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"Demo 1" (2002 Demo)

1. Control From Above
2. Worst Enemy
3. Moment of Hate
4. Concealed Truth
5. With Mind I Fly
6. Ascension Earth
7. Against the world
8. Witch Hunt

1. Control From Above

Part of the herd from the start
With no chance to choose
Thru the years you are shaped
Own Will begins to lose

Ideas and motivations
You think they are your own
Carefully planned in interest
Of those you will never know

Live your life in the grip of unseen Hand
Something is missing but you don't know what
Day by day you receive the transmissions
You don't realize you're under control from above

Sudden impulses of anger
They didn't calculate
It's the price of their control
One day it could be their fate

If one is strong and Wise enough
To see thru it all
Will the others follow
Or just stare at the wall

(Solo: Manne)

2. Worst Enemy

Setting me traps inside my brain
A sudden flashback triggers the shame
I'm not in sole control here
When everything else is well, he appears

Caught in a loop in the middle of the day
Nothing I try can make it go away
Who are you and why are you here
If I had the power I'd make you disappear

On the surface there is calm
But inside there's a storm
As I battle the Worst Enemy

I live my life in a haze
You would surely be amazed
If you knew my Worst Enemy

Silent for years, giving false hope
But then again in the dark I grope
What if I give all my control away
Will you then show me the light of the day

Rising doubts
Horrible thoughts
Caused by the Worst Enemy

Do you think this is right
Every day is a fight
Thanks to you, my Worst Enemy

(Solo: Manne)

3. Moment of Hate

Noble dreams fade away
As I realize I'm not any better than you
Hateful words I hear myself say
What is left after it all is thru

Through the red haze I now see
The true side of me I will find
And I know I'd go for your throat
As well as you'd go for mine

Trying to hold back
The animal side rising in me
A moment, a split second
That will permanently shape my destiny

(Solo: Manne)

Excitement in my Veins
Morbid Need, burn the bridges behind
And I know I'd go for your throat
As well as you'd go for mine

Moment of Hate, true side you will find

4. Concealed Truth

Unseen Objects
Out on a voyage
Observing this blackening sphere

Reluctant messiahs
Implanted with knowledge
Struggling to overcome their Fear

Truth is in fragments
Messages conflicting
Unclear is the purpose
If there is any

Don't let us know too much
Just keep us guessing
Another cruel test
In the hands of destiny

Wait forever
For the big Revelation
No saviour from the sky
To reveal the secrets

(Solos: Manne/Rape/Manne/Rape)

We would like an easy answer?
As we're on our own
A figure of brilliant light
Preventing us from going down

Just a tiny spot
Out in the great blackness
We'd like to think we're not alone

In growing madness
That we created
Powerless to change on our own?

Wait for the answer
To know the destination
Lost in the search
Of the concealed truth

5. With Mind I Fly

Lying in bed at night
Vibrations take over my body
Try to not break concentration
Noises, electric feeling surrounds me

Could it be this time I will succeed
Free of the fear I will now proceed

Suddenly I feel separation
Strange to look oneself from the outside
Learning the trick to control
The Astral body and eye of the mind

Other planes of existence I will see
Guarded by strange entities

With the mind I fly
Astral wind guide me tonight
Learning things not meant to man
Will I ever be the same?


This journey has went on for much too long
Guided by my instinct I still carry on

With a jolt I then return
To this mortal world
Was my journey all for real
Or just a trick of my mind?

6. Ascension Earth

Cataclysmic visions of what is to come
Haunting me within my dreams
So blackened we are yet long way there is to light
Our incompleteness is revealed

What lies ahead what will remain
There is no place to hide
Reckoning Day the lies revealed
In the blinding light

Time is running out for this way of life
Change coming not far ahead
Frightened masses no way there is to prepare
As "they" appear to descend

What is our fate what is our place
In the masterplan
Hard to accept, hard to obey
Give away the crown of Man

Watch as the Chosen, enlightened ascend
Levitate to the light above
Face the masters for now it is revealed
Gods of destruction or gods of love?

No going back to what was before
Commence the man's rebirth
Future rewritten for ages to come
On this day of Ascension Earth

(Solos: Rape/Manne)

7. Against the world

Thrown in the mud, mortified
And blackened for all to see
Still rising defiant, not ready
Yet to accept destiny

Went on too far,
Went on too long
All the pain
Only making strong

Mocking voices silent, eyes
Open wide in disbelief
Was not meant to happen
Not to rise again far stronger to see

All the lies now
Finally crumbling down
Reveal what's beneath
Seeds of hatred sown

Resist, defy
Discredit, endlessly lie

Don't stop now you're too far
Go on until the end
Traitors and disbelievers
Didn't count on someone
Fighting against the world

Winds of change are blowing
For the unprepared they're harsh
A new day is dawning
Light shining far

(Solo: Manne)

8. Witch Hunt

Shortminded ones in control
Planning to keep control of our fate
Now they have decided
The next thing that is evil Incarnate

It is happening like before
And your time is running short

From their ivory towers
The command is clear
Burn, Witch, burn

Hypnotizing masses to obey
Chanting with fear
Burn, Witch, burn

A staged trial then begins
From the start you see no chance to win
Thinking they're doing a great favour
As they are cleansing the world from sin

Looked upon in disgust, taken away
No-one listens what you have to say

This is their view of justice
This is their view of the world
A world where you have no place
So you have to burn

(Solos: Rape, Manne)



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