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Every Nerve Alive

"Every Nerve Alive" (2000)

1. Awaiting the kill
2. Dai Hachi Jigoku (8th great hell)
3. Death, judgement, fate
4. Burning red, burning til' death
5. End of an ace
6. World wide war
7. Scars of battle
8. Every nerve alive
9. The wrath
10. Escape from the light

1. Awaiting the kill

The madness awakens, the hellfires blazing
From unknown dimensions he hails
His resurrection, his thirst for redemption, christianity infidel
The sinister being, attacking the fleeing
His labyrinth a black putrid sea
Nothing is sacred, and nothing is holy
For death will be dealt unto thee

For generations he has slain, damning souls for satan's reign
The number 6 is chanted thrice, invoking the Anti-christ
From the depths he will arise, sending fear into their lives
Seeking blood and craving flesh, comsuming 'til the very end
Wails, and howling in the darkness, screams echo through the night, beast lurking in the shadows,
death summons
Awaiting the kill!!!

Loathing and fearing, and screaming and running
There's no place to hide or ecape
Ghastly creature, his sadistic reason
Death, doom and torment is your fate
The ravenous demon, will seek his next victim
Your body will tremble with fear
Frozen with horror, paralyzing torture
Your punishment will come severe

He dreams about the night he died, his burning at the stake
Denial of feeble god, repetnance he forsaked
With vengeance he is hunting, for eternity he will slay
All that is sacred, all that is holy
Cursed forever, they shall never rest!!!

Killing and burning, impaling, destroying, disemboweling lambs of the cross
The end is calling, your savoir is falling
Eruption, final holocaust
There is no escaping, the beast is awaitng
Annihilates with one fiendish strike
You can't defy evil, his power to lethal
Determined for the final fight

2. Dai Hachi Jigoku (8th great hell)

Can you hear the growling. The moaning from below
The vilent gnashing of the teeth, the cries begin to grow
The demons have awaken, they've come to claim their throne
The mortal lives of those who cheat, deceives they will stone
The pain forever lasting, the mental torture cruel
The burning flesh, the smell of death, the punishment for fools
The skies are raining acid, the molten lava red
The fury of the elements, your final prayer unsaid

Its time to serve your sentence, fear running through your spine
Your body frozen with a numbness, cries from the 8th gate of hell!!!

Stand before the mighty judge, for justice will be served
Your soul is ripe for damning, 1000 deaths deserved
Your body starts to tremble, as the judge stares in your eyes
Impalement for eternity, your soul will never die
Your limbs torn from its torso, the ritual begins
Staring at a lifeless corpse, the terror never ends
No mercy or forgiveness,no pardons for the damned
No one to hear your silent scream, a tear will not be shed

Death forever lurking, the end willnever come
Your fate forever hanging in the putrid bowels of hell
Deadly gas devours, the toxins fill your lungs
The choking death, the burning flesh, to him you will succumb
A slaughter of the traders, for he's the abattoir
The executioner is calling, demon at your door
The reaper has arisen, the hellish demon strikes
He trusts his blade into your flesh, he'll take your soul tonight

3. Death, judgement, fate

The final war the final stand, his revelation is at hand
Death is knoking at your door, your worthless soul he's coming for
From the darkness he will rise, bringing fear into their lives
Slaughtering the lambs of christ, the mortal servants sacrifice

Death, Judgement and Fate, at the masters gate
Before the judge you stand, pathetic righteous man
He will fall, from his throne, the blackened servants of the night will take control
A thousand deaths, you deserve, there's no escaping sentence will be served
He starts to sweat, his body aches, the rider of the blackened horse has sealed your fate
On you knees, you will plead, on your day of judgement there is no mercy

Infernal legions storm the earth, their evil prophecy gives birth
A fallen angel leads the way, from the pit he's come toslay
Fires rage the waters rise, christianity's demise
Heed the powers of the black, viciously they will attack

He mounts his famished horse, with hades close behind
His sword in hand he summons beasts, with pestilence he will ride
His triumph is at hand, he leads you into death
There is no place to run or hide, for this your final breath

Born of heaven, riased in hell, burning cross the demon's spell
Angels lying dead, decayed, the prophecy immense dismay
Pandemonium arrives, broken hope and hole lies
The faithful masses gone astray, everlasting suffering

4. Burning red, burning til' death

Empire falling, the end drawing near
His final mission, with nothing to fear
To die for his country, empowered by pride
On the verge of defeat, he must change its tide

Desperation human weapon, vowing to die for his flag
Into fire he will fly, the emperor's orders obeyed
Sacrificial suicide, as he takes his final dive
Burst the flames the bitter end, wnds divine
Burning red, burn 'til death

Blessed by his saviors, his last drink in hand
Possessed with his mission, for his final stand
Bound to his duty, engraved in his soul
Death won't deter him, from reaching his goal

Flight of the zero, it's his time to die
Bomb laden aircraft, determined he flies
Speeds of the runway, and into his fate
Striking with fury, the heavens await

