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The Tenebrous Journey

"The Tenebrous Journey" (2007 Split)

1. Conquerors of the Barbican
2. In the Wake of Darkness I Shall Rise
3. Torn Asunder by Revenge
4. Tuhast T�us
5. Mu Langenud Vennad
6. Through the Forest

1. Conquerors of the Barbican

We pursuit to pay our devoirs
Raise arms against thine foe
Invasion ceased our lull souls
And red fury is a pleasure bestow

we march onward vast green hills
facing enemy and destiny
With wind in our face and hair
and with red in eyes

they cease and desist
A life of Heathenish rites
Too ceased and desist
The wherewithal to survive

We shall raid
We shall Invade
We shall burn
We shall conquer

Slay and leave no life left
Over throw the barbican
Dethrone the tyrant
And make way for our Rites

With sword and axe We cut the weak
Hold blades to the sky

A pouncing war cry only death awaits
March to our fate by flames of hate

Fortress burns followed by hope
The dead rise like smoke
No one knows what judgement
Has brought to this death

We shall defeat
We shall slaughter
We shall conquer
The barbican

2. In the Wake of Darkness I Shall Rise

This soul is shrouded by a curtain of night
From the darkness the soul was forged
Destined to overcome the spent and
triumphant in a monumental victory

Where the light battles shadow
Between two worlds mismatched and distant
Strike my sword into the earth
Embracing the flood of tenebrosity

Eternal cries carried by night winds
Too cold for human ears
Tell of the secrets and strength, I hold
And the kiss of wrath I bring

When cold harsh morning winds blow
glare of darkness takes its leave
It is from here my strength comes
Billow of hardened tears and lost faith

Invisible blanket silent and distant
Once worn by men who were great
It gives no light nor owns
But still leads me through dark

Only I know this strength
That of shadow and death
Only I know from where it comes
In the wake of darkness and night
It comes to me and gives to me its might

Rewarded with eternal darkness
Driven across their land
A strength in my hand's palm
That crumbles to the dust
from which I was born

3. Torn Asunder by Revenge

Steady rythem crashes above the horde
While thunder hammers the heavenly sky
These steel clangs tell of parted way
the silence prowls the profuse war

And since revenge forces through I
Its anguish will prevail me
A bloodlust led conquest be proud
Will leave me torn asunder

A soul verged to annihilation
All but a merciful creation
My kin first lost in battle's mist
Dark agonizing birth of fury exists

The times become dark and dreary
Now I will celebrate my destiny
My soul, a soul that burns in steel
and finally left torn asunder

Abutment of the enslavement
In the Nights of Bloodhunt!
The stench of anxiety
with these hands not yet stained

I become even with mine enemy
Would be in my honor comes victory
Inflicting pain with my strength
My revenge will leave me torn asunder

Deep undivided hatred
No sword nor spear can resolve
Cool fertile soil set me free
Now smashed and decayed, my soul

The work of giants shattered
In my glass kingdom No heroic blood remains
With shadowed rage born over time
I am left but torn asunder

4. Tuhast T�us

5. Mu Langenud Vennad

6. Through the Forest


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