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Ascendan Moon

"Ascendan Moon" (2004 Demo)

1. Awakening the Moon
2. Sunset Crimes of Passion
3. Medieval March
4. Moontrance
5. Light´s Satire
6. Ode to Shadows of the Lights

1. Awakening the Moon

2. Sunset Crimes of Passion


Driven by light and enchantments of horror
May her wings carry my skin over thick woods
And my blessed father remember me as I once were

Sons of archangels beholders of justice
Wrapped around blessings and morbid fire
They have all let me into nothingness

She came to me like dantesque illusions
Fulfilling the words of the prophet
Stealing my heart by sunset

Incubus cry over my chest and virgins have cursed my home
For I have decided to deny what was pleasant to me
But even if I were son of the illuminated
I remain of flesh and blood
I broke the eye of your god and could see the miserable end before my eyes
Orpheus plays sweet melodies to me ears
And carries my corpse towards the stars
Only this night I am protected by hypocrisy
I will salute the archangel and her false sister
With such mocking they condemn me to Hade
For I shall walk over them and may demons drink my blood
Blessing this signs that I've earned
I've search through endless nights and stars of eternal glitter
Getting emptiness as my lover
I've cried sanctity and I'm still alone
In the name of the father
Of the son
And the rotten spirit

3. Medieval March


Weak light was my benefactor
His sins would wonder eternally
So let solstice kill blessings
And deny fallen utopies
Incantation of my shepherd

In ways of sin we embrace night
This is the last temptation of the trinity denied

So pure as winter
Spawned your wings
I deny the name of light
With grace stained hands

Portraits of ashes and chaos
Behold your great victory
Under children of satiric smiles

As once you were greatness
I spit over your pallid face
You were never nothing

Angels praying madness
Harvest thorns mocking
Disgrace is the last breath

Let memory remind your empire
Above all the creatures of might
Yet I wonder to destroy your god

Spirit of wraith bless my mourning ambition
For Iíll drink eternally your tears
Once again let me return from where I became one of the night
Behold shadows of midnight autumn spreading sadness over sheep
Itís breathing heart will cease living
By wings of chaotic winter he walked within the path of sacred blasphemies
Jugular tongues announced his end and fucked gracely at the graveyard
Spreading libido and madness over the soil
Born one more time to broke the face of god
I call you Ė tempted spirit of sadness
Be my guide once again
I call you Ė father of lies
Be my guardian one more time
I call you once again
Become flesh and sick spirit
Be one with darkness

4. Moontrance


Enchantress of the night
Bewildered by the pulse of light
Be once again my painful mistress
Dearest lover within the shadows

As my mother the night
Commands me your devotion
Come once again into seeds of blasphemies
I will offer my soul to you
My love

My pain will rest in your hands
Drink my tears into glory
Cover me in the shelter of night
I will love you forever - come again

Rise again in daylight
Corrupting all with might
This trance will never die
Precious jewel within skies

I am your servant
I am your will
May plague fall upon angels of golden wings

5. Light´s Satire

6. Ode to Shadows of the Lights


... and yet you try to understand me

born by your restless spirit
I shall be a stranger to you
Foreigner within the light

Time is our executor
Memories were our love
And you were made by shadows of the light

Our memories will be forgotten
In the essence of eternity
They will be kept in my soul

May your promises be real
May your love really exist
May time not exist
May my heart be wrong
And may your lies werenít truth

Anger, my dear father
Whisper me feelings to the moon
Despair, be my lover tonight

I am the bastard son
Of your horrid lies
Morbid fury to the moon

In the essence of eternity
You will follow me
As shadows of the light


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