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Fist of the Northern Destroyer

"Fist of the Northern Destroyer" (2002)

1. Fist of the Northern Destroyer
2. Praising the Self
3. Doll of Darkness
4. Ribs of Virgin
5. There Comes the Day
6. Goat - Creative Alienation
7. I Have Seen...

1. Fist of the Northern Destroyer

Purging fist of the northern destroyer
dominates with force
tears down grotesque synagogues
Culture of Zion was never meant to be here

Bringer of misery
to those who oppose
Fist of the northern destroyer

Bringer of torture
to those who don't fear
Fist of the northern destroyer

Islamic plague raising
Spreading it dirty seed
Violent Intolerance as reward
For their holy secret war

Bringer of death
to those who don't run
Fist of the northern destroyer

2. Praising the Self

No god
no religion
no race
no culture

No nation
no state
no collective world
Praise the self

I glorify myself!
I satisfy myself!
I am not lower than your god.
I am setting the rules of this existence

My reasons do not need
to look any more rational than his.
My reasons do not need to be explained
one bit more than His

3. Doll of Darkness

Haunted by Sad Thoughts
Embraced in darkness
Doll of Darkness
Under the Spell We Created

Vulnerable Soul
Under Dark Surface
Doll of Darkness
Broken Under Black Spell

Painted Tears Are Replaced
With Desperate Agony
Lust For Sadism
Hatred Crushes Flesh

Broken Soul, Abused Mind
Destroyed Living Corpse
Doll of Darkness Destroyed
Victim of Sadistic Cult

4. Ribs of Virgin

Pure untainted flesh
tempts the mind
feeds the carnal lust
and carnivorous urge

Taste of sweet meat
between Ribs of the virgin
Charred remains of the skin
soft meat of the breast pulp

Pure untainted flesh
from ribs of the virgin
sin for pleasure
kill for nourishment

5. There Comes the Day

There Comes The Day
When The World Falls Down
The World We Know Today
World The Human Rely On

There Comes The Day
When religions Fall Down
Dreams Are Demolished
Last Drops Of Hope Betrays believers

There Comes The Day
When Ideologies Fall Down
Order Turns To Chaos
Man Forgets His Humanity

There comes The Day
When Streets Are Colored With Blood
And Burden Of Humanity
Is Left Behind

New Page Of History Is Turning
In Domination Of Panic And Terror
Brothers And Sisters Killing Each others
Showing Direction Of The New World

Then Comes The Day
When Man Becomes The Beast
Realizes Basic Instincts
Of Survival Through Hostility

6. Goat - Creative Alienation

Black shadow of Goat
Follows behind
When walking far away
from herd of human

"As he shall separate them one from another,
as a shephard divideth his sheep from the goats.
And he shall set the sheep on his right,
but the goats on his left"
(matthew 25: 32-33)

Refusal to run
with the flock
Not to be herded
separation, act of own will

doctrine of misanthropy
creative hatred for the herd
goat behavior
not living with the sheep

7. I Have Seen...

I have seen the god
when world went in decline
When kill of the man
was committed under shadow of the cross

I have heard the god
when cries of child suffering
reached our damned ears
but nobody was to care

I have smelled the god
when victims of gruesome murders
rotted deep in the vast forests
half eaten by beasts

In the mind of weakness
something touches those souls
who crave of power and might
of immortal power

I have touched the god
when pulling out the knife from believer
I have found god in myself
looking for desperation of mankind in amusement


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