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"Protogenia" (1997 Demo)

1. The Traveller
2. Piece Of Heaven
3. Speech And Action
4. Power Shift
5. Reliance, Ingratitude, Pain
6. Hourglass

1. The Traveller

[lyrics: Fábio; Music: Douglas & Rodrigo]

Strolling alone in the nught
Through the mist, all is dark
Strange lights blinking in the sky
A sound I've never heard before

A flying saucer coming down to the land
No one else to witness what I see
Am I going insane? I really don't know
I freeze, can't believe my eyes
One door is open, a shine from inside
A creature gets out of the ship
It is not human, its eyes have a light
Suddenly I begin to lift

My body is attracted to the ship
I go on, 'cause I can't resist
I feel so numb, I feel so weak
Soon I'm inside there, I'm so confused

Many foreign creatures come and look at me
I can see their lightful eyes
Complex unknown machines working all around
So the ship begins to fly
It seems like the movies, a sci-fi story
They're taking me away to somewhere
They're pointing at me, I can hear them talking
And I stare at the stars out there

I don't know how much time
Has passed away when we got down
This is another planet
I don't know how, I can breathe
They took me to a building
Where I think there were scientists
They made experiments with me
And printed some sign on my neck

Now I live in this jail, with some food and some water
Exposed to public curiosity
Locked into this alien zoological park
Another species of life forms stay with me
Here I'm just an animal with no soul and no wish
I have no chance to get free
No hope to get back, I'm so far from Earth, my home
Dissection is the fate for me

[solo 1 by Cláudio Rodrigo]
[solo 2 by Douglas Attila]

2. Piece Of Heaven

[lyrics & music: Fábio]

Trade of faith
Electronic ministers
Prepared to save your soul
Heaven is so beautiful
If you have the money
You can get your own piece
Unuscrupulous explorers
Manipulating desperate
Of those who search some hope


Piece of heaven, it's low cost
Spend your money here with us
Who's the God you believe in?

Blindness, dumbness
Any disease
You can get the cure
Just take a look
At the table of prices
You can make your choice
Fanaticism is the key
To keep it all in control
They know their job so well


Radio, T.V.
New temples everywhere
The industry grows continually
International business
A mighty machine
That works always with no fear
The bastard boss
Self-titled "bishop"
Who believes God is for sale?


[bass solo by Fábio Guilherme]
[final solo by Douglas Attila]

3. Speech And Action

[lyrics: Fábio & Silvio; Music: Bruno, Douglas & Fábio]

Fight! You're not blind!
Make it right and take some piece of what's for you
Scream! Be within!
Don't let the muthafuckers smiling and passing through

Yell! Make it well!
Let your voice be heard for all the people around
Shake! Don't let them fake!
Smell the taste of colors and the shine of sound

You have your rights, you're in the scene
They try to put you down the scheme
Break the doors, destroy the rules
Twist reality, don't be a fool


On and on, you must reach your place
Break the bones, you're gonna make your fate
Hard storm, but you should keep on sailing
Don't be harm, your enemies will just fade

Go! You can't be hold!
Make your choice and keep it on until the end
Burn! It's your turn!
Show the power of change you got inside your hand

Choose! Don't you lose!
Kick them all and show 'em that you know the game
Rise! Fight for your rights!
Feel the strenght that burns inside when you're insane

Ya have to be tough, ya have power to show
While you stay stopped here, they are taking your turn
Be a man not a child, kill them all and be proud
Raise your head and your eyes, prove you're right to this crowd


Ride! Don't be tied!
Run away to not be lost inside a maze
Shine! It's gonna be fine!
Drive 'em outta mind, ya know how to let 'em crazy

Speech! Make your preach!
Take it, beat it, break it, and blow it up
Bang! Defend your gang!
Don't you care for them, 'cause they don't give a fuck

Throw away now, just throw away all your thoughts
Forget the past, don't remember your faults
Make 'em reality, don't let 'em be dreams for all the years
Get out of this way, you have nothing to fear


4. Power Shift

[lyrics: Fábio; Music: Douglas and Fábio]

Soldiers walking in the street
Out to protect the city against crime
Ascending the hillocks, apprehending drugs
The bandits just laugh of them
Population afraid, hiding themselves
They know who are the real bosses
Lost bullets dancing in the sky
Your head is a good place for them


Violence and hate, power shift, what means law?
The evil rules, no more order, cry for mercy
No police aid, in a chaotic state, urban jungle
Violence and hate, power shift, no more laws

System doesn't work, we all can see
Outlaws know it as well as we know
Corruption and fear are the means they see
To rise and get stronger than us
Police is sold, if not is weak
Don't you ever feel a creep?
Living on this "no one's land"
Stone age is not so far away


Organized crime ruling all the time
Making their laws, no one is safe
Drug traders seem to have no fear
They like to show it so clear
Eyewitness shutting up their mouths
Silence can preserve their lives
Disorder empires solemnly
Security is over, we'd better run


[Solo by Douglas Attila]

5. Reliance, Ingratitude, Pain

[lyrics: Silvio; Music: Fábio, Rodrigo and Sílvio]

I've helped you, I've supported you
I've made you grow up very fast
You're on top, seen like a god
Forgot what you were on the past

If I had the power to guess
I wouldn't had wasted my time
I burned my blood for you
And now you're just an enemy of mine

I nearly lost control
When I remember the way you've treated me
Then I fell so low
That I didn't know if you'd tread on me


You think you're happy
When you start to count your fortune
But you don't know that
You will rot like many fools

I've cried, I've thought I'd die
I've made my life turn into a hell
My heart bleeded, my flash creeped
I felt as I was locked on a shell

I was bad, so I started to think
Things are wrong around here
I realized that I was really sinking
Found out that I was needing to react

Now, I'm on top too
But there's a little difference
I have a fucking happy life
While you don't have a chance


You'll never know what you've lost
When you decided to go on this way
Now you can't do anything
To get a higher level

If I tell you that I care for you
I'd be being a little sarcastic
I'm just thinking about it
'Cause it marked my life

Being optimist, the time it's not too close
You still have a good chance
I only know that I'm not to blame
If you have lost in the end

[solos 1, 3 by Cláudio Rodrigo]
[solos 2, 4 by Douglas Attila]

6. Hourglass

[lyrics: Fábio; music: Bruno]

Time, damned time
You kill me day by day
You run out forever
I'm the loser in this race
Modifyin', weakenin' me
I get closer to death
You are the only guilty
For my worst disgrace

Lose my friends, my innocence
Lose the happiness that lied on me
Always feeling weight of years
My shoulders cannot stand
Sand falls continually
Over my head, I get suffocated
You'll never desist 'cause
You just have all the time

Time, eternal time
I hate you for all you are
You flow so calm, you don't care
You're so untouchable
You must win, but I'll fight
It won't be easy, yes I know
But I won't let you put me down
(Maybe a knife could be solution)

[solo by Douglas Attila]


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