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The Eternal Fall

"The Eternal Fall" (1990 EP)

1. Burnt Identity
2. Female Infanticide
3. White Gallery
4. Pits of Utumno
5. Eternal Sanctity

1. Burnt Identity

burn your illusion in agony
the meadow of death is your fate
sawing the seeds of corporality
even in your dreams you hate
chronical ferelity --betray
mass insanity -- obey
trapped in a conspiracy of cruelty
mesmerized by fear
caught in your master's mentality
to rest your life - here
awaken - mishappen - varisious minds
so afraid his subculture will climb
tortured by a medical vice- endless disease
tragic confusiob, burning your thoughts
undead messiah is grabbing your throat
what you believe in, is what you've been told
permanent disease, you now beheld
save thyself in resistance
respect the last offers of your life
beneath the bequest of existence
is no reason to die

2. Female Infanticide


Born at the Indian Ganges side
death laughs, because your mum's legs are open wide
drop down, guilty soon you'll be
a senseless piece of meat wich is going to bleed
toy of the gods, old religion's law
accept the fact that life turns into gore
living a life people don't understand
massacred, beaten to death by an old fanatic land
decay of human pride
in a womb you cannot hide
so better close your eyes
female infanticide
fall deep - onto the dirty rotten ground
the ship of life decides to let you die
peace they never found
pull out of the warm and lovely hut
father judging over you: eyes forever shut
bones melted to dust, the whiplash rises high
you're breathing out your inner life
humanity begins to cry
megagenocide, mankind they derange
a ritual that will never change

3. White Gallery

you feel the nearness of compulsion
slow creeping fear inside of me
no reason, to escape the assault
no reason, to break with the world
no more twisted illusion, or are they real
born to a second illusion, to kill yourself
white gallery
no reason, to escape the assault
no reason, to break with this world
why don't you pull me to death
take my hand and rescue me
escape from an obstinate memory
illusion of death comes slow
remember yourself in fear
distortion of life so near
it'd be the wrong way to fall
burried in my own privacy
locked out from humanity

4. Pits of Utumno

flames of hate - gates of love
the good decays when he arrives
halls of hate
slaughter, genocide
halls of death
my gory life
dungeons of misery
pits of utumno
death is approaching life
lifeless creatures come into existence
corporal death - emptiness inside
the undead will lead a distressing life
sacrilegious action, the dark side
contempt in death for humanity
ragged carcasses shred threads of life
the insane, cold blooded, march to die
obscure cycles of plinacy
fair hollowness screaming in their skulls
dusk falls while shadows are extending
darkness constructed - blasphemy of life
halls of hate
strength of madness
halls of death
no sense anymore

5. Eternal Sanctity

the environment strangles the weak
radiation kills the strong
fade away in nuclear winter
final death comes from inside
leftover humans must survive
greed - no boundaries
reason is obscure
the eternal sanctity
synthetic beings conquer
human counter disapears
struggling for a new life again
germs populate the world
no respect in this nuclear time
cries die away


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