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Wrong Life Philosophy

"Wrong Life Philosophy" (2007)

1. Biblical Bloody Testimonies (The Storm And The Falling Of Jerusalem)
2. Requiem For Ideals
3. The One, Who Saves Me
4. The Burnt Thoughts Of An Outsider
5. Damned And Scornful Pandemonium
6. Implicit Faith
7. Distorted Reflection Of The Consciousness
8. Lamia Voluptuous (The Priestess Of The Nocturnal Goddess)
9. Triumph Of Sinner

1. Biblical Bloody Testimonies (The Storm And The Falling Of Jerusalem)

We've rushed in; in blood's sweet taste

And in smoking wounds of the skies

The flags with indifferent arms were flashing

And the hysterical prophesies of The Koran

Were cited by some mad unchristian

......I've slashed him while reading Our Father......

Then I looked round; among the living

In misty light

The dead were marching

And in their empty eye-sockets

The triumph of the dumb was gleaming

And finally they did arise and had their revenge

The sparkle of steel

When the crooked blade meets the Teutonic sword

The shields all cut in pieces you feel the foam at your mouth

The image of the sun becomes obscure in thick black smoke

“Oh look at them who call themselves the soldiers of the

Christ!” - exclaimed the hermit turning pale*

Then some battle-axe had smashed his scull

And some grey-haired creature was riding through

The battle's clash and moan... and pain*

The troll it seemed to be

The one from fairy-tales and nightmares

And he was galloping in the light of fires

I stepped back to the wall; and vomited on corpses and on Bloody lakes*

But then again I saddled up

Calm madness did entwine me

Somebody hit me in the heat of passion and to the ground I fell

And in the furious and violent fire

My mind has found the eternal peace

And so I had this awful dream:

I saw that I was carrying some human flesh to the Savior's Cross

While blood was dripping on the foreign land of Palestine

And there where these red drops had fallen the tangerines did grow.

I looked at the Savior's gloomy face I knew He felt some pain

His blood did frighten and oppress me

And then He said "It wasn't I who asked you

To spill the blood of men, to settle this bloody score with them...”

Why did we give our lives in the golden sands?

Why did we kill, rape and slaughter?

Why did we bring in this city?

The Biblical Bloody Testimonies.

Infamous is our crusade. A bit of evil we tasted

We've brought in the hellish goat in town

God isn't in icons, God isn't in churches

But in strange talks and burning candles

God vanishes in the bloody war...

He keeps on living in the troublesome dream...

2. Requiem For Ideals

Blood has thickened on my hands

It's an omen

Satan's army filled the sky

Somewhere the ears are reaped...

The ears of indifferent darkness

The whole world it will devour

Triumphant it is

The group of imps suck blood with vampire lust

The earth, it's bloodless victim

Slowly kisses the ground

Wrapped in a web

Satan is weaving with his needles

A landscape of chilled dust

The dirty block is towering over it

Scorching in eternal fire...

There our souls burn to the ground

Turning into cold snow

The ferocious volley of Lucifer's guns

Stiffens our last days with cold.

The impetuous wind

Scatter our ashes about the land

Every evening

The snow is weeping and our world is drowning in dark

When the Earth was enfolded in darkness

The black cobra of retribution was rushing about in the skies

The bloody dusk was glowing, the Earth did feel it well

When the sleepy town was kissed so hot with the fire of Hell

There are abandoned graves where cities used to be

Church crosses are covered with adust blood

The power of Evil over the world rises to the skies

And the beast eats it's prey entrapped but still alive

3. The One, Who Saves Me

...Who'll drink the holy water of truth?

Who'll save me with the power of faith?

Who's mocking at my fate?

The one, who saves me!..

He's watching us from the height of his greatness

But never notices the mortals

By fires the night is illuminated like day

And we don't know that He knows us

...And our death is nothing but another step to


Only the Black Angel will weep for us

Only Lucifer will tell about us

My sword - a razor blade

My knots - the branching veins

My time is righteousness of battle

In the space barred with walls

The sun is blossoming above the skies

And writing letters with the clouds of spheres

These letters they are filled with tears and laughter

With pain and torment

The wicked dreams generated by boredom

The understanding of death saves

When the fear of life devours me

And the insularity of space disappears

When my sword splits these branches

I feel the power of the insight - when he saves me

All my doubts will vanish - when he puts an end to my


When suffocation comes

Deceptive phrases emptiness

When you feel the indifference

The mask of the face

When you yield to temptation

And you fall down from mountains' high

You’re hearing the bitter truth

Betraying your dreams forever

My heart burns no longer...

