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Black and White

"Black and White" (2004)

1. Black and White
2. New heavens above the new land
3. The price of war
4. Force of belief and love
5. Everything, that is necessary for us, it only love
6. TV antichrist
7. Jerusalem
8. The eternity calls
9. Spirit of freedom
10. Until I have not died
11. From darkness in light
12. Babylon will fall

1. Black and White

2. New heavens above the new land

On change to winter there comes spring,
In the stead of spring long-awaited summer.
Time has come to wake up from dream,
Differently your song will end.

The Refrain:
Otherwise your enemy will come for you,
Otherwise the enemy will win,
But in ruthless war with a satan
You cannot remain one .
There will be new heavens
Above the new land.
And the true Savior
There will be with you!

It is necessary to think, what for you live?
What for you work hard at yourself this sky?
It is time to distinguish, where the truth where lie,
And to distinguish bitter poison from sweet bread

The Refrain.

The past in the past, tomorrow comes…
The Rain from love will specify a way to you.
It leaves forward as a light ray,
To the new heavens and the new land.

3. The price of war

On a dawn rushing in attack
We changed the on another's.
Choking for anger and fear
In a throat the begun shout dies away.

The Refrain:
Speak, from destiny you will not leave,
We must reap as one has sown.
Change my fear for ever for love,
Change my anger for heat.
I would not like to have more here enemies,
I wanna forget about insults and is angry.

On war every day for ever
Sweat and a dirty. There there is no place to tears.
Blood and life leave as if water between fingers.
Also there are no forces to suffer this madness.

The Refrain.

4. Force of belief and love

There was no place to light of hope.
The boundless horror and oppression was.
The darkness has risen more, than before,
The evil just about will take us.

The Refrain:
But my God was for me,
It a victory granted.
I always triumphed over eyes of my enemies
We win during a hard time.
By force of belief and love
It is gift of the God to us,
Because the Christ always for us.

Fetters will burst, dungeons will fail,
The end is close to an empire of a devil.
The world will be new, angrily will be stopped,
We will be accepted by Father.

The Refrain.

5. Everything, that is necessary for us, it only love

New apartment, new car,
Infinite race around of emptiness…
Day after day lasts as if rubber,
Killing hopes, breaking dreams.

The Refrain:
Gold and silver turn to ashes.
Predatory thirst of authority raises blood.
Hatred as the plague, generates fear.
Everything, that is necessary for us in a life, it only love!

Selling itself, as prostitutes,
Betraying all those who prevented us,
We so hastened, but not in time,
The slavery of illusions has shown a grin.

The Refrain.

6. TV antichrist

Chorus of unvoiced singers,
Orchestra of deaf musicians
Glorify false gods
Under glasses and steps of waiters.

The Refrain:
Feast during a plague…
Holiday for speculators…
To corrupt minds,
On a stage leaves TV antichrist.

The featureless idol,
of a new century
Hastens to grasp your world,
To enthral in you the person.

Directly from the telescreen
Will suggest to sell immortal soul.
Victim of the artful plan
Withdraw the false weapon

Mad acts the leader,
Owner of deep evil.
The one who gives rise to lie,
The irreconcilable enemy.
Blood of many my friends
Lays on his hands.
The originator of thousand death…
It inspires fools fear.

The Refrain.

7. Jerusalem

You saw the prophets beaten by stones,
You saw entrenchments of enemies around of walls.
Shine of kindness and futility of defects,
Clearing and a heavy captivity.

Death and birth, grief and hope…
The failed temple to not restore.
You remember, how your Tsar in bloody clothes
Asked Father to not charge us with a sin.

The Refrain:
Lengthways on Via Dolorosso here on the Cross of the Christ conducted.
And salvation by Holy Blood here is granted to Him.
This city was and will be nice heart of all ground,
Eternally ancient, eternal new Jerusalem.

Three thousand years of infinite battles
And only three years of words about love.
You remember that coffin which has been not touched tlenem?
The one who has revived, you to rescue call.

The Refrain.

8. The eternity calls

In my heart there was an emptiness…
In my reason the full chaos was.
The blindness dimmed eyes,
Only in soul there was a question:

What for I here live?
For whom do I am necessary here?

I did not see signs from heavens…
I did not hear bells.
I was proud of knowledge, filled many arrogance,
I did not know neither, nor friends, enemies.

And I still live…
Though what for I here?

The Refrain:
The eternity is called…
By her ahead…
Full forward …
Do not look back…

9. Spirit of freedom

10. Until I have not died

I never trusted all those,
Who spoke about love with the thick Book in hands.
I escaped from the worn out schemes,
I was afraid to be at all in fools.

Until I have not died

On turn squeal of brakes,
Then impact and a shot of fire in heavens.
On sidewalk blood …
On it from above flows look my eyes.

I did not feel a pain.
I did not feel fear.
I saw only light and love
In His eyes.
I did not trust, that behind feature someone is,
I did not trust in a long way endlessly.
Yet Jesus…
With eyes of my father has not seen that beside here.

I still should have time to tell,
That wait for us with love in heavens.
That there is still time to accept,
All that love, having overlooked about mountain and fear.

Until I have not died

11. From darkness in light

12. Babylon will fall

In streets of our big cities
Trade in love since thirteen years.
Here any more do not trust in sincerity of words,
When the best friend your are knife and gun.

To selling policies to spit on all,
But that is repaid.
And the one who is stronger, that is torn forward
But I know for sure -
Babylon will fall

The Refrain:
Me since the childhood learned:
Do not stand over ..
All of us here another's
And I here another's.

This city of a sin,
If can will gobble up.
But the alive river
to us freedom gives.
Babylon will fall!

The Refrain.


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