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Resurrection Absurd

"Resurrection Absurd" (1989 EP)

1. Dictated Deliverance
2. Travel
3. The Afterthought
4. Selected Killing
5. Lies of Distrust

1. Dictated Deliverance

in times when life is so absurd
nobody plays the cure
in times when people die
these methods are obscure
building the new memorial
brining the truth of death
mishappen creatures warning
misery is blessed
increasing misconductions
these rules to overturn
overzealous progression
the house of justice burns
corruption of the misrule
misguided is the peace
permanence of destruction
security seduce
sedition of nuclear waste
cast into former days
pawnbrokers of the new death
early bird of this earth
freedom selection
the ultimate day
death wishes you to obey
dictated deliverance
no time to stay
delinquent society

2. Travel

pine away in this cold box
penumbra passing by
this rookery of undead souls
romanticize the truth
save me from what is left to be
the tartness of my death
save me from what is left behind
the underground excess
select more bodies for this game
unconscious they will be
dedication of this life
the tourist will be in your mind
minds are lost in
counterclaims of insanity
death unfolds his wings
despicable agony
your first self
forever gone
now respect the last words
you said
frozen into this adorable block
structure of mind decays
still waiting for a new life
to use more morbid ways
twisted, that limbs of
this passed life away
cut the strings of death
to stridency
born into a new world
filled with death
now you can't escape you
have to rest

3. The Afterthought

4. Selected Killing

You have no choice between left or right
'cause your own birth was your fate
blocking your mind, the truth is so clear
a life in hate you get it here
it's this disease you now obey
no hope or cure it will go it's way
captured in a social misery
the consiousness now you see
kill all the others
make them bleed
feel like a hero
greedy about victory
do the work now
that has to be done
create the pain
the time still runs
blow out their lives
god's on your side, be satisfied
when their guts are open wide
think about the glory
you soon will get
it doesn't matter
that others pay
take it into your hand
time to get cruel
for that you stand
slicing the flesh
practice selected killing
looking in the face of death
quit your life in blood
you rest - violent world
you know
death comes for sure
and slow
the end is there
you soon regret
a wasted life
and horrible death
you rot away in agony
and bounded freedom
that's what you see
the other side was too fast for you
the same ideas they believe in too
an ugly bullet
sticks in your head
it stops right here
now wake up death!

5. Lies of Distrust

problems which come depressive and slow
will they tell us the truth
masquerade of a security world
a world that is abused
clearhead in a public domain
a walk into afflication
distrust sets the world afire
send me to a vacation
there's nothing more to say
in this time of lies
trust will kill the potency
and bring you to defy
unbidden - uncreasing destiny
a news that is select
unmasked - unbeaten liberty
distance that will be expect
a never ending lie
from a ship that reaches the shore
loosing all the hope
of people there is a nevermore
walk back into a time
where thoughts are never free
that will be your last chance
dont believe what you see
the expectation of you life
is forever lost
clouds of darkness that decay
into an everlasting dust
sent into a world of terror
to earn the highest price
born into a world of death
life on earth - so nice
spreading the unknown disease
mankind is well sick
selecting what we want to hear
free speach will kill
lies of distrust - control our ideas
lies of distrust - ferocity appears
lies of distrust - make people scream


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