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"The Druid Autumn" (1995 Demo)

1. The Druid Autumn
2. Whispering Your Name...
3. Bottomless...

1. The Druid Autumn

Trees are loosing hearts
And throwing leaves into our hands

As if their children dead
And we accept their gift

'Cause trees are living gods
And the Sun is the God of Gods
And we are falling leaves
Of a sick and dying tree...

Warning imbued my woods
And the rain roars
And the soil turns into dirt
Emptiness goes...

Trees are dying, but standing
Their bodies are sinking slowly
Looking at me from their eyeholes
Darkness... Sadness... Woe...

Autumn... The Druid Autumn

Sleep, Morning Dews Child,
The Princess of Woods
I don't believe you're dead
You're just sleeping
Not forgood...

And the Sun has closed its eyes
Emptiness has started to sever
All around has petrifyed
And I've lost your heart
I woke up in snow desert
That used to be the Titan woods
That's the end of last attack
That's the Last Fall...
The Druid Fall...

2. Whispering Your Name...

...And came the morning
In a flood of tears I met its face
Roaming by ruins of faith
Damning the sunrise and the sun
Seeking the death,
whispering your name...

3. Bottomless...

Give me your hand
Darkness calls for us
From the edge of this black gulf
Dive and turn into dust...

We'll become the pain
Pain of all the worlds
We shall go through all the torments
All the the darksome roads

When all the pain and sorrow
That can exist
Will become our essence
What will be able to scare us ?

And we shall be free
More than the angel on the sky
And we shall be the Gods
of Bottomless...


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