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Enemy Area

"Enemy Area" (2001 Demo)

1. For You Too (Late)
2. And All...
3. Take the Chance
4. Area of the Enemy
5. Doomed

1. For You Too (Late)

Neither dead, nor alive
Your end's here
Soon you'll die
Won't be short, fight with death
Now it is for you too late

Now you die slowly
Now you die in pain without mercy
Now you will suffer and you will fucking bleed to death
Now begins the conquest of death, plague and war

2. And All...

Walking through chambers of blood
Walls of fire and ice
Soul is empty, mind is dead
Crawling and screaming, losing life
Twitching your body
You're about to die

Now the darkness rules your life
and all feeling shall find it's end
No existence for you are dead

Slicing the knife through sinew and bone
Blood is running over the floor
Your time counted, no return, no way back
Eyes become white, same as your skin
It's getting colder
It's getting dark

3. Take the Chance

Over there is the key
To finally end your life
Kill yourself, take the chance
You're displaceable
A little crawling worm
Unable to express your state
You should make an end

4. Area of the Enemy

You will never find me
I soon will be your enemy
Walking the temple of cowardness
You drawn in your blood, eternally...

...walking the area of the enemy
And the darkest hour of your existence:
You feel the cold blade of darkness
Slicing your heart
The creatures of the past
Are coming, following, growing
To hunt you 'til your death

5. Doomed


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