...My past is nothing but vanity...

Do shine the stars, the rulers' tears!

Oh, Satan has mercy upon us!

In the hands of fate

We crumble like clay

At the dreams, at the rage, at the fury, at the wrath

My mind is laughing, my flesh is outwitted

Do shine the stars, like gold

In your desire to crash my consciousness! ...

Who'll save me with the power of faith?

The one, who saves...

Extinguish the hopelessness of life

The one, who saves...

When suffocation comes

Deceptive phrases emptiness

That's when I realize

The happy ending of death

4. The Burnt Thoughts Of An Outsider

My burnt eye looks into emptiness

The ptomain lump in my throat

In darkness I won't find the thread of time

And people's looks they stab like a knife

A ruthless town, a smothering crypt

The music of streets like a glass of filth

I suffocate, I'm tortured and blind

But I won't break though I'm so tired

My soul with me shall remain

You want to destroy it but in vain

I'm nothing here I'm stranger here

Like this forever it will be

The filthy town's grey shade

Devour my flesh, won't take my name

I crave for where is the end of day

Where the smoky wood sleeps under the star haze

The Night wearing a wolf-tail necklace

Silently treads on the blue ice

The glowing moss is in bloom again

Caressing the star with opalescent light

Witch's eye on the smoldering skin of Earth

In sparkling ashes, in thicken blood

In the grin mouth of burnt skies

The silver inverted cross rise

Blood awakes the dead

Giving to them the new youth

Chained eternity walking the world, seeking the truth

The church is unable to heal the pain

Won't destroy the fear; with blood will asperse

The new-born Dark

The howl of hungry wolves, the cry of tortured bird

Them I add to the pages of long ago, the words which will never be heard.

5. Damned And Scornful Pandemonium

My honour, my love, my virginity, them I leave for the past

I leave my kindness and my faith for the sake of Darkness,

Blood and Wine

In the brazier's fire I purify with blood dripping from the blade

I'm no guest here everyone's my equal and all of them

Deserving the black wreath

I choose lust, evil and rage; with hatred I shall fill my flesh

In my yearning to end my life never will I see my old age

I will be lonely in my grave while worms will part my flesh from bones

Unaware of soul immortality they were born from the handful of ground

Thrown on my coffin

I will be lonely in my grave and promise to this flavored ground

This weeps under the shovel’s stabs

The gift of silence

The fragrance of heavenly gardens

There's nothing more I need

The dark beyond the grave, the heat of hellish fire

Such death the dearest one for me

I'm ready to be doomed and cursed

But when my final hour comes

To meet the black-winged one

I'll feel the pity that I couldn't save myself

But perhaps I will have last second to enjoy the fading light

Follow me into the darkness and beyond

Entrust yourself to me and feel the pain

And shoot your arrows into NOTHINGNESS

While swallowing the bitterness of tears

Please make no barriers on the eternal way

Here love and hate forever are entwined

In the depths of boundless abyss

The human being faded away in its misery

Hyenas ransacking in darkness, snakes twisting in grass

You see the light deep inside

There, in the pool of the Moon the vault of Heaven is hiding

These blurred dreams...

The wood...

In silence do close your eyes

The Death thunderstorm will sing for you through the darkness.

6. Implicit Faith

Every story has its life and its filth

Quarrels after sleeping around, fake love

Aggression, cruelty to one's neighbour

Killings, violence, blood

Pray to gods if you like

Listen to their speeches if you wish

Stay silent and believe in what you want

Shut the door if you feel like it

The door that leads to lies and darkness...

Go all out if you want

Bear your Cross if you like

Live in silence if you wish

Turn the demons out of your body

Fire is rear seen here

Beyond the clouds

Humans, abstractions and creatures

Are moving to eternal Chaos

You may not trust me

Believe in rainy days

You can drop off in dream

Believe in vainness of razors

You may not be holy

Believe in weariness of battles

But don't be hollow.

