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Four Days In Hell

"Four Days In Hell" (2005 Demo)

1. Possessed
2. Trauma
3. Army of Darkness
4. Torture

1. Possessed

Hate is Building midnight possessions
Darkness is Crawling your way
Eye's Starts bleeding lungs is collapsing
now death is heading your way

Death has arrived your no longer alive
Deaths taken over your soul
In through your flesh of your soul that remains
Possession enters regains

Tears are bleeding church sing confessions
As preacher's pray day by day
Dead in the flesh but living in soul
Love is Drained by the Hate

Peace at war with chaos the bible's pages
Burn in flames
Opening an evil path for Demons to roam the night
Sins unforgiven meets out with their fate in wrath
Six month six days six hour of times by birth

Evils taken over life attacking on sight
Stealing human souls possessing bodies in the flesh
Savior crucified bleeding in its cross of death
Eternity is the hell of the life you have betrayed

2. Trauma

Living a Nightmare never open your eyes
watching yourself in hell where
the pain comes from inside
Run past the creature full of hatred chaotically
Outer dimensions (life in trauma)
the words of wisdom are spells
Written by hate
As people get crucified you hide behind the gates
Blinded by the fear that watches you when you sleep
Outer dimensions (Life in trauma)

Theirs nowhere to run theirs nowhere to hide

Fighting the Curse of my eternal sleep
As i get up and fight my ruthless fears
Drinking the Blood from the lives that has passed
Outer dimension (Life in trauma)
Taking the lives of what comes in my way
Swallow the souls so the spirit will stay
I am the nightmare in your dreams
Outer Dimension (Life in trauma)

As I now lay as I sleep eternally

Walking through the yard
where you rest in peace
the dead is awaken
Zombies of Dark
Hungry for the meat of the human beast
outer dimension (Life in Trauma)
Nightmare begins the curse has returned
Bleeding from fear your death is near
your crucified you die of sin
Outer Dimension (Life in Trauma)

3. Army of Darkness

(the dead shall walk the earth)

Years come in malignancy
the warlords now arise
Revenge it craves for hunger
Destruction will soon arrive
one by one the undead stalks
the lives they come to end
the evil strikes its thirst of blood
now death will be revenge

the undead now arise
the new life begins
hunger for the living flesh
thirst of living bleeds
they are now predators
Hunting for their prey
in darkness they now walk
with daylight they will sleep

Midnight chaos death we bring tonight
Sacrifice the living to gain our victory
We are a growing army
We are the walking dead
We introduce a nation of reborn destiny

We hunt for the blood of pure virginity
the innocence of a soul is what our father seeks
evil in nature as we sleep
We joy the smell of fear
The joy of hunting victims in humanity

Destiny begins when the sunlight falls within
the hunt for prey has now started chaos now begins
we are the undead future
we are humanity
we are taking over the new saga begins

4. Torture


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