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Demo II

"Demo II" (2005 Demo)

1. Archeonaut's Return
2. Vassafor
3. Kathaarian Thorns

1. Archeonaut's Return

born form desolate tombs, o lord of the wastelands
satanstorms ravish antiqued hearts

a Solar Sapien(genus) satanacus galactica
across the 30th parallel the test tube archeonaut sits
locked in orbit, praeter destined the all seeing watcher awaits

thy exaulted annihilator our immortal ancestors
once ascended that same passage into thine
flaming chariot through a veil of hanging gold dust
the man outside time might once bask in thy glory
let it so again....that i may be granted just one wish

great ones of the imperishable star
your pantheon endures still....still!

purge the filth
what a wretch is man

wheels of time turn slow
72 degrees til seperation
every 52 years
comes the opportunity.... strike!

arm the weapons!

a missile of mercy the great equalizer none to be forgotten
all will be one under the eternal winter
embrace the universe
scattered dust swept by cosmic winds
as grains of sand sand on a shore
earth shall return to the ether...a micron at a time

violence is thy gift(every) 52 years
now is the strike!

purge the filth what a wretch is man
a missile of mercy the great equalizer
scatters the dust
all shall be one under the eternal winter
dismal angel of impurity
ravager of the apocalyptic winds
reclaim this decaying husk
demon of the 4 wings
cleanse this earth with righteous flame
purge the filth....what a wretch is man
....o wretched man

....remake this earth....
heralding a new age... the rebirth of the planet Satan

2. Vassafor

...drifting reality
in an abstract plane
travelling beyond...worlds
infinite darkness

a figure clothed in the sun
his eyes are the void
(n)either angel or demon
rua fusion
since I was a child
visits in my dreams
inside my heart
the essence of myself is.....

I am He
command all ablaze
prepare for cleansing
(in the) dancing blue fire
of the burning pentagrams

creation in ruin
all flesh is weak
victory of the
death machine

apocayptic visions cone
dark waters show no life

grim shadows, holder of the aching sword
released unto this world, destroy our kind
destroyer of worlds
destroy again

the burning infernal war machines
the dead hang in the trees
deathsquadrons of hell.....strike
merciless demons attack
destroyer of all
destroyer of worlds
uncreation purged by darkest hearts

the left hand path is....Vassafor


down there, heretics
down there, the gate of sin

vision is done
awaken once more
victory of Hell, Darkest One
born from the demon light
swirling murder in my bones

cool cleansing void how I long for your embrace
(awaiting) now darkside, in Vassafor

3. Kathaarian Thorns


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