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Southern Vassaforian Hell

"Southern Vassaforian Hell" (2006 EP)

1. Craft of Dissolution
2. Servitude
3. Son of the Damned (Bathory cover)

1. Craft of Dissolution

the Craft of Dissolution

When did the first seed come?
Unnoticed signs of change
The southern cross bleeds black
52 years comes one last time
we are but vulture food
Foolish men, our past greets us
but do we have eyes to see?

His abyssal black gaze sees all
vacant, infinite
He maketh the oceans boil and the air freeze
Cosmic hammer of perpetual death
the ripening flower of disease
& shines in the lepers smile
His gift carries a promise
of a return to the middle ages

Malignant esoterrorist of a perverse orthodoxy
Emperor of pestilence, use our bodies as your temples

Putressence ritual, anoint with decay
blossoming with your rotted love

sacks of abundant flesh
bursting with clotted sweetness
once bloomed, now withered
......a viral phoenix awaits the fire of rebirth

Who can resist the Pestilential King?
Thine cold osidian ways
Divine to the unclean
Unmerciful to the divine
Drowning forever (in seas of boiling blood)
Angel of the funeral pyre
Infernal Regent of the firey abyss
Shining morning star

Thy demonic will is done
The next system awaits....

2. Servitude


dawn of Satan
dissolute shrine
temple of depression
desolations eve

lofty one....Ilu Ba'al/Mot
seven steps
From BaalBek to TilMun

Destruktors end
abyssal hatehammers smash from thine black book
returning archeonauts
reigning fire
Huwawa's slayer

sanguine procession of the Deity
tabulated slaughter's history
in the sacred palace of bones
the heir to the morning star waits

father of lies light bearer lucifer
Sent back to the eternal mines
(toiling) in servitude....
in servitude.....

over mountains of ruined corpses
the stench of death sits
the terminal breath
of a long-dying species
Vermin Excelsis

3. Son of the Damned (Bathory cover)


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