my life eaten away by blight

I crawl alone sorrowful and frail

Thus drips my soul in infinite trails

3. Cadaverous Soliloguy

Cadaverous soliloquy

Only graveworms hear my buried cries

Thus betrayed by faith

I fear the chilly gaze of the glittering moonface

Declining in rapture

Enter mourning sculptures


As I dwell in this void of nothingness

Putrefaction afloat in the air

Satisfaction by gnawing nightcrawlers

In ecstasy succumbs my bravery

Insanity root of wild fancies

Depravity orgasm in extremis

From rust to dust and rust to dust…

Cadaverous soliloquy; indigent is this melody

Cadaverous soliloquy, awaiting Thee, awaiting Thee

Cadaverous soliloquy; my last breath will soon call Thy name

Cadaverous soliloquy; forever jailed by Death's flame

Cadaverous soliloquy

Only graveworms hear my buried cries

Dust in the womb

Then dust in the tomb

By this nocturnal might

I am forever crystallized under the moonlight

Though enslaved

Always for Thee have I craved

Ravens eyes beholding me on my gravestone

A cold wind rising unveil Thy majesty moaning on its throne

Insignificant toy of Thine

As sadly I will utter my whines

For Thee a rose I threw

Frozen by my weeping it was dark blue

Soak it in blood-red wine

And of my demise behold the sign

When the fog finally blinds me

Chained in darker land I will forever love Thee

4. Cursed You Are

I am the Fiend - always on the hunt

Your dear wife keeps moaning when I suck her wet cunt

You shall forever fear my presence

For your beloved honey likes the sexual offence

I haunt your nightmares and destroy your family

Your young children like my dick for sodomy

Everything shall now collapse around you

Maniac sadism is one of my virtues

Happiness has been your pitiful weakness

I will introduce you to both of my friends: torment and madness

And at every nightfall

You shall hear their raging howl

Feel my curse

In your sleep you shall see my

Black aura creep through your weak cries

Now feel the blast of my boiling wrath

Only hate is true; now behold My eternal power…

I sip your clear blood and savour your terror

I reign in a kingdom infested with malignant spirits


Thus horncrowned I am the Accuser pointing my sharp finger at you

Unleashing abyssal bloodtide ruling rolems in your mind

5. Chasm

For young blood proves ignorant

Never trust the innocent

On this island of artificial light

Slowly gnawed by blight

I built a kingdom of ingenuousness

Pride and foolishness

Soon to be betrayed

Waiting for the blade

Suddenly Hatred pounced on me

And scourged my feeble body

As that night I saw the rider

My existence slowly turned darker and darker

Opening wide glassy eyes

I saw plagues invade and I saw wolves in the holy land

Anguish begun to suffocate me

As underwent my fallacy

Ravens surrounding me singing sweet sadness

I slowly sank into the depths of madness

Turned away, repulsed: I have been betrayed and cursed

My flesh become so cold and my mind so old

Endlessly raped by Death I lost all kind of faith

Consumed by a lethal fire I saw my demons cluster

In a deep voice fate imposed its harsh choice

Tortured in rapture I summon the hovering vultures

As a blind statue choked me, in pride, in ecstasy

I repelled solace and life and in darkness dived

Now coming closer to the supreme blame

I comprehend its shame

Under the sniggers of the Dead

To my life I desperately put an end

6. De Imperatore I

Tel le majestueux cèdre né

Du fruit d'une force marmoréenne

Je suis le fils du sol sacré

D'où mes racines puisent rage et haine

Ecoutant les sanglots du sang

Eau spirituelle et matérielle

Coulant dans les sabliers du temps

Horloges extratemporelles !

Quand dans les mausolées glacés

Eclairés d'une profane joie

Les traits momifiés des aînés

De ma lignée dictent leur sombre loi

Dernier survivant de ma race

J'invoque par le ciel et par l'onde

Les obéissantes masses

Qui me vengeront de ce monde

Symbole d'une colère

Aiguisée par le sang des âges

Dans un cercle de fer

Repose le glaive de rage

La voûte céleste, mue

D'une minérale stoïcité

Contemple les armées en crue

Marées d'acier déchaînées

In spiritum mundi, Orbis imperator assurgit

Tempestate regit. Nox sua amante est

Suae Tenebrae solem officiunt

Suus nomen odium metunque ducit

Vitam condemnit. Felicitatem detestatur

Lupi rex. Immisericors crudelisque

Irae lex est. Inferorun janitor est

Noster dominus est. Eum semper reveramur


Sombres anthèmes


Mes désirs suprêmes


Le chant des épées


La rage du tyran

" Cohortes impériales ! Le monde que vous avez connu tire à

sa fin. Alors que s'éteignent les derniers feux du soleil, nous

affronterons finalement les chiens qui osent s'opposer à la puissance

de l'Imperator. Sous le signe du Chaos, nous ferons régner la terreur

et apporteront la mort et la haine aux agneaux du jour. Nos hordes

infernales frapperont partout où règne la joie. A travers la neige,

le feu, le sang et la nuit notre rage fera trembler les cardinaux "

" Gloire à l'Imperator ! Puissent les loups régner à nouveau ! "

D'un tétraèdre de feu

Sort mon ire immortelle

Devançant mes noirs voeux

De sa métallique grêle

Merveille dégénérée

Tel le puissant pharaon

Née d'une consanguine lignée

Je vis dans de sombres éons

Rêvant dans ma solitude

J'observe de mon sombre trône

Le fracas des multitudes

Mourant suivant mon aune

Violant, répandant le sang

D'une humanité décadente

Comme unique délassement

La mort pour seule amante

7. De Imperatore II


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