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Bloody Vengeance

"Bloody Vengeance" (1986)

1. Dominios of Death
2. Spirits of Evil
3. Ready to Explode
4. Holocaust
5. Incubus
6. Death Metal
7. Voices from Hell
8. Bloody Vengeance

1. Dominios of Death

Rapid black thunders
Shake the sky
While headbangers
Shake 'till die
The sound is detoned
'Till the highest volume
And altars burn
As hell's wombs

Rituals begin
Lucifer will be free
Demons are called
To serve the evil

And the black metal forces
Powerfull like death
Still in command
To destroy your mind

Dominios of death
Dominios of death

The moon is full
Satan's rule
Bloody become free
Demons spreaded in the sky
Bodies blaze in flames
Children run away with fear
Panic become gloomy
We're in a real hell

There is no more life
The earth is over
The christian souls
Become Satan's rules
Angels are murdered
Crosses are broken
Priests lost their lives
To defend God
To defend God

2. Spirits of Evil

The sky burns in fire
It's coming the ritual time
Satan's slaves getting ready
To rise up spirits of evil
Children are killed
To be offered to a jackal
Who's prepared
To receive the darkness master

Bougies are lighted
Above a pentagram
Blood became food
Of Satan's slaves
Agonizing screams are listened
Coming from rituals
Heaven and hell
Soon will be alone

Spirits of evil
Commanding the death
Spirits of evil
Will brand their regress

Blasphemies are venerated
Against religions
While they wait
The end of times
Dances and songs
Are played
To please the spirits of evil

Now priest
Already have to be affraid
The christianism is getting over
Over the earth
The beast rage will fall
Raging everything that is in
His way...

3. Ready to Explode

You can not wonder what's up to begin
Seein' in the streets the missiles appear
Beside your house, they put an airbase
Nuclear guns, ready to explode

You're just watching, don't know what to do
The ones who have the power, are above you
And briefly they'll get, your life to lose
See the human race, wasted from the earth

4. Holocaust

Wait - by the dawn
Sons of Lucifer town
Bang - your heads
With devastation sounds
In front - of the humanity
End will come as an explosion

Lucifer will return
Heaven will have an end
Sacrifices and rituals in the night
666, it's the number of the death


Appears - on the mountains
The first warriors of destruction
All - with guns
Whose Vulcano has forget
Now - the eternal war
Finally has begun

The disbelievers
Will be crushed
By the self sons of Satan

5. Incubus

The night comes you asleep
And I look for you
To your dreams come true
Tearless and taken by my power
Your dreams burning in this night
In thousant orgy
Fuck your soul and suck your force
When you feel your body coming

Call me Incubus - the luxury demon

I'm the way you want in your own
Fuckin' your soul like a bestial
Restless you awake to your dirty life
Sure you like bein' in the paradise
But in my paradise

Call me Incubus

6. Death Metal

I become a possessed
I start shaking
The pentagram flames
Bring shine to my eyes
The sacred cross burning to call
For the sabbath beginning
The sacrifice acclamed for all

Death Metal
Destroyin' your body
Death Metal
Downin' your mind
Death Metal
Mortal holocaust
Death Metal
Metal chaos

Now the demons from my mind
Take freedom
And I stay taken by chains
Because sooner or later I'll have
To kill or die...

7. Voices from Hell

Stabat daemon
Stabat daemon
Decollatus - decollatus

Demon, demon - sabat
Fire, fire - satan
Salt-salt, fire water
Earth, earth - silver

8. Bloody Vengeance

Dark and cold
So horrible, so terrible
My bloody vengeance

I'll take my vengeance
For the prince's name and hell's

I'll take my vengeance
Your blood, your blood
Your flaming blood
In my hand

I'm an avenger
A blood-minded avenger
All for the prince's name and hell
And fire land

Running away from the vile lane
And you run by the dirty narrow way
Your terrified steps won't save
Yourself from the pain

Your blood, your blood
Your flaming blood
In my hand
Be cursed
Your destination
Your flesh, your flesh


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