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Cephalectomy/Bound in Human Flesh Split

"Cephalectomy/Bound in Human Flesh Split" (2005 Split)

1. The Spectre, the Madman and the Undying Corpse
2. Resurrection Injection
3. Dellamorte, Dellamore
4. Sanity's Final Requiem
5. Chainsaw Homicide
6. Zombie Children
7. Cold Dark Hate
8. Souldead

1. The Spectre, the Madman and the Undying Corpse

The axe-weilding madman
The undying corpse
The grasping spectre

As i have grown so has my fear.... The cold in the back of your mind...
The knowing that it is all coming to a very slow and agonizing end
That that feeling is no longer just a shiver but something realized

The grasping spectre
Its petrifying touch
Was how it all began

The night she came to me, in my dark hallowed hall
Like a fogs fading mist she entered my vision
With a cold sweep of her arm lay her hand upon me

Pain filling my ears, i fell to my knees
Blood from my nose, salty to my lips.. Screaming!
Numbing cold penetrating my very entirety
Suddenly she was gone, my mind numb with ((eerie shock!))
Since that cursed night she has often come to me
Sometimes in fear, sometimes in sorrow.. Screaming!
There is no way back, i'm loosing grasp on myself
Madness steps in as sanity's hold begins ((fading to black!))

I sought solace in others.
Those who may help her cease
The compasionate caring friends
A devoted father of the faith
The ever observant brain shrink
They have all failed!

She comes to me at night
Here in my tiny padded cell
The caring compasionate friends
The devote father of faith
The screaming never ends!
They have all failed!

In this sanitarium.. In this jacket
He came to my bed.. I lay strapped
The empty eyes of dementia promise me salvation
Through the pitch forest.. Fleeing the jacket
We run endlessly.. No longer strapped
Through the whipping woods she came to me.

No longer in fear and no longer in sorrow but now filled with rage
I could do not but collapse, in agony and fear
My ears filled with blood, my eyes with white pain
I have nothing more for her.. My mind is shut
Through endless woods i followed my releaser until we could run no more
We stood in the dark, desperately gasping for breath
The moon illuminating, only forms of shadows
He was watching me, intently with a burning gaze

"She is making me do this, she brought us here.. A curse upon your soul!"
The gleam of steal caught my eye
How beautiful it is in the moonlight
"The touch is her curse, foolish bastard!"
It is in his hand
The axe weilding madman
I must flee!

Through woods and whips
Run blind in terror

Quicken your pace
No need for haste
The man behind you
Will hack off your face. (repeat and on the second time sync vocals for last line.)

Death follows closely, with no reluctance, for the work to be, done on this relentless night
The grasping spectre
The axe-weilding madman
Footing gives way, to the wet forest floor, as i grasp for a, hold to right myself and escape
The loathsome spectre
The death weilding madman

One axe to the back
Its relentless attack
The man behind me
Lunatic of her making
Slowly i am set free

As i had grown so has my fear. The cold in the back of your mind
The knowing that it is all coming to a very slow and agonizing end
That that feeling is no longer.. Why will death not set me free

A curse upon my soul
No freedom in death
The undying corpse

There is no release...

2. Resurrection Injection


Returned from Austria with knowledge of regeneration. A mentor dead from causes unknown..
The prize medical student arguing the ideas of life, time and death. Labeled as a witless kook.

Dan Cain.. Mad doctors roomate..
Megan Halsey.. Roomate's fiance
Herbert West.. Giver of Life!

The reagent must be perfected. The dead are not happy to be waken from their eternal sleep
Experiments must be performed.. Subjects must be found and the living must be re-animated!

