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Blood and Cum

"Blood and Cum" (2002 Demo)

1. Tool
2. Blood and Cum
3. Raping Baby Jesus
4. Autumn Burial

1. Tool

I command you now
The spirit that you possess
Is made only for slavery

Self destruction, self annihilation
Following to the final destruction
The tool you represent for me
Is tool to make black plague infest

Human rats and worms
Self destructive weapons
Who will tear wounds
Which will never heal

2. Blood and Cum

Another slash on the flesh
Seek blood for the master

Another bruise on the neck
Death rattle is gospel for the ears

Worship of death
And trophies of human flesh

Gratificatin in dead fetish
Blood and cum
Blood and cum!

3. Raping Baby Jesus

In scent of animal feces
Barn in land of jew
From blood cunt of Holy Mary
Miracle infant rises

In dirt and sweat of men
After spilled blood
And urine from cunt bearer
Clean and pure infant excites

Victim of carnal atrocity
Now tainted forever
Raping baby Jesus
One after another

4. Autumn Burial

Darkness slowly replaces light
In a cold autumn night
In rainy streets victims wait
To be the chosen one

Bacl hood over the head
Painful hit sending consciousness
To deep dreams
Corpse stuffed inside black body bag

Deep inside the forest
In the middle of nowhere
Unconscious human body
Thrown inside old wooden coffin

Hole on the moist ground
Filled with the soil
When shovelfulls of dirt hit the coffin
Victim awakes
And reveals his misery

Victim in wooden Coffin
Six feet underground
Screaming in fear
Waiting for suffocation

Nightmarish visions
In the absolute darkness
Suffocating stench of moist soil
Painful spams on the body

Secret graveyard
Full of rotting corpses
New victim each year
In autumn burial


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