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"Innerfall" (2005 Demo)

1. Darken My Grief
2. Between The Cradle And The Grave
3. Paradise Lust
4. Fragmented
5. Misanthrope Lovesong
6. Abendlied (instrumental)

1. Darken My Grief

In your dark-velvet eyes, deep silent skies are awaking,
Seeding the grief with every belief they are breaking,
Clinging to my every piece even I dare not see,
Deeper and deeper and deeper… deep into me…!

Darken my grief beyond belief!
Darkened by grief and blackened by sorrow
Beyond belief!

In those deep, silent skies in your dark-velvet eyes I am shrouded,
Searching for light, I find myself, oh, so clouded
Among raging, storming tempests I cannot tame…
My fallen angel, what is your name?

2. Between The Cradle And The Grave

The cradle!...
The life I live begins to end -
Just death is slowly veiling up my dreadful past,
There’s nothing I can see before this moment and, at last,
Time has lost its meaning - am I dead?

As cradles swing my hopes up high,
The graves await for me to lie,
The hourglass has turned again
For one last time, onto the end!

Happiness won’t last forever -
It is shorter than a dream…
Death, my friend - it has no beauty,
It is not what it may seem.

Many tears have fallen in silence for my life,
There’s still a hope for a new beginning
As my past is lost, to pain me no more…

With the light of a cold and lonely star,
I engrave my epitaph in the four winds from afar!...
The grave!...

3. Paradise Lust

I speak in wounds and not in hollow words,
You answer tears - the purest of all springs,
I write with dreams that cloud the mind and hurt -
This paradise lust and the joy it brings…
Barons of the barren world of flesh,
Slipping through the sleeping agony,
Rotten to the core, but smelling fresh,
Lost in a lust that should not be...

Then all stars have fallen as a veil upon all hopes
And my dreams, so faded - they tremble in their rust…
A mere ghost, haunting limp, looking for a life,
To earn the place of the angels in this paradise lust…

4. Fragmented

Distorted to your resemblance
I'm here to build one thing of me for all remembrance,
But then I, for one, am pieces apart --
A strange monument to your weird sense of art...
Small fragments with a hint of grand,
A twisted puzzle that strives to be beautiful in the end!...

R: You are the one that binds me together
Of all the shards that you conceived
And gave me a fate to struggle forever, here, in chains,
Or, at least, that's what you've left me believe!...e...

5. Misanthrope Lovesong

I’m but a prisoner of my own body
And of your petty misbelieves,
I lack the loathe born of your stupid pride
But still I hate that it’s the same air that we breathe…

Hate… breeds… from within…
With all its strength…
It will… arise…
I hate, therefore I am!…

Slowly but firmly your minds are rotting,
Just as your bodies - you’re walking beasts…
You write those poems of love and beauty
Just to disguise the fact that they do not exist!…

I can’t hold my dear ones beside me forever -
They fade too early, they perish so fast,
But I feel eternity clung to my hatred for you -
I’ll have my vengeance at last!

6. Abendlied (instrumental)


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