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Issue #1

"Issue #1" (2004 EP)

1. Walter
2. Lightning of Gods
3. Evolution

1. Walter


Just another fucking monster
Just another ugly monster stuck on your face
Just a beautiful disaster
Mimicked and mirrored in your own hate

It all
Home alone

Can't you just see this is everything
Stuck in the blood of the ignorant
Wasting away
Something to say
Being against this awful war

You and me
can't you see that we're all stuck inside this awful war

Some like to fall
Some choose to never see the other side of the wall

2. Lightning of Gods

Surrounded by sounds my ears bleed in a silent accord with harmony to defend an army of me from systematic discrepancies a child that learns is a child that sees all that you had in store for him

Upon a field a fire rides
Pours the pixies side by side
Tone deaf in breath in heaven lies

The being of our now and then proves existence from the sun centered in a universe conglomeration where my body knows it's home and I see the skies above where I think therefore I am, where I think therefore I am

3. Evolution

I cracked the code
To my own demise
Vacated my will, walked high and blind

And when I stripped
My face to you
Lined up to be the first fucker skinned

Just pull down the flow axe attacks with the grinding mass of the hollow pointed straight at your headless knowledge source beg forgiveness shitting shorts clean the drawers fuck the rehabilitated voice shrieks with pain played insane clown posse to get your back and fade to black and you'll jump up in the air again

Suggesting creation was the fall of us all
Suggesting mutilation could grab a hold

Drop the boot to your skull back to the flow of the sheeted cage played rage of humanities falling pride to decide what's wrong or right censor me fuck the clean version coming out more mature with more force then all the rest protect your neck like a bullet proof vest again


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