It all began with his roomates very dead cat..
Upon being issued with reagent kitty gets cranky
And tries clawing out the good doctors eyes
Dan returns home to help subdue his fatal feline

To the morgue they venture
In search of a fresh corpse
The unhappy zombie rampages
Killing the rather unhappy Dean

Things have gone terribly wrong.. Carl Hills jealousy shall be his undoing
With Carls head living head in a pan.. Megan has been kidnapped by the madhead

A host of corpses to inject with the glowing green life serum
Dr. West and Dan must destroy the living dead to get her back
In the ensuing orgy of gore megan is left mortally wounded
Dan has lost his rational mind.. Megan must be re-animated

Returned from Austria with an unsettling knowledge. Terrible happenings at a medical university
Experiments have been performed. Dead have found life and the living have found nothing but death..

3. Dellamorte, Dellamore

At a certain point in your life, you start to realize you know more dead people than living.
At about this same point, you also start to realize you will do anything for true love..

His name is Francesco, engineer of the dead

The Buffalora Cemetary is plagued by unsettling circumstances in which the dead rise from their graves
Francesco is not alone in his quest to keep the dead, dead. He is joined by his mute assistant Gnaghi

Keep them Dead!

It was the Cemetary.. Her husband dead, her weeping at his grave
He found love there.. He found her alone
It was over his grave they found each other
Marble Orchard makeout.. Sex on her husbands grave
He is not dead. Upon escaping his tomb he finds her neck

She has been destroyed.. The only woman he ever loved
To the grave with her.. To await her impending return

Endlessly he waits until finally she rises from her tomb

Its not her.. She must be silenced as Gnaghi understands.

Set upon the living in states of lucid dreaming he lashes
Taking the lives of those who languish

Beseeched by upswings in buisness he toils restlessly
All the while returning the dead to the ground

She returns to Francesco as someone else
Leaving him with heartache and impotence

Gnaghi finds love with the mayors daughter
As she flees with her love on a motorbike
They meet a fiery end with a bus of boyscouts


As Gnaghi finds love with the severed head of the mayor's daughter
Francesco claims to have found love once more with a college student
No love.. She was a whore so she paid with her life in a fiery hell
Gnaghi looses his love to a gunshot when she kills her poor daddy

Back to the cemetary.. Lines of the living blur with the dead
No love to be found.. They must leave Buffalora
What exists of the world beyond this place?
Marble Orchard massacre! The deaths were mine!!
There is nothing.. Nothing left of the dying place for them.

Drive as far and as fast as you can
Until you reach the edge of the world

At a certain point in your life, you start to realize you know more dead people than living.
At about this same point, you also start to realize you will do anything to escape reality..

There is nothing..

4. Sanity's Final Requiem

Ive the smallest recollection of
humanity and the grace of men.
Before everything fell into darkness

fell into darkness

I awoke into a nightmare

Deafening screams filled the petrified air

Chaos lurked through my senses

As i rose to find the source of the resounding confusion
A vision raced before my straining eyes
A shape in the dark, but not a form of familiarity
I fled through doors to find not but havoc and maelstrom

There was men and women filling the streets
Only to be ravaged by dark shapes of beasts
Rivers of blood raced through the city artery
Lit only by the occasional city light
Running and racing i fled through scenes of death
Only to find explosions as gas tanks found fire

As i awoke my eyes burned with light
A pain upon my mind of horrid dreams
Yet as the brilliance left my eyes
I found horror in what i saw around me

There were bodies upon bodies in the streets
Ravaged by those dark shapes of beasts
The city's artery caked and stained in blood
I quickly withdrew my sight and lost all control
As i grasped my head in my hands.. screams
I lost track of existence as horror raged all around

It's all gone.. existence!
Nothing left.. armageddon!
Spawn of hell.. took it all!
Chaos grips me.. the name of god?!

My mind has found utter fucking hell!

I've the smallest recollection of
sanity before they came here
Before the day hell broke loose

As i taste this cold steel..
Such be the fate of men that day
When the bowers of hell rose up
The fiends shall have their vengence
All that remains.. Sanity's Final Requiem

5. Chainsaw Homicide

6. Zombie Children

7. Cold Dark Hate

8. Souldead


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