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Stillness Grows

"Stillness Grows" (2002 EP)

1. Loathe
2. Benumb
3. Spores
4. Vulnerable
5. Lunar Ride

1. Loathe

The tall majestic oak
Immortal, unmoving
Seeing all, seething all
Loathing moves through its veins

But moving shall it never know
Reaching out its stranglehold
Squeezing the essence from its woeful foe
Which lie below

Try it shall to cascade all
The middle of the circle
My comrade encompassed
The circle I migrated to each dusk
To commence plans of treason
Unto the humans
My comrade the oak in which I trust

2. Benumb

Dim voice drifts void limb trim tried
Otalgia I hear
When you are near
Blind I see
When you're next to me
Benumb I feel
Gone, it is you that steal

Myopic it is when I leer
Despondaent it is when I peer
Dead it is, I you will fear

You float around my head
I cannot think straight
Let the hammer down
Smoke is rising now
You wait
Falling down to the ground
A lifeless mound
You I love and hate
I hate

3. Spores

Mold is growing in bluish form
Textured and grained to opposite flow
The hair like surface adorn
Like tines to oppress the down like show

Tear away the sky type felt
Light as a feather, not even an ounce
To look inside one falls to swelt
The rays inside to pummel and trounce

To peel and peel would be of no use
The source is abundant and ready to fuel
The spores together are quite loose
To break the bond before they rule

Stripnomelane effects are born
When charred and singed from above and below
The now rocky surface will soon be worn
For the hair like surface to adorn and grow

4. Vulnerable

There she goes

Upended now I'm right
Unnoticed how in spite

Stillness grows
Will not bow
My life I owe
Never Known

Ravishing at such height
Undiminished even when bright

Got to keep rowing
Whirlpool keeps swirling
As my mind is spinning

5. Lunar Ride

Time to wave your spirit goodbye
Treason to blame, don't even try

You transgressions turn form smirk to mirk
The Faustian years your lurk and shirk
To reflect you drink and think
With all at stake your insides ache

Turn the light to drop
Twist and turn to stop

Strike the flowing ebbing tide
With the lunar rise to ride
Here creeps along a penurious stream
The mirror like surface to see leam

You wished to vanquish light
Now it is I you fight


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