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Doomed to Suffer (privileged to feel)

"Doomed to Suffer (privileged to feel)" (2003)

1. So This is Life?
2. Signs from the Sorrowhearted
3. La Sommeil et l'Èternitè
4. After Realization Comes Despair
5. To All the Seven Seas
6. Wreck
7. High-Proof Hell
8. To Believe

1. So This is Life?

One turned to stone and now decays
One left alone, is now erased
Done is mine, will bleed once more
This is your turn - take care of your own

I can hear the screams from your heart
Do you feel grief's deadly dart?
When all beauty turns to ashes
Then I can feel the screams

Doomed to suffer
Doomed to live
A cross I bear
And they call it life

Perished, dead and cold
Perished and broken

As if lava burns my hope
it feels when the screams are breaking out
I'm no more able to do anything
Pride and courage pull on different strings

Doomed to suffer
Banished to live
Feelings are no more
"So this is life"?

2. Signs from the Sorrowhearted

Just take my hand and I will show you
the opposite of your life
You will see your past in ruins-
with loathing you'll remember
This was my life? These were my deeds?

In time you'll see I'm possessed by the hunger
for life, although it lets me die - slowly
The sharp blades of death will meet me too
Sometimes I hope for them to come soon

I need to know how to love, so take my hand and show me
Take my life, take my needs, take my heart and change me
I need to know how to love
So take my hand and show me
Kill my fears, destroy my doubts,
fulfill my needs and love me

Sign, just give me a sign
Swallow your pride and I'll be there
Noone will ever part us
The sign... now give me a sign

The will to live, the need to love - both are still alive
We have to meet again - eye to I, face to faith
I have to see you again, oh , how I yearn for you
Have to feel you again, I yearn for you

Never say die...

3. La Sommeil et l'Èternitè

Alcohol burns in my blood
The thought of you is tearing me apart
Where now is empty space
Once you guided me
The hand once held mine is gone
and with her its pleasant heat

Darkness above me

This shall be the end now?
Where is the hope now gone?
Just give me a trial and I'll soon be done
In this beautiful light you're looking like a queen
Into the dark of the night is where I go to die and dream

I am nothing, I am no one
There's no way out of this black hole
I am nothing, I am no one
When darkness covers me and fills my soul - no!

They all gave me nothing but excuses
And in my eyes you're no exception
First an a experiment, then I'm useless
This is the bitter taste of desperation

repeat third verse

Darkness above me

4. After Realization Comes Despair

What mean these words?
Where do they come from?
Dreamlike, still real
Like through a veil of smoke
I know If I refuse to accept, to understand
It won't hurt, it won't hurt

Can't believe (in) these words
But I can't deny the pain
I've to accept that it hurts
Cast my eyes down ashamed
I lie to myself
It helps
I cannot stand the truth
Save me

Going insane I refused the damages
already done
Going insane, too confused to see the rescue
too far gone
Going insane, can't believe
Going insane, it's achieved

5. To All the Seven Seas

What is hell?
It's heaven you can't share with noone
Wallowing in a kiss...voluptous relicts of the language of paradise
A nonefeeling masquerade, a satire of how existence should be
A grubby gloomy picture, white and black
Painted by the ones born dead

Your soul tells of deepest scars
from your hated past
Once tormenting, now forgotten
The illness of the souls is soulless

Your soul is save, forget the past...
Wounds, healed by time, remain as scars
Rid your mind from the spirit of grief
The illness of the souls is coldness

Lifeblood is running through my veins
I bring eternal light...
To cross the gate of envy and hate is to win an unwinable fight

Lay astray the fear, embrace what you do hold dear
Victory by forgiving, all you ever wished is near
Share your hell, to heaven it leads, share your heaven...
let me be part of it

I'll take you to the sky, to all the 7 seas, into the light
It's yourself of what you should be pride

6. Wreck

You can feel her, it's yet untold
When she appears sorrow will unfold
With dark cold eyes, hair long and straight
she feeds my fears, what she leaves is human waste

You shouldn't dare a look or you'll be captured by her might
"Will you say with me 'til dusk here by my side?"

With loathing, now even knowing, that I won't resist
I take her hand to mine and thenI put me on her list

Her lust was overwhelming
Her passion deep and wild
Nothing could get in our way
As we dived into this night

When she leaves she leaves a wreck
It happened earlier than I did expect
I knew I long before
This one's in vain, a waste of time

When she leaves
She emptys you
She sucks you dry
And leaves the pain inside

7. High-Proof Hell

It begins with lustfull greed
Takes its end in endless pain
My body's approaching the collapse
Deep inside a scream...a scream for help

Drowning in it's ravishing vortex
I feel myself blown away...blown away

The solutions seem exciting and
they surprise me with fear
Usually I hear my laughter
but sometimes I have to taste my tears

Is my mind clouded, what may they think?
They think they know me well
They think now I'm not myself
But do they know (that) this liquid's art
is to make it possible for me to talk throw my heart

Give me all your pain...all your pain

Purgatory in which I fell - I can't escape this high-proof hell
Purgatory in which I fell - I just can't escape this hell

8. To Believe

Now by my side you can count on me
believe my words, you're my safety

Your sorrow is mine, we live in a dream
No more pain, nor fear
Together - no more tears

So close to me - your hand is guiding me
No value for what they say - these are our days
One laughter and a gentle smile
for the ones which believe in/the lies
We stand high above, eternity's not long enough

Your energy is feeding me
It's the power of life and immortality
No more will I hide from them
I wait and smile while they feast upon my flesh
Flesh and blood

Your energy in me, it's feeding and it's hypnotising me
Never will i feel this pain again
It's just a kind of mental gain... mental gain

You are the one which leads me far from danger
Thy shall be done, let the power be here forevermore... forevermore!


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