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The Highest Law

"The Highest Law" (1998)

1. Servant of the Black
2. The Unjust
3. Succumb to the Beast
4. The Highest Law
5. Master
6. Domain of Death
7. Chaos and Mayhem
8. Damnator
9. Metal Forces
10. Attack
11. Death Metal

1. Servant of the Black

Singed by fire, stained with blood, the howls of the damned
Valleys of thorns, rivers of fire, crushing the bones
The relentless flame of Hades shall burn, there is no end
Unleash the powers of evil to consume the mortal man

For I'm the beast, of 666, servant of the black
What man has made, man can destroy, the christian I will slay

Death to the weak, hail to the strong, I challenge the laws of christ
Nothing is sacred, I question all, I won't believe this word
Fragile wisdom in lies, the prophets of ujust shall burn
The messiah of filth is dead, you will never see your god

For I'm the beast, of 666, christian, I slay, you will never see your god

2. The Unjust

Slit the throat, of the slanderer, I will smother your soul
Commanding, the hordes of chaos, lay your soul to waste
Just like a cancer, the brain it invades, destroys, the source of thought
Eternal battle, of spirit and flesh, indulge, in the 7 sins

False, hope, lies, christ, he, died
Behold the cross, sign of the weak, brun the bible
Rabbi or priest, with my sword, I slay

There is no life, beyond your grave, no, salvation in sight
Cursed are the lambs, rodents of christ, they, shall fall like bricks
I trample, the righteous pig, punish, those who preach
I spit upon, the star of the jews, the unjust must die

The unjust must die!!!

3. Succumb to the Beast

The abomination, of mankind
Purges all, of carnal desires
Exploitation, of the weak
Lost forever, to the void

2000 years of christ
Succumb to the beast, or be killed

Fall to your knees, obey my word
I am the best, 6 hundred 66
Scrath out the eyes, ripping the flesh
The witching hours, I will attack

Striking like, the fangs of a snake
Genocide, of all who believe
In the feeble word, of fucking christ
Wave upon wave, the hordes will attack

With the plague as my weapon
With only one goal in mind
Hurl my victim to their death
Behold the beast for he is the way

4. The Highest Law

I prey upon, inflicting pain, the forces of deceit
Thriving on hypocrisy, your rule I will defeat
Back stabbing bastard, your unrelenting lies
The end is near, the time has come
For you to fuck'n die

Tormenting cancer, I obliterate
Genocide, of your kind, is the only way
Infernal hate, for revenge is mine
In the name of vengeance, I will take your life

With blow to blow, and eye for eye
I will destroy thee, 100 fold
For I'm the terror, the one you will fear
Self preservation, the highest law

No longer living, so rot amongst the dead
Your damned oppression, vengeance my nemesis
Decaying carnage, the maggots will feast
For powers of darkness, will dominate

5. Master

Lord of the flames, lord of the light, I invoke
Give me the power, give me the will, your might
For you are the truth, and you are the way, my life
For we are the evil, we are the path, arise

Satan, master, of hell, you lead, this war
Destroy, those of, the white light

Apostles of hate consuming the weak, we fight
Lord of the arms, lord of all might, exalt
Thrusting the knife, ripping the flesh, death
Burn in the heat, burn in the fire, devour

Lord of the flames, lord of light
Give me the power, give me the will
For you are the truth, and you are the way
For we are the evil, we are the path
Master of light, leading our way
Lord of the arms, lord of all might
Thrusting the knife, ripping the flesh
Burn in the heat, burn in the fire!

6. Domain of Death

Bound in duty to torment and pain
Inflicting my vengeance on those who deceive
Reaping the lives of my torment
Destined to slay the prophets of lies

Cast down from heaven I lead
Unholy war of evil
I blaspheme the name of white light
And swear my allegiance to the black

For I am the serpent, devourer of light
Loathed and feared by mortals
Stare in the eyes of darkness
And perish in my domain of death

7. Chaos and Mayhem

There is no heaven and no hell in which to burn
Don't need your prayers or saving I'll redeem my own
False hope and empty lies they make no sense to me
Your Bible is your brain I'm not an invalid

My conscience is always clear
I'll never confess my sins
The cross no longer gives life
Your reign of power is over

Cast down from heaven I lead the hordes
Unholy war of evil total hate
Sworn to the black the symbol of fear
Chaos and mayhem is the life I live

Torment the holy that is my game
I vomit on the lord the king of kings
Witness of christ yes I despise
Repressed emotions of a psychopath

Repulsive servant of christ will die
For I possess the numbers 666
Impeled by evil my nemesis
Mortally wounded now your reign is dead

8. Damnator

Leap forth the demon, from teh gates
The lord of sodom, the god of cain
The fatal forces, path of the left
Obey the forces, or viscious death

I will rape your soul, by the rites of Lucifer!
The spawn of Satan, armed with the flame
For he's the terror, of Hades
The hostile servant, creature of hate
The god of darkness, shall rise again

Angel of hell, the lord of light, demon of lust
The souls we reap, upon the throne
Of baphomet, hail to the beast, for eternity!

We raise our swords, and praise the beast
For he's the master, the ancient one
The lord of sodom, the god of cain
Consuming mortals, for evil reign


9. Metal Forces

Evil riffs, chaotic leads
Making my ears bleed
Double bass and roto toms
Headbang'n till the dawn

Fight, forces of metal will fight
Destroying with all our might
The witching hour attack
Metal forces of the black
In the pit is where I dwell
Thrash'n and rais'n hell
Crank the volume, dive from stage
Releas'n all my fuck'n rage

Celtic frost, Kreator, Possessed, Nasty
Savage, Mecryful Fate, Slayer, Whiplash
Sodom & Venom, Razor, Destruction!

There's no end to metals night
We will kill and we will fight
Mess with me your life is through
I'll beat you fuck'n black and blue

Feel the power, feel the force
The metal hordes will take control
Smash'n all the poser bands
Fly'n V right up their ass

10. Attack

I summon the legions, to open the gates
Unchain the master from the abyss
Seeking our vengeance, destroying the earth
Total destruction, the kingdom of christ

Rise up mighty father of light
At darkness we attack
Behold the beast, hail to the hordes
The legions of doom and destruction below
For he is the father, the children of hate
For we are the terror, yes we are teh feared

For they are the weak, yes the cursed shall be damned
The rodents of christ they shall perish in flames
Pelt them with fire and bath them in blood
At armageddon the christians will burn

11. Death Metal

Cast in fire tempered by the flame evil demons lie within the blade
Mighty swords razor sharpened steel death metal weapons forged to kill

Death metal [4x]

The battlecry headforth men of steel death metal has the power at will
Lightning flashes sound a thunderous roar cold metal ripping flesh down to the core


Death metal satans armies wield seek within the powers of the steel
Cast in fire tempered by the flame evil demons lie within the blade

Death... slain by the sons of steel
Metal... cuts the air


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