Go forward if you like

Your soul won't fade away

Something they will reap

Those who sowed their toil

With this faith in your hands

Run through darkness and fear

Through thistle and mud...

Just don't fall!

7. Distorted Reflection Of The Consciousness

Fancy that you are a mirror

The world of reflections is your interior

The distances of living half-measures

The play of the ghostly premieres

An eye of the multivariate caves

Your body is distorted mirror

In your wish to find some common sense

It has devoured itself

in an attempt to know the world

Wake up, look at the reality

Made of mirror-like fibers

You'll see the distance of the matter

The mystery of open windows

You'll see your look and realize its meaning

You'll repeat all your movements

You'll reflect your mind and hear the thought

Shivering in the snare of doubt.

Disfigured by consciousness

Devoured by existence

Your new body

Will become an attention itself

The Chaos has perceived the stir of the soul

The world has touched you

The reflections are disfigured

Everywhere the plane is distorted

The form of reflections is distorted

Only finding some sense

In the new sphere of knowledge

You'll know yourself!

Distorted mirror of the universe!

A dream and reality in one

Don't look at it

It is fake, the disfigured law.

8. Lamia Voluptuous (The Priestess Of The Nocturnal Goddess)

You drink my love from the cup of life

With every drop my blood flows down

The dance and flicker of the candlelight

Your look does promise me some carnal pleasures

Your hands, they offer nothing but winter's cold

Your lips bring misery and death

...And arrows of your words keep stinging me

We are alone here. The snowstorm is raging outside my window

Moran is wandering about the empty streets

But this cold and evil night

Gives no quarter to virgin loving hearts

Forget about your home, your friends and everything

That sees the light of day*

Do welcome darkness in your soul

And see the sorrow, sadness, the even stride of death

Oh do forget all other maidens as I'll lay down for you...

You promise but next moment I'm deprived of it again

And weeps with wax the fragile candle

And with its tears my will does fade away

...Oh, come to me. And give me all your blood

Do give me all your doubts. Your freedom and your dreams...

There's nothing that I feel now but coldness of your lips

And in my heart you stab the needle of your touch

The pentagram of a five-point star will go out

In ice-hole falls my corpse.

Your tender, sensual body will take its energy

And still you're singing:

This night, my gift to you

And let me drown in your embrace

Your kiss is sweet and dear to me

The sweetness of his blood

Caress me, pull yourself to me

Let me feel the pleasure of the orgasm

Love me with your servants' bodies

Let my body tremble in spasms

Of closed legs

And these lips will give birth to a scream

Oh, night, I'm your faithful bride

Your daughter and your lover

The darkness will dwell here

The light is left for saints

So she did sing. And tender were the notes

Born in nocturnal symphony

The snowstorm covered everything with shroud

The moon's disk shimmered so heavenly depraved.

9. Triumph Of Sinner

Yes, I’m sinful

These days I would prefer to candles in the church

Meridians of love

They mark my world so black- and- white

My face is stoned with arrogance

I won’t accept defeat

But only before Lord

Will I kneel reluctantly…

And bitter impudence will flash

The eyes of this lustful Madonna

And the Angel sighs in grief

And boldly says: “The guilt is yours!”

Yes, I’m guilty…in the way I lived

The sanctity was never mine

Yes, I’m guilty… Yet I was so evil

Merciless to myself at times

The prayer was my rear friend

I did so not to cleanse my soul

And not to God but Men I wish to bring my flash

And in the fire of Hell I walk with no fear in my eyes!

But even there in Satan’s lair I will not cry but smile!

You are not to judge me for

I don’t want to be what I’m not

I’m not the saint…But still…

My death… Oh Christ…Oh Satan…

You’re shouting: “Chimera!

How dear you think of God?”

And what are your God and Faith?

The crosses on your necks and tombs?

Yes, I’m sinful

These days I would prefer to candles in the church

Meridians of love

They mark my world so black- and- white

Yet everything is ready for us There…

Why should I beg for mercy?

For I won’t be judged by you’re…

And equally I will not kneel before your!


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