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"Warfall" (2002)

1. Rise of Dawn (Intro)
2. Eternal Battle
3. Prophecy
4. The Path
5. Might of Magic
6. Rebirth of Evil
7. The Forsaken (Instrumental)
8. Warfall

1. Rise of Dawn (Intro)

2. Eternal Battle


Naked steel glides right through them
Departs their body parts
Blood fountains spread like newborn rivers
As steel freed its way
Holy steel six foot long rides through their hearts
Devouring, devouring souls

Come and praise the glory of war
Ursuper to Death himself
Come with me let us show forth the path we go
Unbound misery
We are the truehearted heartless ones
Eternal winter rules us

The first time I holded this weapon of mine
That my father gave to me
I felt this spirit through and through
That makes me lead the war eternally
As time went by I gave up to count
All the men died by my hands
I followed the call truly and willingly
Through endless battles and sieges

Rise of dawn appears on the horizon
Ambassador of death
I start shiver deep inside
I am ready for the slaughter

3. Prophecy


War !

War ! War against heaven's, carried out on earthly ground
Raise ! Your warlord is calling
Unite in battle with the master of earth
Fight ! Satanic Trooper, feel the might that is gifted to you
War ! This is a crusade
The crusade by the sign of the inverted cross

I'll do all for Satan, I'll bow before Satan
Raise my sword for Satan, give my life for Satan

Blackened hordes rising over Paradise
Slaying down the Christian armies
Leaving nothing, but havoc
Feather storm
Bloodstained feathers rain on bloodstained ground
Let all white turn into blood-red

I will kneel before, raise my sword for
Give my life for, I will die for Satan

Endless rivers roam from the Firmament to the Abyss
Slowly they move like magma streams glowing and boiling
Each drop that arrives may raise the might of the hordes
Who darely freed the spring that spits forces
Never to be understood
For the river that ain't one though it flows on and on
Consists of Angels blood

4. The Path


They have always been behind her
They made her life a torture
They made her believe she lost all her rights
They told her it were best to commit suicide

She has always been an outcast
She has always been their scapegoat
She lost her believe in the god of love
She is burning out the path that she was living of

She has always been thy daughter
Chosen to destroy the laughter
She carries out thy unholy fight
She is thy hand to be victor over light

5. Might of Magic


I speak a prayer to the Dark One
Inviting thou to be my guest
I don´t fear you demons
For I am your kind
As I ride on the wings of magic

Leading myself into deep trance
Bounding myself to the tide
I don´t fear you Satan
For I am your child
As I ride on the wings of magic

With symbols and signs I reach the gate
That leads to the mighty ways
Transforming my breath into fire
Symbols and signs are the gate
To the way you have to walk alone
That then leads to the mighty way of magic

I don´t fear myself
For I am free
As I ride on wings of magic

6. Rebirth of Evil


In that mystic circle they meet
Nightfall is what they're waiting for
Fire's burning in the center
Lights the obscure ritual
Ages they've waited for the right time to come
Moon's position had to be right
Mighty is what is born out of this
Antichrist's birth
Terror's return
Out coming evil
Ritual is done
Years we've been waiting for

7. The Forsaken (Instrumental)

8. Warfall


Damnation of starfall
Cos God closed his rotting eye and the other one's blind
Terror and tears in a land once so peacefull and beautiful
The earthquake chaps chasms that spit out hell
Chaoscreatures slaughtered Solium's son
Shed a carpet of the blood of his subjects

This is the warfall this is the battle for death or life
This is the warfall and it got nothing to do with war for territory

The old gipsy woman saw it all before
She tried to warn them she said
This is the warfall this is the battle for death or life
This is the warfall and it got nothing to do with war for territory
They called her a witch and crucified her

Chaosson born of damnation's breath
Quench his bloodthirst with human flesh
Darklord's breed send out doom
Won´t take a rest until bloodwork's done
Until warfall's done


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