5. End of an ace

A harden warrior, converges on the fields of fire
He holds his heea high. For victory his only desire
Pursuit of power, his fight 'til death spirit alive
Steel inferno reign, a soldier of the highest caliber

50 tons of steel, forged to kill
Indestructable, iron will

Inferior foes, shall suffer at the hands of the elite
They run for cover, but theirs no escape and theirs no retreat
Allthough outnumbered, he surges into the enemy force
Unmerciless will, engaging as fake takes its cours

50 tons of might, forget to kill
Invulnerable, undying will

A clash of steel, with violent retribution he strikes
Without a warning, a conquerer who preys by surprise
Unparalled soldier, the final episode of his reign
Steel inferno death, the legayc passed down to this day

Guns of burning might, warriors fate
Steel inferno reign, end of an ace

6. World wide war

The keepers of the free world forces, the orders we accept
Defenders of humanity, the weakened ones depend
A warlord has arisen, ruling with an iron fist
Slaughtering the non-believers, the terror must be met

World wide war, for combat we descend
World wide war, we fight until the end

Deadly havoc, genocidal, exterminating man
Massive graves and ethnic cleansing, apocalyptic land
Threatens to consume the masses, the boiling point is reached
The superpowers at alert, bloodshed shall never cease

World wide war, with violent force we strike
World wide war, our victory in sight

A call to arms, the time has come, the tyrants overthrow
Striking with the force of thousands, a violent dealy blow
Air superiority, the seas we dominate
Nothing shall deter our progress, for victory our fate

7. Scars of battle

All is calm as we charge the hill
Situation is volatile
Mortal fire, machine gun burst
Makes me wonder, will I die first

Scars of battle
These horrors rage my soul
Scars of battle
These deadly dreams of war

Orders head for the fighting front
There's no clue, what's ahead of us
Lifeless tanks, death litters this place
Makes me wonder, is this my fate

Raining steel, skies are raining death
Destroying all lying in its path
Mangled armor is burning red
Bodies smolder, will I die next

8. Every nerve alive

Fight...we live for the clash, valor...our honor is law
Fighting elite, we are bred to kill, ready to strike
We will attack!
With the power and force, we walk through death
Releasing the beast, every nerve alive!!!
Burn...destroy with no remorse
Slay...without mercy we kill
Bound by blood, we scorn defeat, destined to conquer
We will attack!!

The weak we shall crush, the chosen shall fall, infernal elite we shall rule
Sending the feeble, back to their holes, fanning the flames of the damned
For battle we're bound, entrenched for the fight, the menacing power elite
Wave after wave, blast after blast, the human death toll will arise
Death shall arise!!!

Power, possessed by our might
Glory...our heads held high
Victory in sight, we scorn defeat, bred to kill
We will attack!!!

9. The wrath

Apocalypse upon us, the age of fire is here
The world will burn, it's evil's turn, satanic rule is near
The omen lord from years that passed has risen from his grave
A thirst for war that never ends, the blood shall spill again
His hunger ever yearning as he searched for his prey
An appetite without an end, with knife in hand he slays
The master of the underworld, the darkest angel king
He'll take your life and steal your life the beast immortal king

Lightning and thunder will strike and the hammer shall reign
Son of the damned, child of the wrath
Lightning and thunder will strike as the slaughter begins
Chalice of blood, flows through his veins

The fire burning in his eyes, with vengeance he awaits
Lurking in the darkness for another soul to waste
Preying on deceivers, preying on the lambs of christ
His fiendish howl church through your bowels, its time for you to die
Your god he does not listen, so there is so need to pray
You'll smolder for eternity, to whither and decay
He stands within the circle as he walks the fiery left
Devouring, annihilating children of the lamb

The maggits shall awaken, they are crawling from their nest
To feast upon the fallen souls, a banquet of the flesh
The flames they will consume the liars, choke as they await
They look into the mirror as the beast chooses their fate
You will burn for all etrnity, impaled upon a cross
He'll tear your limbs and gnaw your bones, for his ecstasy
The sinner cries, the sinner dies, there is no god to forgive
Eternal life, eternal death, you will never rise again

10. Escape from the light

I close my eyes blind to this world
I'm falling into darkness, surroundings are unknown

My mortal life's gone astray, I'm moving through this lifeless void
Tormented mind and soul, a dream of my own holocaust

Drifting in a blackened sea
There is no sign of life, a soul cannot be seen

Children of god you are thieves, you stole my childhood from me
Sermon of lies and pain, memories of everlasting hate
These mental scars remain, I rose above your agony
Existence I detest, infernally I blaspheme you

Born unto faith, forced to obey, righteous and holy desire
Burden with grief, eternal belief, never to question his word
I choose to die, that live your lie, leave me to drift in this sea
The damage is done, forgotten son, infernally io blaspheme thee
Anger and pain, emotional drain, unanswered prayers far too late
Given you all, only to fall, the knowledge and lessons I've learned
Escape from the light, into the night, bound for my earthy return
I will survive, without a god, I will decide my own fate


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