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Thrash Ranch

"Thrash Ranch" (1990)

1. Posse of Doom
2. Medicine Man
3. Why Is
4. Blood From a Stone
5. Who's to Blame
6. Wasted World
7. Games
8. Greasy Funk Chicken
9. Last Breath
10. Another Pretty Day

1. Posse of Doom

2. Medicine Man

It's day break
Your head feels like lead
You need another fix
To feed your head

Medicine Man
Stealing your soul
Medicine Man
Losing control

You'll beg, borrow, steal
Sell your body at will
The madness runs deep in your veins
You could kill
You just drop a hit
Don't know what you'll find
You feel so alone
You're losing your mind

Medicine Man
Losing control
Medicine Man
He's stealing your soul

Terrors of your mind are coming
Out with every trip
Dealers they exploit you they don't
Give a damn if you live

Deadly needles penetrate your
Tracked up hurting skin
You don't care about yourself
As long as you get it in
Screaming terror rushes through
Your veins and to your head

When it's over you'll be lying there
Wishing you were dead

Madness, rules you there's nothing you can do
Death, follows you waiting for you to give in
Suicide, tempts you you're just not yourself
The end, closing in but you go and get your fix

3. Why Is

People in the streets
Fighting for what they all believe
They don't care that what they spread
Is nothing but disease
Racial fighting because we all
Don't look and think the same
Prejudice is not a joke
Or just a silly game

Why is, there so much hatred between all mankind
Why is, there so much prejudice that we seem to find

Has no religion, color, race or creed
We are all just people
If we cut, we all bleed
No one has the right
To judge or even cast a mark
Our prejudice will self-destruct
And leave us in the dark

Why is, there so much hatred between all mankind
Why is, there so much prejudice that we seem to find

He's black
He's white
Don't see why that's cause to fight
We're sorting out the human race
Because we all don't have the same face
I see
Our fate
Children growing up to hate
Teaching them to hate each other
Because of race or creed or color

Our god
His name
Might not always be the same
I thought God was a God of mercy
Not a God of greed and hate
The hate
We taste
Will slap us all back in the face
Because violence doesn't solve a thing
It only kills the ones who use it

Why is there hatred
For other men who are not all the same
How can this happen
Bearing its mark on the world is a shame

Who are they fooling
Everyone thinks that their race is the best
One day they'll realize
That they are just all made like the rest
Why is there racists
Polluting the minds of the world with their shit
Saying they're saviors
Forcing humanity to quit

Why is

4. Blood From a Stone

Lyrics not included in liner notes. Instead liner notes say "These lyrics have not been printed to protect the guilty."

5. Who's to Blame

Don't try to tell me I'm to blame
For something you should hold the shame
Don't try to tell me I'm the one
Who pulled the trigger on your son

Couldn't you see them
Giving depression a fight
Didn't you listen
Or did you think you were right

Don't try to fill the world with lies
You know you should have seen it in their eyes
Don't try to say it's what I do
The only one to blame you know is you

Didn't you say it
Tell them you cared about them
Didn't it matter
You might not be able to tell them again

Don't you know it's you you're the one at fault
Because of you their lives came to a halt
Don't you see because you didn't want to give
That's why they didn't care and lost the will to live

Crying for attention but you did not care
Now you want to hear them but they're just not t here
Wishing you could hold them have them by your side
Wishing that it wasn't because of you they died

Don't try to say that it was me
Who caused you all this misery
Don't try to say it's what I said
You know it's because of you your son is dead

6. Wasted World

The earthquake shook and buildings fell
Was the earth's way of saying go to hell
Rain storms and floods of tragedy
Mother nature said don't tread on me

A wasted world, destroying the land
A wasted world, who gives a damn

The sky was filled with haze and smoke
Big business felt it was all a joke
It's called progress and industry
No more clean places for us to be

A wasted world, destroying the land
A wasted world, who gives a damn

Our leaders let them get away
They all just cared about today
Tomorrow now will never come
Now as we die one by one

A wasted world, destroying the land
A wasted world, who gives a damn

7. Games

Ruthless leaders
Ruling people at their will
Washing their minds
Telling them who they should kill
Children with guns
Marching off to fight a war
No one even knows what they're fighting for

Games of war, what's the score
A life of fears, filled with tears

Thousands they die
But the people still can't see
Told lies, brain washed
That their God wants it to be
Breeders of death
Wanting everyone to fight
Killers of peace
No one knows who's wrong or right

Games of war, what's the score
A life of fears, filled with tears

No one here thinks or cares
As long as they're not killing theirs
We're a sick society
Killing off humanity
Wars are fought but never won
People die and people run
It's no secret it's plain to see
Man is his worst enemy

Heartless rulers
Look but nothing's left to see
Who won, who lost
The ones who lost are you and me
Machines of war
Tools of evil and of hate
Mankind has lost
A second chance is much too late

Games of war, what's the score
A life of fear, filled with tears

8. Greasy Funk Chicken

9. Last Breath

Your life will pass before you
Reflection that remind you
When you're taking your last breath
There are no disbelievers
Atheists or blasphemers
When you see that it's your death

Don't think there's good or evil
That saves or corrupts people
You think it's all up in my head
Don't think there's hell or heaven
Think life by chance was given
But you'll realize when you're dead

It's such a shame
To think when we die
There's no place to go
In the ground we will lie
There's no atheists
In a fox hole
When we face our death
We believe in our soul

Try to explain
The beginning of time
With science or physics
Or a logical line
Saying we can't pledge
Our flag in our schools
Because the mention of God
Breaks the rules

No one is saying
To practice religion
But we all know there are

Other dimensions
So when we die
The truth will be said
But so many of us
Won't learn until we're dead

Think God was all created
To cope with the world's belated
You think it's all an acient trend
Think life is our only existence
Disbelieve with full resistance
But death is a beginning not an end

10. Another Pretty Day

All alone in the street, with nothing to eat
A life filled with pain, left out in the rain

No job no school no life financial fool
Who cares left out a failure without a doubt
In streets they live no one stops to give
People with no homes the world has left them all alone

Damn shame we can't see we all have no sympathy
Have eyes but we're blind we choose them all behind
The young the old left out in the cold
Torn minds that cry we don't care if they live or die

You don't know what to do
We've turned our backs on you
So wake up to just another day

The world has let us down imperfection bound
You're short of mental health first comes our wealth
We fear of being broke on our greed we'll choke
We see you sick and I'll want my fill
Your hearts they hurt and bleed but we're filled with greed
We choose to lock our doors what's mind is not yours
We are not about to share not about to care
Just think if it were you what would you do


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