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"Inconsonance" (1997)

1. Foolish vision ?
2. Angel´s decay ...
3. Irony
4. I survived life
5. Hallucinations
6. Intimate sacrificies
7. 11 days

1. Foolish vision ?

I shut myself in my agony I walk about my body
I look in to the brain there isee a door a rusty look
I´m in vain looking for the key files of used-up paper
Cluster of words thougt of black genius
Merciless foundings nailing my strength on someone
Cross someone else´s hands rearing up over my body
I don´t know what is it they want
I feel sorry for them don´t understand them don´t they know
I don´t feel pain i wish I could help them for their
Blindness positive lying chanses to negative
Am I an idol I know someday I´ll raise add go my way
And they will still be rearings up their hands
I don´t care about them they mean to me
A realization of my being as being
My idea should be protected but they don´t understand
It I accept their foolish vision I´ll become their idol
And somy ideas will be hypertemporal and one day
They´ll be perhads even understood
Now: I´ll be an idol I´m idol !!

2. Angel´s decay ...

3. Irony

I hate you but I thing I love
You and that´s the end tension lasts a long time
Disdelief lasts a long time hypocrisy arrived
Fear is bigger and stronger uncertainty dreads
Certainty repulses
We´re passing alone in our selves we are our treth
And something we cry I love you but I thing I hate
You and that´s the begining
A bare artery passing art fascination it self
Depresion ...
We´re wondering with succes in our selves we art
Looking for a way certainty ...
Uncertainty ...
We´re looking for perfection does it exist at all ??!!

4. I survived life

I thing I wanna kill you do I hate you ? I don´t love you
Shoulders are sharing are you crying ?!
Listen it never am used me infact to sit to stare
To listen I dreamy about something else better
But everythink stayd the same
Life is only about emotions in fact
And we´re able to do everything for it
And than we´ll remember it long time forever
Sometimes I´ve such feeling
I thing it might ...
No No No
Daily I get up I go to sleeps
The sun is the same wind is the same
Clouds turn grey but I can´t still believe that I´m alive
I survived live
So who got who ?
So where is got ?
He got killed ?

5. Hallucinations

Have a drink and make an end to the pilgrimage
Across the heated desert lustrous sand
Runs thought among finsers ( your ) and one
Of your senses talizs to a beautifull flover
Blood on your eye - lids has alredy got dry
And I don´t wanna frighten dreams
As you are coming in to darkness
You´ll never see the midday sun every
Morning feeds your soul vain hope that
Tomorrow ...
Until one day you´ll get to where shadows
Experrienced the truth and consecration
Doesn´t belong there than you´ll
Recognize what ? Sorry I don´t know

6. Intimate sacrificies

I have no eyes ... But I cure myself alone
Buterfly´s wing and skin of scales
Black and red are my future
I´ll stay in sin and dirt I´ll not wash it out
Yet from my soul
Your time for freedom has come
You have toughed my hand
It´s as cold as whole body it´s a dream
Draw of your concience
I´m leaving forever and still turning back
To survive a day ...
I don´t want crying after death
I don´t want your intimate sacrifices
So what do you exactly want ?!

7. 11 days


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