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"Paingels" (2006 Demo)

1. Onwards To the North [intro]
2. Athean
3. Angels of Pain
4. Soulset
5. Lament of the Hopeless
6. ...And They Die...

1. Onwards To the North [intro]

Onwards to the North!...

2. Athean

Could i ever put my trust in
One I can’t see?
Hope for the truth of some old tales –
That’s not for me!
I am one that can’t believe in anyone:
Not yours, truly, self-sufficient, Athean!

Pre-Ch: Your voice gives me shivers of indifference –
my ignorance comes, at times, as such a bless.
And, as some may find beauty in your darkness,
I still fail to feel any warmth of your carress…

Ch: An arabesque of shadows draws your face on the ground,
They hear your voice in every sound;
But to me you’re just emptiness and silence –
A barren echo of a fading trance…

When your hand falls down upon them,
They all give in…
All around me lives by rules
I don’t believe in…
I am one that can’t believe in anyone:
Not yours, truly, self-sufficient, Athean!

3. Angels of Pain

When we descend, your knees we bend –
A symphony to your bitter end.
Wings uncut and eyes wide shut,
We seal your doom; hopes turn to dust!...

The bounds of pain broken – I was reborn of pain,
An entrapped angel was I,
Ages of suffering, of silence and grief
Have chained my soul to the night.

And given freedom, I sought to seed
The myriad truths of life, yet again,
In mortals’ laments, in their despair,
For I'm an angel of pain!

Ch: You’re lost forever and drift away,
No room for revelry, no light to fill your somber day…
We bring desire, you fall apart –
A beautiful phoenix lying wings broken in the dirt…

We saw the seeds of your disaster,
Oh, pain breeds such poetry!...
As muses for your dark inspiration,
So blessed are we,

4. Soulset

Silence covers all
Like snow, in constant fall,
Life made whole
In my soulset…

Bended to the form
Of the ending storm,
Embraced, adorn
Is my soulset…

And, as I fade,
My body has laid
A dark serenade
To my soulset…

No star alight,
No angel in flight,
I melt to the night
Of my soulset…

Ch: And then all the shadows awaken
Impatient, to witness my fall,
And all bonds with life are now breaking
For this is the ending of all and the set of my soul!...

5. Lament of the Hopeless

I’ve been set adrift by all this fake reality and all those lies,
By mild hypocrisy, half-pleasures and madness in disguise…
Always forced to choose between some lesser evils, I have closed my eyes
And fake-believed the stone to be melted ice.

Ch: All those lies, all those lies you’ve been revealing to me,
All this pain, all this pain that boils in me,
All this time, all this time I’ve wasted trying to see
Through this old veil of misconceptions and deceit.

…Lament of the hopeless…

Oh, but now i know my struggle’s pointless and my pain is here to stay
And I believe there is a way to get through all dismay:
To embrace and bend, to blind myself, to rot with this decay –
You all pathetic hopeful, let me drift away!

6. ...And They Die...

…And they live! And they think they’re so pure and so deep;
And they believe they’re so just and so free;
And they see all their sins mirrored in me…
Do they have the right to throw the stone at me?

…And they die! And they see all they’ve believed in was a lie;
That there’s no kingdom of heaven there up-high,
No long-lost friends waiting for them in the sky –
Only friend is the cold tomb where they lie!

…And they go! And they turn into dust, silent and slow;
And where their souls will wander and roam – no one will know;
And it is there, where they’ve once fallen, that others will grow –
And it all repeats just the same, on and on!...


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