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...More Than Hate

"...More Than Hate" (2001 Demo)

1. Pieces
2. In My Life I Fever
3. Homicide
4. 36781
5. Once I Met Them
6. Heartless

1. Pieces

I hide it in my mind
Covered deep inside
Ripped with scathing blade
But the pain remained

Veiled by dreamy haze
Carved in my face
In pieces of mirror
Defaced portrait grows

Sound of distant words
Threat of a mourning curse
And bitterness dwells
I feel it in myself

I cant hear it comming
Knocking on the door
But I lost the key forever
No, don't fear me anymore

2. In My Life I Fever

Whirling around
All was slow somehow
Yet in volant cadence
Easily passed by
I watch my life from outside
Beholder of time
This feverish lunacy
All this I´ve seen out

No concern to fight
And no need to hide
Everything will find me
For I stend behind

Delirious senses
I have a sudden fancy
Fantastically night
I call on Faraway places

3. Homicide

Watching the night sky
That unique sight of mejesty
Vagrant celestial thoughts
Rescue me from future

I remember the mornings light
Days that don't wither
Beauty replaced dusk inside
Restlessness rules in me

But today I walk another way
My life is full of thorns
Little understending for me
On the edge of separation

Tears in your eyes
Your body by my side
Is dying away
I clutch your heart

Drought in my throat, sweet
Cold and empty receptace
Silent cry in your voice
Time passes without soul

4. 36781

Of sick fiction
Game of lust
Is lost

Time is coming
And you are in
Lines of drumming
Now !!!

With teeth gnashing
With head smashing
With hands thrashing
You are now !

What does it mean
It´s so obscene
The words you spoke
I take as a yoke

So go to hell !
Farewell !
Now takes my turn
And you will see me Burn !!!

Corridors of the innocent
Relatives of the victims
Absolutely unknown ones
Wake up my endless anger

Primitives who can´t understand
My reasons, my doing
Roaring vulgarisms at me
Driving me insane

And conclusion
End of all his days
Fear is growing
As he´s going
By last of his ways

5. Once I Met Them

Face in face, all as one
No diference, the samesigns
Same features and one soul
Night creatures, nothing more
One by one, they arised
Out of fen, to my mind
To my mind dark as coal
Mad vultures, nothing more
Here and there, blackened gale
Ravens high on the sky
Despairing eyes open wide
Voidly staring to the night
Hand to hand, caress slight
Waith for end, turn off light
I felt them, so nearby
Gave my heart and declined

6. Heartless

Hourglass inverted
You´ve been given a gift
Count your days again
Initiated into power

Fear of lost emotions
Mortality is close
Coolness replace feelings
I´m using all advantages

Obtained devine providence
I don´t waste emotions
This is what I learnt
My ego´s on charge

Farther from misleading end
My traces are running to
I don´t regret anymore
I took I needed - or even more ?


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